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Chapter 11 - Vol 3: Battle for the Truth

Dissidia Academy: A predigious school for the ambitious and talented, where students strive to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Follow the heroes of Final Fantasy as they tackle the many challenges and tribulations that await them throughout the eventful academic year!

Chapter 11 - Vol 3: Battle for the Truth

Chapter 11 - Vol 3: Battle for the Truth
Bartz Klauser followed within the group of Class 13A, completely curious as to why they were heading to the Theatre Hall. During Homeroom, Professor Shantotto had announced that all students had to move towards the Theatre Hall for a ‘surprise event’. The Class had been wondering to each other as to why this was the case. Furthermore; Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Terra Branford, and Zidane Tribal, were all unusually absent during the registration. More questions continued to rise with Shantotto asking in her usual rhyming tone to hold all questions until the event.
The group passed through the corridor towards the staircase, Bartz caught sight of Firion who seemed to be walking on his own towards the front of the group. He decided to catch up to him with the intention of finding out what this was all about. As Bartz caught up, he instantly noticed Firion had been completely focused with something he was holding in his hand.
“Hey Firion, do you have any idea what this is all about?” Bartz asked curiously, however showing his usual light-hearted expressions.
Suddenly Firion snapped from his concentration, noticing Bartz towards the corner of his eye. He turned towards him, giving out his pleasant smile.
“Sorry Bartz, I’m wondering that myself.” He admitted, even though he seemed hesitant at first.
Bartz nodded, giving out an innocent smile. “Ok, thanks anyway.”
However, he then noticed Firion give off a serious aura, as though he was about to go into a conflict of some sort. Bartz began to wonder about the possibility that Firion was actually hiding important information from the others in the group. With a sigh, Bartz decided to brush it aside and wait to see what this whole event would be about. He then heard a small conversation coming from behind him, relating to the upcoming event. He switched his sights towards the conversation, instantly spotting Tidus and Cloud. Tidus seemed to have a wondrous look about him whilst Cloud seemed to have the usual tired expression.
“Hmm … what could this be all about?” Tidus began to wonder curiously, attempting with a struggle not to speak in his usual over-the-top tone for once. “Do you think it could be to do with ‘that’, Cloud?”
“I don’t know, I don’t care.” Cloud instantly answered backed, his tiredness clearly showing as he yawned out. “I’ll probably be snoozing through all of it anyway.”
That…? Bartz’s mind began to wonder, confused as to why Tidus would be so subtle.
He then decided that he needed to know what this was all about, he was never the person who enjoyed being in the dark about things. He slowed down his pace slightly in order to reach the same level as Tidus and Cloud, showing off his usual light demeanour.
“Tidus, do you have any guesses as to what this ‘surprise event’ is all about?” Bartz questioned curiously, hoping that he would gain at least a clue to what was happening.
Tidus’ sight switched over towards Bartz, showing his own light-hearted smile. However, Bartz noticed hesitation in Tidus’ expressions, as though he was unsure whether to answer or not.
“Well, Bartz … I’m still up in the air about this myself.” Tidus spoke out with an awkward laugh, contradicting his earlier statement to Cloud. “We might as well just wait and find out.”
Bartz drew himself back with sudden confusion; why did Tidus just suddenly lie? Considering that he had hinted about it a moment before, it did not seem right to brush it off. In addition to this, Tidus would normally express his mind with such ease. He then looked towards the 5 present members of his class, noticing that Firion, Squall, Cloud, Cecil, and Tidus were showing rather distant expressions. 
Just then, Bartz realised the class had reached the doors to the Theatre Hall. With this, the members of Class 13A began to line up in an orderly fashion. Bartz swiftly stepped into position, standing behind Tidus and Cloud as the group waited patiently to be allowed into the room. Bartz began to fidget on the spot, he did not know what to expect. With his classmates unable to answer his questions, brushing them off with vague or contradicting answers that made him all the more confused.
Finally, the large doors of the Theatre Hall opened up majestically, slowly showing the contents that were held within the hall. The class had gasped upon the sudden transformation of the Hall. As they took in their surroundings, they had noticed that other allow classes from the 3 different years have already been seated. Bartz could not believe his eyes, instantly dumbfounded by every charge surrounding him. The wooden stands towards the stage of the Hall and the formal decorations were all new to him.
Professor Shantotto guided Class 13A towards the designated seating … situated within the front row seats of the Hall. The students of the class began to wonder curiously as to why they were being seated as the front, considering that their class would normally be seated further back. Without question, all 6 (including Bartz) of the present class sat in the seats, Bartz seemingly confused by what was happening.
