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Chapter 1 - A new enemy emerges

After the death of Organisation 13, a new dark power emerges.
The Order of Darkness have appeared from the depths and are now bringing chaos to the worlds. Will Sora and the others overcome this new threat?

Chapter 1 - A new enemy emerges

Chapter 1 - A new enemy emerges
Light will help you escape the deepest darkness… And darkness will help you see through the brightest light.[br]
These words spoken by Namine while within Castle Oblivion was the inspiration needed to inspire Riku to not fear the darkness stirring in his heart and also have the courage to continue fighting Organisation 13.[br]
However these words have a deeper meaning, they reflect on what should be happening to the words within Kingdom Hearts. However it is just the opposite… the worlds are fighting the powers of Light and Dark, not even giving each power the chance to harmonize with the other. This constant battle produces fear, and this fear produces hatred, and this hatred produces bitter wars.[br]
If this cycle of battle continues, then all the worlds of Kingdom Heats will be sent into oblivion.[br]
Thus a new adventure for the Keyblade wielders begins…[br]
Within the World That Never Was, Pete had just finished another day’s work, ordering the Heartless to clear out the nobodies and also repairing the Castle That Never Was to Malfeasant’s preferred design.[br]
“Well that’s the last of em” Pete cheered as he announced his presence to Maleficent, whom was reading a letter, looking very angry[br]
“Is something the matter Maleficent?” Asked Pete[br]
Maleficent suddenly made the latter in her hand go up in flames before she made her reply “It would seem that a group of dark masters have given me an order and is threatening to remove me if I do not comply”[br]
Pete just laughed “But you’re THE Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil. Who do those clowns think they are by ordering you around the threatening you”[br]
“These clowns, as you so rather put it, are my superiors. They are a small group of dark masters that call themselves the Order of Darkness, which I am apart of… You see I am their Dark Sorceress and I have something of an obligation to follow whatever they command they put forward.”[br]
Pete quickly stopped laughing from hearing Maleficent’s little story. “So… you’re a member… of this order? But why? You’ve been doing your own gig for years… so why is it that you joined them and why are they giving you orders now?”[br]
“I joined the Order not long after I discovered the power of the Heartless. They allowed me to be their Sorceress under the condition that I open the Door to Darkness. However after the door was opened it was quickly locked again by that accursed Keyblade’s chosen on Sora. Not long after the door was resealed, I was allowed to return to the realm of the living under the order to combat Organisation 13. Now that they’re gone, that leaves the Order free roam to finally move ahead with their goals, which I am ordered to start the first phase.”[br]
Pete paused for a moment, to process what he heard but soon stepped forward and asked, “What’s the first stage of the plan?”[br]
“We are to send the Heartless to the world of Destiny Island and bring chaos to it” [br]


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