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Chapter 8 - Eighth: Even More Random Bits

Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.

Chapter 8 - Eighth: Even More Random Bits

Chapter 8 - Eighth: Even More Random Bits
Fruit or Vegetable

Black or White

Rock or Rap

Cookies or Muffins
Cookies (unless the cookies are crunchy, in which case, muffins)

Hugs or Kisses
Hugs are better than drugs. Hell, they ARE my drug.

Have 30 kids or live on apples?
Good God, I'd rather live on raw meat than have 30 kids.

Live in Greenland or in Hawaii?

Live on bacon or paper?
Bacon, as long as it's turkey bacon

Live without internet or without TV?
I've already been living without TV for practically my entire life. XD

Have no friends or be the only person on Earth?
Only person.

Someone paid you 1 million dollars to eat dog poo?

You lost a close friend?
I'll see them again relatively soon.

You woke up and no-one remembered you?
I'd go insane

You woke up next to Zac Efron?
Scream loudly, hit him with something heavy and run far, far away

You had no central heating for 5 years?
Get lots of blankets and a dog

What do you hate the most?

What do you like the most?
Thinking about Heaven (MY version of it)

What do you feel like right now?


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