In the distance of the seats, towards the back corner of the Theatre stage stood Terra Branford, who had been peering through the gap that led to the hidden backstage area. She seemed somewhat nervous, considering that the event she is involved with would be watched by the entirety of the Academy. She caught sight of her class instantly as they had sat down on the front row seating. With noticing the class and the rest of the students taking their seats, it would soon be time of the Court Trial to commence.
“This is it …” A voice sighed out close to the right of Terra.
The voice had originated from Onion Knight, who stepped up beside Terra in order to take a glimpse of the crowd of seated students that began to form up. He also seemed rather nervous, although it seemed more like it was due to his determination of fighting this upcoming court battle.
Ever since the High Judge Gabranth had appeared before them a moment before, they had been informed by Headmistress Cosmos to head into the backstage area for their preparations. Onion Knight and Terra had paced around as they had recapped about the incident and what they had found during the investigation. They pointed out to each other the Key Evidence of the assault that took place and what may help them when they need to convince Zidane’s innocence to the Court.
Speaking of whom, Onion Knight turned and caught sight of the defendant for this Trial stepping up to them. By appearance, Zidane seemed rather calm about the situation, although this could be due to the fact that he was used to getting into trouble in the past. However as Onion Knight glanced down, he instantly noticed that Zidane’s blond-furred tail had been locked up with a metal cuff on chains. As Onion Knight followed the chain with his eyes, he could see Prishe holding onto the chain tightly. She had been directly ordered by both Warrior of Light and Headmistress Cosmos to contain Zidane so that he wouldn’t suddenly escape during the entirety of the trial.
“How are you feeling, Zidane?” Onion Knight questioned subtly, glancing towards him somewhat sorrowfully.
Zidane shrugged, “I’m chilled about it, there’s nothing I can do now but sit and wait.”
Onion Knight nodded as he listened, subtly examining the chain that latched on his tail. Terra also listened; feeling saddened about the predicament Zidane was in. However, something was on Onion Knight’s mind, something that he needed to clarify.
“Zidane, I need you to clarify for me …” Onion Knight began hesitantly, “Are you certain that you didn’t assault Rydia?”
Zidane’s eyes widened as Onion Knight asked the question, giving a surprised expression.
“I am innocent, that’s a definite.” Zidane then answered, showing a somewhat determined face. “I may be a thief, I may be rebellious, but I know the line that I must never cross … And I refuse to cross that line.”
Onion Knight gave a small grin as he took in Zidane’s every word, “That is all I needed to hear.”
Terra smiled cheerfully upon hearing words from both Zidane and Onion Knight, thankful that they were on the same level of mind. However, this was short lived.
“Well then, Zidane, I hope you’re prepared for the guilty verdict.” A sudden gloating voice spoke out, an arrogant chuckle escaping. “Because this is going to end the moment it begins.”
Zidane switched his sights towards the origin of the voice, followed by Onion Knight and Terra leaping up with surprise. They all knew exactly whose voice it had been, sending frustrated shivers down their spine. Warrior of Light stood among them, crossing his arms and giving off a smug grin; something that was normally rare for him. Onion Knight gritted his teeth together, finding Warrior of Light’s attitude irritating.
“Don’t get cocky, Warrior of Light.” Onion Knight warned, deciding to speak. “This trial can go either way. I suggest that you should be wary about throwing assumptions and insults so soon, it’ll just ruin your image when it bites you back in your behind.”
Warrior of Light’s smug expression suddenly dropped like a hat, his eyes locked on his ‘rival’ like daggers. The two continued to glare in silence, acting as though their eyes were crossing swords. Terra waved her hand in between the two, attempting to snap them back in reality. Zidane watched with a bored expression, feeling as though they weren’t going to get far with these two constantly glaring at each other. That was, until Headmistress Cosmos approached the group.
“I told you two to save the dramatic glares until we begin the trial.” The Headmistress spoke out in annoyance, crossing her arms.
Onion Knight and Warrior of Light snapped up in response and turned towards her, acting as though they were innocent.
“Sorry, Head – err, I mean Cosmos.” Onion Knight hastily apologised, remembering that the Headmistress was not a fan of formalities.
“We were just discussing about the upcoming trial.” Warrior of Light excused, giving of a forced formal expression and stance. “We were just giving our thoughts on the case.”
The Headmistress nodded to the two, smiling calmly. “Well then, if that is the case, it’s time for me to announce the event. So prepare yourselves for your designated roles. Oh, and Zidane…?”
Zidane, who had been looking away from Warrior of Light and the Headmistress, turned upon hearing his name.
“… Good Luck.” Cosmos nodded cheerfully, showing her optimism.
Just as the Headmistress left to walk onto the Theatre Stage, shown by the sudden silence of the crowd; Warrior of Light leant over towards Onion Knight, becoming subtle on his approach.
“Just so you know, Onion Knight; I suggest that you are careful with your arguments during the trial …” Warrior of Light warned in a low tone, placing a hand on his shoulder lightly. “I assure you, I’m not going to hold back.”
