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Chapter 2 - Nny's adventure in Earthbound land

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 2 - Nny's adventure in Earthbound land

Chapter 2 - Nny's adventure in Earthbound land
Characters that appear in this dream: Johnny the homicidal maniac, also known as Nny.

Also, please, PLEASE understand that I had this dream before I actually got into JTHM. Therefore, I knew nothing about Johnny's personality. All I knew was that he was, well, a homicidal maniac. Spoiler alert: Johnny uses guns and kills children in this dream, which are two things I'm sure he'd never actually do. But I didn't know that at the time.


I'm in the living room, watching a movie of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (who I am not terribly familiar with). He is running amok a blindingly colorful world, slaughtering children as he goes. He meets a small boy on a bridge who, terrified, asks him who he is and where he comes from. Johnny responds by saying how similar this world is to Halloween Town (where he supposedly hails from) with a few exceptions, the last one being, "...and there aren't people who want you dead." Johnny tops this off with a curved smile and an insane look in his eyes. He walks away, leaving the child to think briefly that he was gonna live, only to be felled, like all the others, by a bullet from Johnny's gun.

Dad, who was working on the computer, was bothered by the sounds of carnage, and I feared he would have me stop watching. Jackismyman {my sister, who I'll call by her FAC username} came in during a different part of the movie, one that, to my knowledge, did not contain Johnny. It took place inside a long tunnel built over a road. Like the world outside, it was very colorful - even more so, because the colors kept changing. Strange creatures were prowling the inside. Because of these things, Jackismyman and I called it the "Earthbound Bridge" ...especially when a seemingly impassable gap appeared in the road.


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