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Chapter 10 - Pokebattle of epic proportions

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 10 - Pokebattle of epic proportions

Chapter 10 - Pokebattle of epic proportions
This dream contains Pokemon. Lots of Pokemon. I shall not even bother putting their images up here. You ought to know what they look like.


There was one big Pokebattle, with 3 people fighting with all their Pokemon at once. Ash was in this battle and was winning tremendously. It was a newer episode, and Pikachu had evolved into Bayleef (?!?!).

At one point, a Donphan tried using Horn Drill on Ash's Bulbasaur, who, at Ash's command, used a move called Ice Drill to offset Horn Drill. It worked, and Bulbasaur used its drill to toss Donphan over its head.

At one point, someone used Rollout, and it got out of control. Eventually there's a big ball of Pokemon rolling all over the place. They form a wave and land right on "Pikachu's" head.


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