Onion Knight gave off a light chuckle, amused by Warrior of Light’s ironic caution.
“Thank you for the concern, Warrior of Light.” Onion Knight acknowledged with a small nod, showing a hint of sarcasm in his tone and expression. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, so don’t you worry yourself.”
Warrior of Light showed off a cynical smile in return before stepping towards his side of the backstage, taking in a deep breath as he cleared his mind. Onion Knight watched as his opponent stepped away, his sarcastic expression dropping instantly as Warrior of Light broke sight. Onion Knight gave out a small sigh, clearing his own thoughts in the process. However, he then noticed another figure step into view, the sound of clad of armour scraping and clashing against each other as the figure took his stride. Gabranth was now prepared to take his role as court judge. To Onion Knight’s surprise, Gabranth had not changed out of his armour since he arrived; he was even holding his helmet under his arm ready to wear during the trial.
“He seems … very intimidating.” Terra spoke out warily, unsure how he will act during the trial.
“Don’t worry; if we hold our ground, then we’ll be fine.” Onion Knight assured both Terra and Zidane, keeping his confidence intact.
Both Terra and Zidane nodded as they agreed in assurance; however, even though the three were showing the strong will, no one could see that Zidane’s tail was shaking violently.
Headmistress Cosmos stepped up to the mic situated on the centre of the stage in front of the set up court design. As she stood gracefully behind the mic, the whole of the Theatre Hall abruptly fell silent. Situated at the front seats was Class 13A and some of the teachers, whilst others sat along the side of the seating area. Sephiroth and Instructor Jecht, who were the last to enter the Hall, stood against the doors with arms crossed. Sephiroth seemed to have his eyes closed with a calm manner, whilst Jecht had been giving off a cocky smile.
The Headmistress then gave a light cough to clear her throat, ready to begin her introduction speech for the event.
“Welcome, students and staff of Dissidia Academy, to the end of week assembly.”  Cosmos began to call out, her voice being echoed out by the speakers on each corner of the Hall’s ceiling. “As many of you may have known or speculated through various rumours, a special event is to be held throughout the rest of the day on this Theatre Hall. This does mean that the final lesson of the week will not be commencing.”
Within that moment, the seated students began to whisper with glee and surprise, not expecting to miss the final lesson of the day. Some were beginning to think that the Headmistress was being too generous, whilst others began to speculate whether this could be some sort of ploy. The Headmistress, as generous as she was, knew that this would be a hindrance to the teachers of the academy. She instantly caught sight of some of the teachers grumbling with frustration as they had to scrap their plans in their minds. Cosmos knew that she would need to pay them back on a later date for this.
“Prior the this assembly, many of you may of heard about an incident that occurred during the latter half of Lunch Break.” Cosmos continued on, her attitude and expression abruptly turned to a complete serious tone. “In this Academy, we take the safety of our students as a core priority, and so incidents such as this will not be tolerated lightly. Both students AND teachers are reminded that we must treat each other with respect and as equals. As such, I would like you all to consider this as an ‘example’ of how we treat those who disrespect and abuse to wellbeing of Dissidia Academy.”
There was complete silence in the Hall, no student dared to speak. They had never seen their Headmistress express her serious side before, feeling that they would be treading on uncharted waters if they were to oppose her. The teachers were even hesitating on the spot, finding her glare fairly intimidating. This showed how important this Academy and the students/staff are to Headmistress Cosmos, showing elements of her position as Head of Dissidia Academy.
The Headmistress took a moment to calm her mind once again, taking in a deep breath as she recollected her pleasant, sweet aura. The atmosphere also cooled, with the students showing signs of relief that they could see their Headmistress returning to her normal personality.
“Now then, without further ado, I shall now pass onto Prishe who will begin the event.” Headmistress concluded her introductory speech, showing no signs of her previous serious expressions whatsoever. “Please enjoy.”
With that, Cosmos stepped off the stage gracefully and sat on the empty corner seat of the bottom row, settling herself down. Just as this was done, the lights in the room abruptly switched off, the Theatre Hall becoming engulfed in complete darkness. The students were all gazing round, wondering what was happening. And then, a singular spotlight suddenly lit up, focusing on the centre of the stage in the middle of the court setup. The abruptness of the light caused many of the students to jump in fright.
Finally, a figure stepped into the spotlight, hands behind her back in in a formal manner and a subtle smile showing on her face. Prishe was ready to begin. Within the darkness surrounding the Elvaan girl, silhouettes were shuffling towards their designated stands. Prishe closed her eyes, drew in a deep breath, and announced to the crowd of students and teachers.
“*Ahem* … All rise for the Honourable High Judge Gabranth!” Prishe announced loud and clear, keeping any urges for outbursts behind a wall in her mind.
