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Chapter 17 - Seventeenth: About Me. Again.

Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.

Chapter 17 - Seventeenth: About Me. Again.

Chapter 17 - Seventeenth: About Me. Again.
Name: Shey, as far as YOU know.
Age: Indeterminate
Grade: You'll have to pry it outta me.
Location: You'll NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!

Deeper into the mind:
Crush: No one.
Boyfriend/girlfriend: No one! I lose.
Husband/wife: None!
Hate: I try not to
Miss: People who I don't see anymore

Recent history:
Last time you brushed your teeth: This morning
Brushed Hair: A week ago
Showered: More than a week ago
Ate: Now
Laughed: Yesterday. Unlikely I could have laughed today.
Used the computer: Now. Obviously.
Typed: Dude! Now!
Cried: Earlier today
Blogged: I don't

Long ago history:
Ate something gross: My friend gave me some buffalo chicken at a birthday party. Two words: NEVER. AGAIN.
Did something embarrasing and your parents got a picture of it: No...? Probably not?
Experienced something tragic to your mind: Yes. What, you ask? You don't NEED TO KNOW. :D
An event you'll never forget: I make no promises regarding my memory.

Hoped career: High School Art teacher
College: An inexpensive one with a good art program
Location: Vermont, or here.
Wealth: Modest

Actions; Likes/Dislikes:
Often doing mentally: Daydreaming
Often doing physically: Writing, drawing, and hugging
Instrument?: Flute
Music?: Rock
Like to sing?: Yes. Not around people.
Favorite musician/band: THE. BEATLES!
Favorite songs: Can't... pick... just... one... head... will... ex... PLODE!
Manga: Shaman King. GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.
Most common hobbies (2): Daydreaming, going on the computer
Favorite color: Purple

Glasses: No
Braces: Yeah, but NOT FOR MUCH LONGER! 8D
Acne: A little. But usually not.
Height: 5’1”
Weight: Haven't checked in a awhile.
Natural hair color: Strawberry blonde
Eye color: Brown (though some say orange...)

Black/white: Checkered
Pink/Purple: Purple
Winter/Summer: Winter. Much more romantic.
Spring/Fall: Fall
Snow/shine: A healthy mix of the two
Clouds/clear: Clear
Stomache ache/head ache: Headache. At least then you're not afraid you might throw up.
Christmas/Easter: Christmas
Toothfairy/Santa: SANTA! :D
Computer/Laptop: No preference. They both mean so much to me... snf... a moment, please... *sob*



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