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Chapter 16 - Rats and birds and goodness knows what

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 16 - Rats and birds and goodness knows what

Chapter 16 - Rats and birds and goodness knows what
Our clubhouse was bigger and more elaborate than it actually is, with more rooms and more decorations. Jackismyman and I were playing in it, and we found a black rat and a black bird. We decided to keep them. I, of course, kept the rat, and carried it around with me as I cleaned the clubhouse. Jackismyman thought he was a girl, even though he clearly was not. He was very tame and didn't bite or struggle, so I'd almost forgotten he was wild.

I brought him inside and put him down on the kitchen counter, where he stayed very still, so still and discreet that Mom did not even notice him as she started to work there. She only noticed when she saw him in my hands after I retrieved him. She asked where he came from, and I told her we had set up traps in the clubhouse, even though I didn't remember having done such a thing.

I brought the rat into the living room and he started scrambling around in my hands as I started to put him down. His claws were scratching my hands and I was afraid he was going to bite, but I knew he probably didn't mean to scratch me. Once he'd been put down, he fell blissfully asleep in his spot.


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