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Chapter 9 - Ninth: Very, VERY Long Quiz

Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.

Chapter 9 - Ninth: Very, VERY Long Quiz

Chapter 9 - Ninth: Very, VERY Long Quiz
Do you know how it feels to be cheated on?
If what they tell me is true, then yes.

Do you swear often?
Only when I'm REALLY pissed-off.

Would you stay in the same relationship for over a year?

Ever cried while you were on the phone with someone?
Yes. Once.

I bet you're texting someone right now, aren't you
I don't even own a cell :D

Is there anyone that you care more about than yourself?
Lots of people. Listing them would take too long. XD

How many times have you been to the ER for yourself?
Yes. I busted my head open on the wooden arm of my couch and I had to get stitches. It sucked big-time, but I got to miss a lot of Gym classes. :D

Is your profile private?
You can make it private?

Do you like the idea of promise rings in relationships?
What are those?

Would you go out in public looking the way you do?

Have you ever seen the last person you kissed without their shirt on?
Never kissed anyone. I lose. XD

Do you believe your ex cares about you?
Eh? Maybe?

How old will you be in 15 months?
You'd like to know.

What are you listening to?
Autopilot Off - Make A Sound

What are your plans for tomorrow?
Go to school, actually get something done in Art class, go to MB practice, freeze to death.

Do you believe in love at first?
No. :D

What time did you get up this morning and why?
6:15, as per usual.

Have you ever been called a slut?

Is it easy to make you cry?
Yes... no... sometimes.

Do you consider yourself lucky?
Luckier than most.

Where is the person you gave your heart to for the first time?
Off somewhere.

What were you doing at 11 last night?

What did you do last night?
Had a heartfelt discussion

What are you doing tonight?
Watching G-Force, because Steve Buscemi's in it.

Have you ever made out in your room?
No boy has ever even BEEN in my room. XD

Be honest, who texted you last?

Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
Closed. Or else the pets come in and wake me.

Did anyone see your last kiss?
I haven't even had a FIRST kiss yet.

Do you drink tea?
It's so much better than coffee

Have you ever kissed someone older than you?

Do you have plans for tomorrow?
Just the usual, nothing impressive.

Would you rather go to Canada or California on vacation?
Canada. Cute accents are cute.

Do you want to get married?

Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants or pajama pants?
Pajama pants.

So, what if you married the last person you texted?
Hello, hello, I don't have a phone, are you even listening.

Last person you told a secret to?
Have I ever told anyone anything ever?

Has anyone cried on your shoulder recently?
Not recently.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed?

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
Yes. Unfortunately.

Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
Several people.

Your last ex says they never even liked you, you would say?
OKay? I don't care.

Is there someone that you believe you will always be attached to?

Are relationships ever really worth it?

When was the last time you were in a very good mood?
At my friend's house

Were you single last summer?

Do you like thunderstorms?

What's the weather like outside?
Cold and clear

Do you believe in love?

When was the last time you saw your father?
Two minutes ago

Do you believe in this saying: What goes around comes around?
Not always

When did you last hold hands with someone?
A long, long time ago, and never with a boy I liked

Have any memories that you'd like to forget?
Doesn't everone?

Is there someone you'd really like to hang out with and just talk about stuff?
Of course

Have you ever been called prince or princess?
Yeah. By my dad.

Do you think teenagers can be in love?
Yes, but rarely

How fast does your mood change?

Do you have any condoms in your room?
D: NO.

Are there certain things that can't be joked about with you?
Rape, homosexuality, child porn, and whatnot.

Do you need to say anything to someone?
To several people.

Remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
Haven't had. A first. FREAKING. KISS.

How are you feeling?

Do you want someone to call you right now?
Not really

What do you always take with you?
A teddy

Has an ex ever wanted you back after they left you?

Have you ever been kissed on the neck?
Never BEEN kissed.

Is your bed comfortable?
Yes it is. I love it.

Would you say your a understanding person?
I'd like to be more so

Would you date someone taller than you?
It'd be hard to find someone SHORTER than me. But I do prefer very tall guys.

Would you date someone over two years younger than you?

Do you think you'll have the same best friends a year from now?
Yes! Maybe!

If you ended up in jail, who would be most likely to end up in there with?

Would you ever get in the passenger seat of a car with someone who’s been drinking?
Drinking what? :D

Do you have any friends whose parents will no longer let them hang out with you?
I did. We've grown apart by now, without her mother's help.

Do you really, truly miss someone right now?
Lots of people.

How many people could you not live without?

Are you generally a happy person?
I'm generally a tired nervous wreck

Who's in your profile picture with you?
I'm not... IN my profile picture... is this about Facebook? I don't have one.

Has a boy ever called you babe or baby?
Dude, no. XD I wouldn't allow it.

Do you hate it when people smoke around you?
Yes, ew.

Did you go out or stay in last night?
Stayed in, and slept.

Have you ever fallen asleep while texting someone?
Never texted.

What colour shirt are you wearing?
Light gray.

Where will you be in a hour?
In front of the tube, watching a Netflix movie.

Where were you at 3am?
In bed, conked out, having disturbing dreams

How’s your heart been lately?

What is the last movie you watched?
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Why did you last smile?
Earlier today

What color under wear are you wearing?

What's something that made your day?
My day has not been made

What makes you laugh?

How is your life currently?

What are you doing tomorrow morning?
Waking up to a bleary dreary morning

When did you last receive money?
This morning. For lunch.

Do you want to see somebody right now?
Not particularly.

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
Kayla and Brandi

Do you listen to songs when you're down?
If I'm not down enough to cry, I do. If I have to cry, I do so.

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
It varies.

Is there someone you will never forget?
Lots of peeps.

Does somebody like you right now?
Yes. Why me?

Have you ever intentionally made someone jealous?
Not that I recall...

Are you talkative?
Around VERY close friends

Do you know anyone with such a terribly annoying voice that you can't even stand it?
Not that I can think of right now

Who was the last girl you talked to?
My sister. Right now.

Does anything on your body hurt right now?
I'm actaully pretty comfortable, thank you

Next vacation you're going on?
Italy, maybe? It is still but a possibility

If you could have one thing right now, what would it be?
My old Flik doll

Who in your phone has a heart after their name?

Last time you were truly happy?

Does it bother you when someone lies to you?

How many pillows are on your bed?
One. It used to be a lot more.

Who was the last person you took a photo of?

Who was the last person to text you? What did it say?
I'm not even gonna answer this.

Are you keeping a big secret right now?

Where was the last place you went besides your house?

Has someone ever told you they love you and you didn’t say it back?


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