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Chapter 25 - Twentyfifth: Infomash

Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.

Chapter 25 - Twentyfifth: Infomash

Chapter 25 - Twentyfifth: Infomash
* Basics *
Name: Shey, as far as you know.
Age: Somewhere lost in the teens
Sex: Fem
Birth Date: November 20
Hair Color: Red. I have no soul! :D
Eye Color: Brownish-orange, I kid you not.
Height: 5' 1”
Weight: (insert thingamajig here)
Blood Type: O-
Piercings: One in each ear.
What are you wearing right now: Embrace Diversity shirt and PJ pants
Hair style at the moment: Not styled at all. Long and wavy down to my butt, as it should be.

* Favorites *
Soda: ROOT BEER. Elixer of the GODS.
Food: Apple pie. Can't be beat!
Drink: Smoothies.
Time of day: Evening.
Season: Autumn because it's AWESOME IN EVERY SINGLE WAY.
Day of the week: Saturday, duh.
Song at the moment: Time Warp
Band/Artist: The Beatles, always and forever.
Subject in school: Art and English both.
Place outside the USA: Ireland!
Color: Purple (almost any shade)
Style of clothes: Huh? Um... mine?
Store: Barnes and Noble, Hot Topic
City: Dublin
Website: FAC, Neopets, Youtube, Cheezburger
Kind of pet: Dog

* Worst *
Place to be: A sweltering place surrounded on all sides by chain stores and factory farms. (Texas.)
Class in school: Math, no doubt about it.
Time of day: Morning, especially on a school day.
Season: Summer. *low tolerance for heat*
Kind of pet: Sommething that doesn't love you back
Drink: Beer
Food: Fish. DX
Style of clothes: I don't really care.
Color: Light green.
Book: Almost any major religious book.
Type of music: Country
Website: Ones that trolls try to trick you into going to (do not trust the lemon party, folks)

* Daily Life *
When do you get up? 6:30 on school days, 8-9 most other days.
What is your first thought? Ugh... sonuva... gotta write down my dreams... *forces self to wake*
What do you do first? Kiss Ashcroft
What's your usual outfit? Long jeans that drag on the floor, slip-on shoes, T-shirt, hoodie, hat
What's the first class of the day? What year are we talking?
When does school end? 2:15
What do you do when you get home? Computer, pictures, stories, books, dolls
What time do you go to bed? As late as I'll last, usually.

* Do you... *
Brush your teeth daily? Usually.
Sing? Yeah, but rarely if others are in earshot
Dance? Only (and I stress ONLY) if it's the Time Warp.
Party? Come on now. I have no social life.
Get drunk? HAHAHAHAHA riiiiiiight.
Read books? ALL THE TIME.
Listening to music a lot? Not a lot, but I do.
Go online a lot? HELL YES.
Have an IPod? I used to. Sadly, I lost it. <:(
Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend? Yes, actually.
Play an instrument? Flute (IT'S LIKE SO PRETTY MAN)
Get sick a lot? Hardly ever, actually.
Watch TV? Almost never.
Stalk people? No. Maybe. '3'
Have a GPA higher than 3.9? Ha, ha. Yeha. I wish.

* Music *
Do you listen to Rap? VERY rarely.
R & B? I don't know what that sounds like, so maybe.
Blues and/or Jazz? Depends.
Classical? Yeah, sometimes.
Pop? Again, rarely.
Country? Ick.
Emo/Screamo? Nah.
Heavy Metal? A little.
Christian? Eh, nope.
Techno? YEAH!
Reggae? Not regularly.
Broadway Musical songs? Sure!
Oldies? OH yeah!

* Right Now *
Do you think you look good right now? Pff, far from it. XD
Are you eating something? Nah, I at enough today.
Are you drinking something? I wish I had a nice root beer right now...
Are you IMing anyone? I literally JUST disconnected with them.
Are you talking on the phone with someone? I don't like phones.
Are you talking face to face with someone? Why would I be doing THAT and THIS at the same time?
Is anyone at your house who doesn't live there? No. Usually there are though.
What song are you listening to? Some Japanese song that my sister has on.
Why are you taking this survey? Me gusta surveys.
What are you going to do after this? Go to the gym, to my dismay. D>

* What do you Believe? *
Do you believe in ghosts? They're OUT there, maaaaaaaannnnn...
The afterlife? Yes.
Aliens? Yes. How can Earth POSSIBLY be the only life-sustaining celestial body in this vast and crazy Universe?.
God? Of sorts.
Scientology? I don't know what it is...
Hinduism? No.
Buddhism? Some aspects of it.
Christianity? NO, NEVER.
Taoism? Yeah, that's cool.
Judaism? No.
Yourself? At times.

* Randoms *
Have you been on an airplane before? Many times.
Where were you going? All over the damn place.
Have you been to another country? Yes. Canada and Ireland.
Have you ever gone on a road trip with your friends? No. Sounds like fun, though...
Ever stayed online more than 10 hours straight? I don't think I have, but it's possible.
Been in a fight online? Nothing too serious. A scuffle here and there.
Been in a fight face to face? Nah, I'm not important enough for people to want to fight me.
Do you like snakes? Yeah, they're awesome.
Ever broken a bone? No. Almost all my friends have, though.
Ever had to stay in the hospital for more than a week? LOL, no.
Ever had serious surgery? I had to get stitches once, but that doesn't count.
Ever looked at porn online? No, but I'm afraid curiousity may one day gt the better o me and I'll just have to learn my lesson the hard way...
Ever bought clothes at Wal-Mart? I don't think so...?
Ever been on stage for any reason? Yeah, at the end of Hair they invited everyone onstage. I went, and it was FUN MAN.
Ever been in a play? When I was in kindergarten.
Ever been in a choir? In Middle School. I couldn't stand the teacher, the songs, or the stress of having so many things to do, so I quit.
Ever been in a band? The school band.
Waxed your eyebrows? No, butI've plucked them.
Waxed your legs? OUCH! Of course not!
Cut yourself shaving? I've managed to avoid doing that somehow.
Was this survey any good at all? It was cool.
What time is it right now? 4:40 PM.


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