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Chapter 14 - Hey look, this dream has a wolf in it

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 14 - Hey look, this dream has a wolf in it

Chapter 14 - Hey look, this dream has a wolf in it
I was in a Final Fantasy like place. We were about to go into a great battle, and I wanted to teach the wolf in my party new magic using Espers. Jackismyman wanted to teach it fire magic, but I had already taught it all of its fire magic, so I gave it the Esper Shiva for ice. We were inside a cave, and at one point the wolf and I blown sky-high into the air at such force that it took several minutes for us to reach the peak of our ascent. On the way up, the wolf kept barking sparks out of its mouth. It did this until eventually ice came out instead of fire. The wolf was not able to hold the ice, as it was soon followed by a jet of fire, but it seemed triumphant anyway that it had been able to use ice magic.

Soon after the wolf's victory, we neared the ceiling of the cave, but we started to fall before we hit it. We passed by a ledge on our way down, on which I considered dropping something important for safekeeping, but I decided it would be too much trouble to get it back later (no duh). The wolf howled in fear as we fell, and I could see lights below us, as if we were over a city. It was sunrise by the time we landed softly and safely on a beach that looked quite a lot like Emerald Coast {from Sonic Adventure}.


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