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Chapter 1 - Chapter one

Most fairy tales begin with once upon a time. But, mine doesn't.My fairy tale is about my past.A tale about a broken angel and a forgotten sorceress...

Chapter 1 - Chapter one

Chapter 1 - Chapter one
*Hey guys! Akasume is back with her new and improved `` Memories’‘! This story is going to be some au. I’ve only seen the judgment episode once... I know over all what happens, but hardly any detail. So, please bear with me. There’s going to be quite a few changes. For example, Hakusume isn’t going to be in much of my fan fictions any more . . . anyway, this is a Sakura/Yue pairing. They’re my favorite couple. Anyway, enough with my rant. I’ll let you read the story ^_^.*Disclaimer: I do not own ccs or (sadly) Yue . . . *sighs* . . .  Memories: Chapter One ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Most fairy tales begin with ``once upon a time’‘.They also have princes and princesses, knights and damsels in distress.Mysterious creatures, witches, curses . . . we have all seen or read these in story books. But, my fairy tale does not begin with once upon a time. It doesn’t have a prince and a princess.No curses, no witches either. My fairy tale is about my past.A tale about a broken angel and a forgotten sorceress. A tale about how they found love, desire, and. . . each other.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A full moon loomed over the quiet town of Tomoeda. Every being under its luminous glow was under a deep slumber. A slumber so deep it’s magical. All the lights were off . . . there was no sound in this town except for the light wind blowing through the trees. Yet, in this eerie silence, there’s ,but one person stirring.A young woman walked into a children’s park. She looked upon the park equipment with her emerald eyes and smiled. Warm memories of her childhood came to her. She stepped toward the penguin slide she thought was so humongous as a child. A small, delicate hand reached out and touched the smooth surface. The woman reminisced her past experiences with this penguin. She giggled at how naive she was as a kid believing what her brother told her about a ghost in the penguin. Yes, she was so afraid of ghosts. The woman spotted the swing set from the corner of her eye. She withdrew her hand and walked over to it. Leaning on one of the poles, she looked at the full orb in the sky. The wind tugged at her night gown, as if it was inviting her to dance. It guided her away from the swing set. She threw back her head, spread her arms, and started to twirl. The wind blew through her long, chestnut hair. The gown flowed in the breeze as if it was part of it. The woman smiled and gave out a giggle. She hasn’t done this ever since she was a child. She suddenly felt like a princess. She then started to dance. Her arms moved with much grace. Her legs move with the wind. The woman became part of the wind.Suddenly, she saw a flash from the corner of her eye. She quickly came out of her trance and looked around in dread. No one was there. The woman gave a sigh of relief. She hoped that no one has seen her. It would have been extremely embarrassing.Seeing that she moved far away while dancing, she walked toward the swing set once again. She sat upon a seat and stared upon the moon. It’s heavenly glow reflected off her ivory skin. The wind carried her locks around her small frame. She looked like an unearthly being . . . beautiful and pure. She kept her eyes on the moon. Her hand reached up for it . . . like she could feel it’s power flowing through her veins. The moon made her feel really relaxed. She has always loved gazing upon it. It has always watched over her no matter where she was. . . she had always believed that. Maybe the moon was her little guardian angel. The woman chuckled at how silly her thoughts sounded. Her feet left the ground as she started to swing. Maybe if she swung really high, she could be closer to the orb in the sky. She swung higher and higher. The woman closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool wind on her face. Her hair flew behind her like a stream as she tried to go higher. She finally reached the swings limits, yet she wanted to go higher. She wanted to soar in the never-ending sky. She wanted to fly freely without the stress of the world. She wished she had wings. She wished she could fly away. The woman tilted her head back and stared at the night sky. She grinned and giggled to herself. She sounded so silly. . . flying away? That was just not possible. . . was it?The woman suddenly felt dizzy. Flashes of a heavenly being appeared before her. It’s silver tresses flowed in the wind. It’s wings emitted a soft glow matching the luminance of the moon. It’s face was extremely handsome, but . . . emotionless. It’s violet orbs were as cold and stoic as it’s expression. Suddenly, the angel faded and images of a winged lion came to mind. She clutched her head. Pictures of fantasies and adventures rushed through her mind. So many images came at her all at once. Tears started to run down her face. She didn’t know why she was crying. Were these visions . . . memories? Why were they coming to her . . . what is going on? ...She suddenly felt light and airy. She felt her heart jump up her throat. She was so busy trying to figure out these visions that she had forgotten where she was. Her body had flown out of the swing and was plummeting toward the ground. The woman let out a scream as she passed out.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    *Well, this took a while. I was going to wait until I had the whole story written out. . . but I just couldn’t wait. Please tell me what you think. Comments and critique is very welcome.*


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