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Chapter 9 - Rocky Horror IRL, sort of

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 9 - Rocky Horror IRL, sort of

Chapter 9 - Rocky Horror IRL, sort of
I was watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the theater, even though it had nothing to do with the actual RHPS. It quickly came to the point where I and all the other audience members were inside the show, and we all acted as such. There was mass panic; people were hurt and ambulances were taking people away.

I was running around with no real destination in mind, and several times I came across a girl who was laying bloodied on the ground. I asked her name every time I found her, and she sounded more indignant every time she tells me, upset that I didn't remember. Around the third time I find her, I finally go to find her a doctor. At this point, almost nobody remains, and I can't find a doctor. So, desperate, I scream for one. An old man appears, and I run to show him the injured girl.

I then go into the large old house and walk around, lonely and confused. There's a toddler in a cradle in what looks to be our laundry room. The child is skinny and quite upset, even though the cradle is rocking. I figure someone must have been here recently to rock the cradle, and, scared, I escape cautiously, looking around every corner for whomever might remain. It's very dark in the house. I find the old doctor again and we talk for a bit.

At the end of the show, everyone is in their seats again, and a scoreboard show up on the screen, I suppose to count out who "did best". I won first place, with a score of 255. I remember not even believing I could have gotten first, since I didn't even know what I was supposed to have been doing.


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