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Chapter 6 - Watching a movie

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 6 - Watching a movie

Chapter 6 - Watching a movie
Character that appear in this dream: Severus Snape from Harry Potter and Colette from Tales of Symphonia.


I was in a dark classroom watching a movie. I believe Jackismyman was there too. It was a Happy Potter movie, but it was different in many ways. For instance, filling the role of Harry was a Colette-like girl. Keep in mind that this would, theoretically, make Colette Snape's daughter. {Yes, I KNOW that Harry isn't actually Snape's son, but I had only watched the movie at this point, and it's hinted at in the movie that that relationship MIGHT exist between them. Upon putting further research into it, however, apparently if you read the book you never would have thought that at all.}

At one point Colette falls, wounded, in a vast flat wasteland. Snape and a bunch of other people (witches and wizards, probably) start running over to her. Snape turns into a bat so he can get there faster, but he still gets there at the same time as everyone else. He sits cross-legged and holds Colette's head in his hands. All the other witches and wizards are asking her how she feels. Everyone's faces are painted like in the Floor Show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also, they all have weapons that are colored like Moon stone weapons {from the Skies of Arcadia video game. Go play it. Now.}.

Colette starts singing a song about dying. She mentions "diamond eyes" a lot, and the animation (this part is animated) focuses largely on her brown eyes. {Even though her eyes aren't actually brown, but whatevs.} She dies, and Snape starts singing about losing her. He's actually quite an amazing singer, though it catches me quite off guard that sings at all. It was all very much like opera, truly, only it didn't have that type of singing.


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