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Chapter 3 - Raiding the Tooth Fairy's castle

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 3 - Raiding the Tooth Fairy's castle

Chapter 3 - Raiding the Tooth Fairy's castle
Characters in this dream: Teatime, from the Discworld novel and movie Hogfather.

Also includes some of the characters he had partnered up with in his quest to kill the Hogfather.


It is nighttime. I am at home, planting seeds in the big garden, which doesn't have any plants in it yet. The next night, I realize I forgot to water them in, so I turn on the sprinkler, but it's been moved to a new garden in front of the carport, a garden that does not actually exist, a garden which has vegetables in it already. As the sprinkler goes, I look for a rainbow, even though it's dark out.

Right up the road from the house is the Tooth Fairy's castle, which has a big stone wall surrounding it. It's daytime, and Teatime and his men are at the playground, including Catseye, who is running around. Inside the castle, it again appears to be nighttime, and there is a girl of about 20 years of age, tall and dirty blonde, with her little dog. She is eating the soul of a chicken with a spoon, and her dog is sniffing the floor in search of scraps. The chicken soul looks like coleslaw, but it is blue. The spoon has the words "Name of (name I can't remember)" engraved on its handle.

Elsewhere in the castle it is nighttime (it's always night within the castle) and all the men are standing around talking. Teatime looks a lot older than I remember him being. He looks to be about in his 70's. His face keeps changing: sometimes he looks like Marc Warren {the actor who portrayed him in the movie}, other times he looks like Bill Kaulitz {the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel, which a certain sibling of mine was really, really into at the time}.

Back to the girl. She is done eating and is now moving around the room, cleaning or something. The dog is gone. Suddenly all the men come in and grab her. She struggles and screams but they slam her down on a table and hold her. She's crying and Teatime walks over, knife in hand. He leans over and says, "Don't worry, little one. It won't hurt for long." {This where you go: DAFUQ is the matter with this girl, her dreams make me feel violated.}

Later, the men are all descending a set of stairs. As they go down, a god that resembles a miniature bull tries to stop them, but only acts as a ramp for them to go down. As they step on him they say, "Excuse me," "Pardon me," "Thank you sir," etc. Further down the stairs, a bigger god stands in their way, one that looks like a Minotaur with armor. The dream ends as the group contemplates this.


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