The students were all completely confused, some began to slowly and anxiously rise from their seats however others were unsure. With an eye curiously opening up, Prishe noticed that the students weren’t complying with her ‘order’. Just then, the wall in her mind instantly disintegrated.
“I said … RISE, YOU ASSHATS!!!” Prishe roared demonically, her voice booming around the Hall as she crossed her arms and shone her fangs to the crowd. “I SWEAR I’LL PUMMEL YOUR ASSES LIKE NO TOMORROW IF YOU DON’T DO AS I SAY!!!”
The students had all shot up from their seats in terror, not wanting to further irritate the Elvaan girl. Prishe glared towards the crowd, satisfied that they all stood up after initially taking too long.
“That’s Enough, Bailiff!” A sudden deep voice suddenly echoed out, causing Prishe to glance back with curiosity. “You may stand aside.”
Another spotlight shone towards the top centre of the stage, where the Judges stand was situated. Perched on the judge’s seat was the High Judge Gabranth, his sharp hazel eyes shot towards Prishe like daggers. Prishe, in retaliation, gave a cheeky grin whilst awkwardly placing a hand against the back of her head.
“Ehehehee … sorry, Judge; I got carried away.” She apologised to him, seemingly somewhat embarrassed by her recent outburst.
She then stepped away towards the main stands, placing her back against it whilst showing off an honourable posture. However, as she did this, she caught sight of her boss, Professor Shantotto. She had been sitting with Class 13A, showing a sophisticated posture on her seat, her eyes seemingly closed. But as Prishe adjusted her eyes, an abrupt chill crawled down her spine. Shantotto was in fact glaring towards her with furious eyes. Prishe didn’t know what was going through her mind … and she didn’t want to know.
Gabranth ushered for the crowd of students to sit back down, nodding in a subtle way. The students did as he asked, knowing not to disobey after Prishe’s outburst. With that, The Judge began his own speech, his eyes glaring towards the crowd of students as he spoke out.
“The court is now in session for the trial of Mr Zidane Tribal.” Gabranth announced with his booming voice, echoing around the Theatre Hall.
Just then, another spotlight flickered on to show the defendant’s stand. There were small gasps from the rows of seats as they caught sight of the defendant, a few conversing whispers to each other whilst eyes locked onto the shamed Zidane. Zidane stood there, his tail chained to the floor and his body completely motionless. Bartz Klauser, upon the moment he caught of his best friend, became completely speechless. His eyes widened and a horrified expression, Bartz couldn’t believe what was happening. He was beginning to pray that this was an act, thinking that this could be some stage play. However, a small thought in his mind grew, attempting to sway his speculation.
At that moment, the next spotlight appeared to illuminate the left side of the court stage (from the student’s direction of eyesight). Appearing under this spotlight was Warrior of Light, showing his usual elegant posture whilst having his eyes closed and crossing his arms.
“The Prosecution is ready, Your Honour.” Warrior of Light announced proudly, his eyes opening up and showing his confidence.
Finally, the last spotlight clicked on towards the opposite side to Warrior of Light, illuminating the two figures standing as the opposition. Onion Knight and Terra Branford stood side by side with strong stances, showing that they weren’t going to hesitate.
“The Defence is ready, Your Honour!” Onion Knight announced with a loud voice, his mind clear and focused on the Trial.
With that, the lights of the Hall began to light up again, however dimly. As this was done, the spotlights began to disappear in its stead, evening out the lighting of the room. Every person’s eyes were able to adjust quickly, without any need to squint.
Gabranth nodded with a stern gaze, “Very good.” He commented, showing his approval of the introductions. “Now then, I first wish to clarify with both the Defence and the Prosecution: Do you both know the full extent of the roles you’ve been placed in?”
Both Onion Knight and Warrior of Light’s minds clicked instantly with the information about their designated roles, with Warrior of Light being the first to answer back.
“I do, Your Honour.” Warrior of Light called out with a confident nod, “The Prosecution’s role is to investigate the incident and build the relevant case around using applicable evidence in order to find the truth. As the Prosecutor, I must present this case with the intention of bringing the offender to justice using lawful means.”
“That was a very in-depth description.” Gabranth complemented him, his eyes then shifting over to the opposing side. “And … what about the Defence?”
Onion Knight drew in a deep breath, ready to show his intellect.
“Yes, I do, Your Honour.” He began his response, his mind full of the suffice information. “The Defence’s role is suggested by its name; to defend the accused and allow for a fair, unbiased trial. They must cross-examine the information bestowed upon the court and find irregularities within the witness testimonies using the case evidence. With this, the defence would be able to demonstrate the possibilities of innocence within their clients.”
