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Chapter 11 - Zombies or whatever

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 11 - Zombies or whatever

Chapter 11 - Zombies or whatever
I'm in some sort of boarding school run by a terrible headmaster lady. I and other students keep sneaking around to do something or other that we're not allowed to do.

At one point, the terrible headmaster lady takes an incense stick and lashes herself in the back with it, just so she can place the blame on this poor bloke who, by the way, had to stand there and watch. She looked bored as she did it, even though the stick was skinning her back (but not breaking the skin). Later, she and a bunch of nuns stop a train carrying newspapers. The nuns appear horrified at the cargo, but the terrible headmaster lady doesn't. She says she never liked this newspaper anyway. The nuns go into a passenger part of the train. One mumbles about how it would take your average person a month to produce writing as great as that which the newspaper offered every day.

Later, some classmates and I are riding a vehicle through the woods. The vehicle in question is like a train, but we're not sitting inside any of the cars; we're more or less plastered to the front. We stop at a fallen tree with two dead deer inside. When we start up again, we see the deer get up and start walking. I wonder how this can he possible, because I can clearly see their spinal columns broken through the skin at their necks. We pass them, but we keep running into (and when I say into, I mean straight into and over) different zombie animals. Since I'm the front of the train, this is especially scary for me, since I keep running headlong into them. Eventually it becomes too much for me, and I retreat further back, letting someone else take my place at the front.

After I do this, we come across an undead T-Rex, who, in a rather insane way, says hello to use before losing control and crashing its head across a horizontal tree trunk with another zombie on top. I felt relieved, since that was two less zombies we would have to go face-to-face with.


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