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Chapter 27 - Twenty-seventh: I'mma stop talking about myself, K?

Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.

Chapter 27 - Twenty-seventh: I'mma stop talking about myself, K?

Chapter 27 - Twenty-seventh: I'mma stop talking about myself, K?
(I don't really have a lot of OC's that are meant to be from specific cartoons, games, or comics. Most of them are just out of my own head. :P I dunno if that's allowed, but anyway...)

1. Choose 4 of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions

I choose these:
1. Sybdm
2. Lionel
3. Elk
4. Tin (my little SIR-unit OC from Invader Zim. He doesn't talk, so he'll answer in actions.)


A. How old are you?

Sybdmn - I'm 13... I think.
Lionel - I'd say about 30 or so. Give or take. I haven't really been paying attention.
Elk - Too old.
Tin - *smiles cutely, but doesn't answer the question*

B. Do you want a hug?

Sybdmn - R-really?! :D
Lionel - Ha, um... OK. :)
Elk - What - no.
Tin - :D *holds arms out*

C. Have any bad habits?

Sybdmn - I... *trails off and looks at his feet*
Lionel - I tend to beg at the table. I can't help it.
Elk - I'm a son-of-a-dog and you don't want to get to know me.
Tin - *guiltily opens up his head to reveal a secret stash of baked goods inside*

D. Are you a virgin?

Sybdmn - What's that?
Lionel - *seems amused* Of course not.
Elk - Do I LOOK like a virgin to you?
Tin - *shakes his head, but doesn't appear to understand the question*

E. Do you have any kids?

Sybdmn - No, I'm only little!
Lionel - *shrugs* It's possible.
Elk - No. This isnt Twiight. We can't actually reproduce.
Tin - *reveals a muffin he baked himself*

F. What is your favorite food and drink?

Sybdmn - *looks sick for a moment, but hastily replies* I like smoothies and subs.
Lionel - STEAK.
Elk - I only really drink one thing...
Tin - *smiles widely as tons of baked goods of all kinds come flying out of his head*

G. Have you killed anyone?

Sybdmn - *looks really sick now, and doesn't answer*
Lionel - Nope. But I've brawled a lot.
Elk - Of course. I need to eat.
Tin - *looks at you like you're crazy*

H. Do you hate anyone?

Sybdmn - I don't think I do.
Lionel - Nah, eveyone's OK, as long as they're not a cat.
Elk - The bastard who came after my sister.
Tin - *shakes his head happily*

I. Any secrets?

Sybdmn - *almost inaudibly* Yes. A big one.
Lionel - I turn into a dog during the daytime. Surprise! Now it's not a secret. Like it ever was. :)
Elk - I'm a goddamn vampire. That's my big "secret".
Tin - *opens his chest to reveal a little plastic heart inside*

J. Love anyone?

Sybdmn - Mr. Dragon... Lucius.
Lionel - I know a couple of good boys who've got my back.
Elk - My sister, of course, pain in the @$$ though she may be.
Tin - *gives GIR an affectionate hug, to which GIR responds with a giggle and an affectionate missile to the face*

K. Whats your job?

Sybdmn - I just help out.
Lionel - Keep myself fed. Try not to transform in public.
Elk - I keep my sister out of trouble.
Tin - *whips up a batch of cookies with lightning speed*

L. Favorite season?

Sybdmn - I think they're all nice.
Lionel - Spring, definitely. God, I hate winter.
Elk - They're all fine.
Tin - *shows off some Christmas cookies*

M. Who's your best friend?

Sybdmn - Mr. Dragon.
Lionel - I got a few.
Elk - I don't really have friends.
Tin - *pokes his head out of GIR's head*

N. Hobbies?

Sybdmn - Walking is nice. Just walking.
Lionel - I always get a kick out of watching the drunkards hurt themselves.
Elk - Trying to sleep.
Tin - *makes pancakes*

O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Sybdmn - See if Mr. Dragon wants anything.
Lionel - Ah, probably just go chase some rats or something.
Elk - Make sure my sister isn't getting her butt into another mess.
Tin - *setting the table*

P. What is your eye color?

Sybdmn - Hazel. Just hazel.
Lionel - I'm a mangy dog and I've got brown eyes.
Elk - My eyes are sort of yellow. They didn't always used to be that way.
Tin - *blinks and stares with his gold eyes*

Q. Are you good? Or bad?

Sybdmn - I'm good. *quieter* I'm good.
Lionel - Good? Um... well, I think I am, anyway.
Elk - Who's the judge?
Tin - *shrinks a little as if he's being scolded*

R. What is your greatest fear?

Sybdmn - *remains quiet, but puts a hand slowly up to his stomach*
Lionel - Being stuck in one form... forever. It sounds horrible.
Elk - Not being able to... sleep.
Tin - *shudders and turns slowly to look at a nearby bowl of vegetables*

S. Does your name have a special meaning?

Sybdmn - Um... I dunno.
Lionel - I would guess it means 'lion', which is weird, since I'm a dog.
Elk - It's an herbivorous beast that ought not to be associated to the likes of me.
Tin - *forms a tiny fist and clunks it against his metal body*

T. What do you think of your parents?

Sybdmn - *looks sad* They were nice.
Lionel - Mom was swell. Huh... haven't seen her in a while.
Elk - They're gone now.
Tin - *happily pulls a heart-shaped cookie out of his head*

U. Any siblings?

Sybdmn - No.
Lionel - Lots!
Elk - My. Sister.
Tin - *stares blankly and shakes his head*

V. Was it fun to answer all of these questions?

Sybdmn - It was alright.
Lionel - Sure!
Elk - Never again.
Tin - *smiles and nods*

W. Straight, Gay, or Equal Opportunity?

Sybdmn - Huh?
Lionel - doges.
Elk - Those organs don't work anymore.
Tin - *looks confused*

X: How do you feel about your creator?

Sybdmn - But I was born, not created.
Lionel - Wait, didn't you already ask about my parents?
Elk - You mean the one who threw me into this cursed existence? *closes his eyes* This is why I finish my meals.
Tin - *rockets himself into his Irken creator, Rae, and hugs her with a big smile on his face*

Y: Any last words?

Sybdmn - No, sir.
Lionel - When do we eat?
Elk - *gets up to leave*
Tin - *eats a cupcake*

Z: Have you ever been at death's door?

Sybdmn - *quietly* I may have been.
Lionel - Woah, the fights I get into aren't THAT intense.
Elk - As we speak.
Tin - *ignores the question and continues munching happily on his treat*


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