The was then a moment of silence within the Theatre Hall, Gabranth taking in everything that both Onion Knight and Warrior of Light had analysed about their roles. Onion Knight took this time to take in his surroundings fully. He glanced over to his assistant Terra, who seemed to be showing her nerves. Her body shaking and her expression tensed. Onion Knight found this quite intriguing, wondering as to why she was acting so nervous considering that all she would need to do is ‘assist’ him during the trail. However, it was then that he realised why … Terra had stage-fright. She was never a fan of big crowds, and the thought of them all glaring towards her as she had been standing on the stage increased her fears.
Onion Knight swiftly retaliated, hoping to calm her down. He placed a palm on her shoulder and drew slightly closer to her.
“Terra, don’t concern yourself about the crowd, they will not glance towards you during this whole trial.” Onion Knight assured her in a small whisper. “Their concentration will be towards me and Warrior of Light, you’ll be completely fine.”
“I-I know, I-it’s just t-that …” Terra stuttered under her breath, her hands grasped against the flat surface of the Defence stand to hold herself still.
“Don’t think about the crowd at all, Terra!” Onion Knight then gave a more stubborn whisper, refusing to let the stage-fright get the better of her. “I know it’s hard, but you need to imagine that you’re in an empty classroom. You are in control of this fear, not vice versa.”
“R-right.” Terra nodded with an uneasy smile, taking in stuttering breaths to try and calm her mind. “Thank … Onion Knight.”
Onion Knight gave out a small grin, happy that she’s trying to conquer the fear. However, as he examined his surrounding more, he knew that he couldn’t allow for either him or Terra to falter. They needed to be at the top of their game for Zidane’s sake.
It was then that he had caught sight of Warrior of Light, whose stubborn glare was locked on to him. Onion Knight knew he was going to cause problems during the trial, a part of him even wondering if Warrior of Light would be desperate enough to forge fake evidence just to get his way. Onion Knight then pushed that thought aside, knowing too well that Warrior of Light had too much pride to do something so devious.
Shifting his eyes towards the crowd, Onion Knight drew back with sudden shock as he caught sight of an unexpected figure. Cid of the Lufaine was perched on the front row seat close to the rest of his classmates. Onion Knight’s first reaction upon noticing the Legendary Moogle was to tell Terra. However, he abruptly prevented himself, knowing that Terra may faint due to the shock from her stage fright.
“As the both of you know your roles well enough, we shall now have the Prosecutor give us the full detail of this case.” Gabranth then announced to the court, his sharp eyes glaring around the Hall.
Warrior of Light gave a proud nod, ready to disclose the case details to the court. Onion Knight gritted his teeth together. The battle was now about to commence.
“Approximately around 1:05pm on Friday the 14th September (today); an incident occurred on the 4th floor of the Academy building, specifically the 3rd Math’s room. The victim of this incident was 2nd year student Rydia of Class 13D, who had seemingly been assaulted with blunt trauma to the head. In addition to this, a hair ornament had been stolen from the victim. More details of this and the approved evidence of the crime scene will be explained by the detective of this investigation, Student Council member Firion. With that said, a sole suspect had been arrested at the scene of the crime, our Defendant Zidane Tribal.”
There was a moment of throughout the Theatre Hall, students taken aback by the shock of learning about the crime that had been committed. Some even began to converse silently with each other about speculations if whether Zidane was guilty or not. Judge Gabranth had taken this in thoroughly, nodding as Warrior of Light detailed the incident. Onion Knight had also been listening carefully, however not specifically about the details … but analysing what he was detailing: what was fact and what was opinion.
Warrior of Light continued on, “to summarise the incident, Rydia is currently in the Medical Room making a full recovery and authorities are now investigating the crime scene for any additional clues that our detective may have missed. However, I personally feel that this further investigation will not be needed for the case.”
“And why is that?” Onion Knight instantly questioned, crossing his arms and a curious glare on his face.
Warrior of Light shrugged his arms up and shook his head, giving off a cocky grin.
“Is it not simple?” Warrior of Light chuckled, causing Onion Knight to become wary. “As there was only a sole suspect, it would be understandable that our ‘defendant’ is certainly the culprit.”
At that moment, Onion Knight instantly snapped in retaliation.
“OBJECTION!” He bellowed out, throwing out his arm and pointing his index finger towards his opponent.
“An ‘objection’ already?” Gabranth curiously wondered, cocking an eyebrow. “Fine, speak your mind … child.”
“I shall – ACK!!?” Onion Knight bit his tongue the moment he spoke, the ‘trigger word’ striking a cord in his mind. “CHILD!?!! How dare you call me such a thing … I’LL BREAK YOUR LEGS AND STICK THEM ON YOUR HEAD!”
