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Chapter 1 - First: The Basic Info

Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.

Chapter 1 - First: The Basic Info

Chapter 1 - First: The Basic Info
Name - Not tellin'.
Nicknames - Shey
Birthday - November 20
Star sign - Scorpio
Zodiac - Dog
Hair Color - Light orange with natural blonde highlights
Eye Color - Brown. But some think they're orange. XD
Height - 5'1"... I'M SHORT, OKAY?
Piercings - Ears
Tattoos - MAYBE someday. Not now.
Heritage - Irish-Italian
Personality - Um... shy. Different.
Left or Right Handed - Right
Handwriting - Some say neat. Some say sloppy.

Food - Apple pie
Drink - Root beer
Time of Day - Late afternoon
Season - Autumn
Day of the Week - Saturday
Color - Dark or light purple, dark blue
Place in U.S - Either home or Vermont
Place Outside U.S - Ireland
Magazine - GameInformer or Anime Insider
Pet - Pitbull named Loosey, cat named Kaiya, invincible gerbil named Snowball
Friend - I don't have a "best" friend. All my friends are my "best" friends.
Feeling - Nostalgic
Show - The Simpsons

Do You...
Shower Daily - No
Brush your Teeth Daily - Yes
Sing - If I like the song.
Dance - *cowers in corner*
Drink - Alcohol? No. Hate the taste.
Smoke - No. Personally, I'd rather NOT die slowly and horribly.
Read Books - Often
Read Magazines - Not so often.
Have a Religion - Yes
Have a Bf/Gf - No
Play an Instrument - Flute

In the Opposite Sex...
Hair Color - Anything will do. Black is best though.
Eye Color - Green is AMAZING.
Height - They have to be quite a bit taller than me.
Tattoos - Not huge ones.
Piercings - Not too many.
Body Type - Somewhat muscular, but not hugely-built.
Hobbies - As long as I have to worry about him a little, but not TOO much.

Do You Believe In...
Ghosts - Yes
Aliens - Yes
God - Yes
Devil - No
Heaven - Yes
Hell - Some type of hell.
Afterlife - Not... REEEEAAALLLY....
Reincarnation - Maybe.

Have You Ever...
Been Arrested - No
Cheated - No
Been Cheated On - Probably.
Had Your Heart Broken - Yes
Broken Someone Else's Heart - Yes
Stripped - No
Kissed More Than Two People In One Night - No
Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex - No
Gotten Into a Fight - Yes
Passed out - No
Had a Concussion - No
Stolen Anything - Yes
Done Something you Regret - Way too often, unfortunately.
Been on T.V. - Yes. I HATED IT. DX
Been in Love - I thought I was, but it was a false alarm.


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