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Chapter 2 - Chapter Two

Most fairy tales begin with once upon a time. But, mine doesn't.My fairy tale is about my past.A tale about a broken angel and a forgotten sorceress...

Chapter 2 - Chapter Two

Chapter 2 - Chapter Two
Memories: Chapter Two Yukito was walking down the road. It’s been a while since he’s performed a sleeping spell on the town. He enjoyed the quiet. He could think and say anything out loud without anyone staring at him like a freak. Ah yes . . . this was the life. No more annoying women chasing after him . . . at least for the night. No more jealous guys wanting to beat the snot out of him. He gazed at the moon. It was full tonight. Yukito chuckled . . . no wonder his spell was so powerful. He would always get a nice power-up from the moon. Ah, the moon is so wonderful when it’s full. He took off his glasses and ran his hands through his grey hair. Maybe he should let his other side out tonight . . . seeing that no one is awake. The presence in the back of his mind agreed with him. Yukito put back on his glasses. He got ready to make the transformation until he saw something out the corner of his eye. He quickly got out of the street and hid behind a car.Yukito watched as a person tried to climb out of their window. They almost fell a couple of times. The person finally regained their balance on the windowsill and jumped in a tree next to the room. They scooted down the tree and walked through the gates. They then started heading up the street.Why wasn’t this person sleeping like everyone else? There was no way Yukito could’ve missed someone. He followed the stranger hoping they wouldn’t see him. He ducked behind cars and any other thing that could conceal him. The person finally stopped and walked into a park. Yukito ran and hid behind a tree close to a penguin slide. He watched as the figure started walking toward him. The person reached the slide and touched it. Yukito suddenly heard a giggle. It was a woman? He looked at her face which was visible in the moonlight. She was . . . beautiful. His eyes grew wide as he noticed a soft, magical aura around her. It felt very familiar . . . but he didn’t recognize her from anywhere. Yukito became entranced as he watched her movements. Her gestures, her dance. . . It made her seem so innocent, yet so beautiful and intriguing. He just wanted to stand there and watch her forever. He felt another presence thinking the same thing. Yukito heard a voice inside his head. His other side apparently wanted out. There was surely something different about this woman, especially if she made his other side restless. Yukito chuckled as he fulfilled his other half’s wish as wings started to protrude from his back. He closed his eyes and let the magical presence inside of him out. A couple seconds later, an angel stood in Yukito’s spot. Yue opened his eyes and flexed his wings. He adjusted the robe on his shoulder and then turned and searched for the woman.Yue walked out from behind the tree and scanned the playground. He spotted her heading toward the swing set. He leapt in the air and flew toward it. The angel landed behind a tree close to the swings. He needed to get a good look at this woman himself. The woman faced toward the tree and sat on the swing. She gazed at the moon. Yue’s eyes widened. It was her . . . the one whom he unfairly judged. Ever since the last judgement, he couldn’t fall in his deep slumber. The book couldn’t let him back until he gave her another trial. He closed his eyes and thought about the trial ten years ago. It took him ten years to find this woman. She moved way too much. He glanced at her again. His feline eyes scanned her body. He noticed how captivating she had become. He became entranced with her body bathing in the rays of the moon above her. Something tugged at him when she stretched her arms toward the moon. She was so. . . enchanting . . . magical. She was like a heavenly being, much like himself. Impure thoughts came to his head as she threw back her head revealing her soft, creamy neck. He tore his eyes away and scolded himself. He shouldn’t be having thoughts like these . . . he would always love Clow. He was his creator and his lover. The angel had to stay faithful to his first love.Anyways, Clow would be disappointed if she doesn’t get the second trial. So, he can’t have any relationships with her for there was a chance she could be his new master.He turned toward the woman and raised his hands. His body started to shine like the moon would in the night sky. His violet eyes turned to silver as he performed a spell. He was going to return all her past memories that she had lost on the judgment day. Once he had finished the spell, he stayed to watch the girl’s reaction.She looked panicked for a second. He then watched as she clutched her head. She cried out as if in pain. . . His eyes narrowed then. She wasn’t holding onto anything! He panicked as he saw her fly in the air. He rushed forward as she fell. Yue stretched out his arms, unsure if he would make it in time . . . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please tell me what you thought. Comments and critique is very welcome.


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