Within that moment, Onion Knight began to kick out and punch the air in the Judge’s direction, almost leaping to ferociously attack. Abruptly, Terra threw her arms around Onion Knight’s abdomen to prevent him from attacking the High Judge Gabranth.
“Onion Knight, don’t attack the Judge!” Terra warned him as she struggled to keep him grounded. “We’ll look bad in front of everyone! We’ll never get anywhere with you throwing tantrums every time someone mentions one of your trigger words!”
In a small instant, Onion Knight halted his tantrum, flexing his body and mind as though he had just pressed the off switch.
“*Ahem* … Fine, I’ll leave the leg breaking till later.” Onion Knight cleared his throat, his eyes closed as he gave off a sophisticated appearance. “Anyway, the reason for my objection was due to the fact that Warrior of Light had deviated into his own thoughts and assumptions, when he is meant to be detailing the facts of the case!”
“Tch! I’ll have you know I AM detailing the facts of this case!” Warrior of Light began to argue back, defending his statement. “I’m just stating how this trail will wrap up to be in the very near future, you could consider it ‘an insight into the future’.”
“O-Objection sustained!” Gabranth abruptly ruled out, stuttering as he had just recovered from an unexpected shock. “The Prosecutor will only state the facts when detailing the case!”
“WHAT!?” Warrior of Light spat out in retaliation, completely baffled by this sudden turnout. “How could you accept THAT!? It was foolish and juvenile objection!”
“WHO ARE YOU CALLING JUVENILE!?” Onion Knight roared out in the background, suddenly beginning another tantrum.
“I will not accept such ‘assumptions’ in the mix of facts, or as you would say it ‘a glimpse into the future’ … unless you were a qualified fortune teller.” Judge Gabranth explained in his strict manner, ignoring Onion Knight’s outburst.
“Great … now the Honourable Judge is siding with a child standing on a box.” Warrior of Light murmured with a pout.
“I HEARD THAT!” Onion Knight’s voice echoed out again in the distance, his bony being desperately held down by his assistant.
“Well then, we shall now move on.” Gabranth announced sternly, standing tall and proud as though he was towering over his subjects. “Prosecutor, you stated that you had a detective investigate the crime scene?”
“That is correct.” Warrior of Light nodded, his arms crossed and his eyes closed with a formal expression. “And so I would now like to ask him to rise to the stand, for he shall speak further detail of the crime and the evidence he has gathered.”
As Warrior of Light finished his statement, Firion rose from his seat. Showing an expressionless face, he took to the witness stand with a formal approach. He’s had a serious aura around him ever since he began the investigation; he refused to waver as he was ready to play his part in this case.
Warrior of Light cleared his throat, keeping his posture strong and formal. His eyes were locked on Firion, ready to ask him questions about what he found.
“Please state your name, role and Academy status.” Warrior of Light began.
“My name is Firion and I am the detective of this case.” Firion answered, showing a cool yet serious expression. “My status within Dissidia Academy is second year student in Class 13A and member of the Student Council.”
Warrior of Light nodded with a small grin, accepting Firion’s introduction.
“It is to my understanding, Firion, that you were able to find numerous pieces of evidence relating to this case?” Warrior of Light questioned him, his mind ready to gather information.
“That is correct.” Firion nodded firmly, giving a confident smile.
“The court would like you to further detail the crime scene, including specific information about the assault that had occurred and potential evidence that you had found.” Warrior of Light then explained, keeping to how a qualified Prosecutor would formally express statements during court cases.
Firion had accepted this, taking in deep breaths as he prepared his testimony.
“Before I begin my testimony, I would like to present to the court the Accident Report of the incident.” Firion suggested to the court, pulling out a sheet of paper in an envelope from the bag he had carried over. “Within this report details head injury that the victim, Rydia, had sustained as well as the cause, a forced collision against the wall. In addition, the report states about the hair ornament that had been stolen from the victim and details about its appearance.”
“The court accepts this into case evidence.” Gabranth nodded back in reply, commanding Prishe to take the report off Firion’s possession.
Prishe stepped over to the witness stand and had been given the report, transferring it directly to the Judge. Gabranth scanned the notes on the report, nodding at various points. With that, he placed the sheet to the side and gave another nod for confirmation.
“You may now begin your testimony, Detective.” Gabranth spoke out, allowing Firion to detail about his investigation.
Witness Testimony: Detective Firion.
“I had entered the crime scene a moment after the victim had been transported to the Medical room; during this time, I was able to discover key evidence in relation to the crime.” Firion began his testimony, his mind racing with the relevant information he needed to reveal. “The first and most important was the cracked wall where the victim struck her head against during possible conflict. I can additionally confirm the blood-stain on the cracked wall is indeed the victim’s. Another crucial piece is the smashed window to the right of the cracked wall, particularly, the window itself. The placements of the broken glass shards prove that the window had been smashed from the outside; however the window shows minuscule tufts of blue fabric, the direction of this fabric leading outside the room. Other evidence includes tufts of blonde ‘tail’ fur, strands of long ‘green’ hair, and marks of footprints. I personally wished that I had more time to investigate, however this was all I could find based on the time I had at the crime scene.”
Witness Testimony … Complete.
High Judge Gabranth had been silent throughout the duration, jotting down notes and taking time to review the testimony. Onion Knight and Warrior of Light had also done the same, jotting quick notes from the testimony even though they had every word stuck in the mind like glue. Terra peaked over Onion Knight’s shoulder, curious about the notes he had been writing up. As it concluded, Gabranth gave out a low chuckle, causing some of the students to shiver for some reason.
“I must say, that was a long and ‘informative’ testimony.” The Judge commented with a dark grin. “I shall accept these as evidence.”
“Firion has top-of-the-range observation skills, meaning he can seek out the most hidden secrets within his surroundings.” Warrior of Light complimented proudly, giving off a confident yet cocky grin. “I am proud to have him by my side during in the Student Council.”
“Heh … kiss-@$$.” Onion Knight murmured cheekily under his breath, turning his head away slightly to hide his comment.
Warrior of Light’s glare locked onto his rival at that moment, attempting to strike Onion Knight down with his sight. Onion Knight ignored the scowl and noticed something was off with the testimony.
“Is something the matter, Onion Knight?” Terra asked him, noticing his sudden serious aura. “You seem like something is out of place.”
“No … it’s nothing important at this time.” Onion Knight answered back slowly, eyes scanning his notes. His mind however, differed; Firion had left out the ‘brown’ hair-strands in his testimony … was this on purpose?
Just then, Gabranth had interrupted Onion Knight’s current thought process.
“Now then, the Defence may Cross-Examine the Detective.” The Judge announced loud and clear.
Onion Knight snapped his mind back into reality, shaking his head to focus.
“I accept, Your Honour!” Onion Knight confirmed with complete confidence, placing the palms of his hands on the surface of the stand.
Cross-Examination: Detective Firion.
Onion Knight glanced over his notes and pinpointed the sections that stood out in his mind with curiosity, relating it consistently to the evidence he had been given. He then began his first query, picking out the first evidence as backup.
“I’m curious, Firion, as part of the ‘crucial’ first evidence, you stated that you could confirm that ‘the bloodstain on the cracked wall is indeed the victim’s’.” Onion Knight questioned, placing a thumb and finger around his chin and began to stroke. “How were you able to confirm this so fast?”
“Simple. I had asked our Homeroom teacher Professor Shantotto to analyse a sample of the blood.” Firion shrugged cheerfully, finding the question a walk in the park. “She was able to confirm that the DNA matched the victim’s exactly.”
“I see. That was unbelievably fast to say the least.” Onion Knight then commented. “How was she able to confirm that?”
“How should I know?” Firion shrugged once again, however this time with a clueless expression. “Professor Shantotto refused to reveal how she knew this.”
Onion Knight shook his head, “Then this evidence cannot 100% reliable! It’s impossible to…”
“Objection.” Warrior of Light interrupted, pointing his index finger towards Onion Knight. “We shall never question our Homeroom teacher and her ‘science’. She has every Academy Student and Staff’s DNA on record; I can also confirm the evidence is completely legit.”
Onion Knight held back his upcoming argument, knowing it was pointless as he assumed this was true. He pressed on further down the notes of the testimony. And then something caught his eye … even though it was not part of the actual testimony.
“Firion, were you able to find relevant data on the Security Camera System of the Academy?” Onion Knight queried, his eyes locked on target.
“S-Security Camera System!?” Firion stuttered suddenly, stepping back on his spot slightly with surprise.
“That is correct.” Onion Knight nodded with crossed arms and a serious tone. “Although Headmistress Cosmos had not concerned the students about this as of yet; the Academy, as with any other building in this modern-age we currently live in, has an installed Security Camera System. Surely, you must have seen them around the Academy at some point?”
“I – I haven’t.” Firion murmured out, his expression completely distraught.
“Objection!” Warrior of Light spat out, finding this subject out of place. “As Firion had limited amount of time to investigate the crime scene, he would not be able to check the system.”
“Objection!” Onion Knight countered hastily, not allowing for this to run away from his grasp. “Even though Firion had not the time to check, the fact that he was unable to even ‘acknowledge’ the security camera in the room of the crime scene is rather concerning. This is considering that at least ONE security camera had been installed in every single room of the Academy and it’s border! This could prove valuable for the case at hand!”
“Is that your argument? Interesting…” Warrior of Light chuckled as he shook his head in a teasing manner. “And did YOU ‘acknowledge’ the security camera in that room?”
“Why would I need to? All I needed to do was to think it was there and I knew the room had some ‘sense’ of security at the least!” Onion Knight threw out his excuse, giving a slightly cunning grin to his statement.
“That is a shame … considering that fact that the Security Camera of the room has been out of order for the past few days.” Warrior of Light spoke, deciding to drop the bombshell.
Onion Knight snapped back in an instant, completely feeling thrown off course.
“WHA-! How is this possible!?” Onion Knight slammed his palms against the stand surface, feeling suddenly ridiculed. “How did you know of this!?”
“Headmistress Cosmos sent an email about the broken camera some time ago to staff and members of the Student Council, including myself as President.” Warrior of Light admitted with a smirk, shrugging his arms. “How you did not know of this is beyond me.”
Hastily, Onion Knight slipped out his cell-phone and swiped to the indicated email. It was then that he caught sight of the words ‘IMPORTANT: Broken Security Camera!’ In retaliation, Onion Knight slammed the cell against his forehead in fury.
However, it was then his mind clicked, his genius mind kicking into play.
“Hold it!” Onion Knight bellowed out, gritting his teeth. “Is it possible that this could be something other than a coincidence?”
“Your mind is fooling you, Onion Knight!” Warrior of Light struck back. “It IS a mere coincidence. The statement in the E’mail – in which YOU have not read – states clearly that ‘The wires within the camera were faulty since before the beginning of Semester’, meaning that the camera had packed up due to this fault!”
“I see … and what of the ‘other’ cameras?” Onion Knight sneakily added, beginning the counterattack.
“… What do you mean by ‘other cameras?” Warrior of Light muttered cautiously, noticing that his opponent was suddenly ahead of the game.
“The surrounding Security Cameras OUTSIDE the room!” Onion Knight shot out, slamming his palm on the stand’s surface once again.
“WHAAAAA-!?!!” Warrior of Light suddenly leapt back from his stand, realising what his rival meant.
The crowd of students began to discuss against themselves in shock and awe, gasping at the sudden realisation.
“One camera may have been out-of-order; however, there are other cameras in situated positions in the halls and outside the building that would certainly had eyes on the room and its surrounding!” Onion Knight continued on, his mind on a train that had no brakes. “The fact that no one had known off this is a serious flaw in the case!”
“N-no, how could I have missed this!?” Warrior of Light growled, biting the inside of his cheek.
“I can’t believe it …” Firion murmured under his breath, full of shock. “I completely overlooked the idea of Academy Security Cameras.”
Onion Knight bowed with pride, eyes locked on his opponent like arrows that had just pierced the target.
“Your Honour! I advise for the Detective to analyse the Security Cameras collected data … immediately!” Onion Knight called out, concluding his cross-examination.
“… I approve.” The Judge answered rather calmly, bringing up his gravel.
Cross-Examination … Complete!
“I hereby conclude this testimony with the Detective to fill the void of this flaw.” Gabranth announced, his booming voice echoing the Theatre Hall. “He shall return with evidence in the form of footage captured by Security Cameras surrounding the area of the crime scene, this must be in relevance to the case!”
Firion gave a silent nod, his competence completely broken. With that, he turned and exited the Theatre Hall with a depressed aura hanging around him. Onion Knight released a sigh of relief, glad that he held his ground. He had won the first battle … paving way for many more. Terra placed a hand on his shoulder, showing a kind smile. Onion Knight nodded to her with a thankful mind, grateful for the encouragement.
“With this revelation, we shall take a small break.” Gabranth began to conclude, his eyes closed coolly. “We shall wait until-“
“OBJECTION!!” A voice roared out abruptly.
Gabranth, Onion Knight, Terra, and the crowd of students jumped up and gasped in sudden shock, turning to the owner of the voice.
Warrior of Light had his arm thrown out towards the High Judge, his index finger pointing sharply. He could be seen chuckling away, completely amused by all of this.
“Why must we break so soon?” He chuckled, a grin strapped on his face.
“We … have no witnesses.” Onion Knight cautiously answered back, unsure as to what was about to happen.
“Ohoho, on the contrary, Onion Knight.” Warrior of Light echoed out, a grim smile showing as clear as day. “When in fact … we do indeed have a CONFIRMED WITNESS!”
In that moment, the whole of the Theatre Hall roared out with complete astonishment.
Warrior of Light closed his eyes and clenched his fists, building himself up for the reveal.
“I hereby call BARTZ KLAUSER to the Witness Stand!” Warrior of Light roared with pride as he threw his finger towards the direction of is seated classmate, his echoing voice booming across the entirety of the Hall.
Bartz Klauser drew back on his seat; eyes wide with horror, dripping of sweat, and mouth gaping in terror as he caught sight of Warrior of Light’s finger pointing directly towards his position. 


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