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Chapter 2 - Stolen Crystal

Deep in the ghost zone, lies a powerful crystal. It has the ability to increase, or give powers to any ghost that grasps it. Making the ghost invincible. If the crystal gets in the wrong hands, it will be chaos for both the ghost zone, and the world.

Chapter 2 - Stolen Crystal

Chapter 2 - Stolen Crystal
Traveling through the ghost zone, the two evil ghosts continued to rant on about their deadly plot, when ghost number 1 suddenly asks with curiosity,

"By the way, how exactly were you able to steal the most powerful ghost crystal? I mean that is the most extraordinary, and rarest power there is! To get it surely couldn't have been an easy task! Many ghost who lust and hunger for the power, would do anything, including destroy whatever, gets in it's way just to have it! Of all ghost how did you manage to get away with it, and live to tell?!"

Evil ghost number two smirked an evil smile, and told his story to evil ghost one.

"Oh please it was to easy. Well ok not really. The stupid ditzy queen who rules over the ghost zone kingdom, as well as the crystal's power entrusted Clockworks to look after a little fragment of the crystal, and ended up giving it to the other pathetic me to watch over, and protect it. But seeing how so many ghost had wanted the power, and found out it was in the stupid halfa's world, naturally they invaded Amity Park, and tried to snatch it away, me included. Daniel and his stupid family were able to end the invasion yes. But they still had to deal with me, which wasn't very difficult...for me at least. Seeing how Danny, and his ghost fighting family, and friends were practically in shreds from getting their butts kicked around and about so much, and how Danny's feisty gothic wife, was pregnant and could have her brats any time now, all I had to was simply hold her hostage, and use that to my advantage."

"Well did you? Asked Evil ghost number one, now very curious to what happened next.

"No duh Sherlock! Of course I did! That is...until he messed up everything!" Evil ghost number two stated bitterly.

"He who?" Evil ghost number one asked.

"One of Danny's rotten little toddler brats that's who!" Evil ghost number two shouted in anger.

"Daniel was about to surrender the little piece of the crystal, with such a hatred, and a desire to kill expression on his battered looking face. It was actually kind of admirable. Until a bright flash streaked right across me knocking the crystal clean out of my hands! Then the crystal, made a powerful, glowing aura around the toddler, and next thing I know I'm being beat up like crazy! And just when I finally got the chance to recover, I see the brat smile a sickening smile full of fear, regret, determination, and hope at his family. Despite their annoying cries, and pleads for his safety. Then he mumbled something like, Daddy, take care of mommy and family. Then making the crystal aura glow around him more brighter, like fire, he took a deep breath, and let out a powerful, ghostly wail on me."

"One little wail...from a toddler no less? That's rather pathetic if you ask me." Evil ghost number one said with an eyebrow raised, and a smirk starting to form on his face. Until evil ghost number two grabbed him by the throat, and spoke in a low and bitter voice,

"...Understand this retarded fruit loop. This wail wasn't just any type of little vibrating screech. It was a full blast, 100 times powerful than mine, unknown source of raw power, full blown fiery ghostly wail! That did I mention had rings of fire from impact within it?!"

"Where the...No. HOW the Heck did such a little toddler punk get such a powerful wail with a fiery impact?!" Ghost number one asked, in total shock at what he was hearing.

"How am I suppose to know?! For all I know the crystal could have given him the power!" Evil ghost number two replied.

"Well what happened next? Did you take care of the little brat? Asked evil ghost number one curiously.

"...No we had a tea party, made cookies, and I read him a bed time story, while giving him a cuddly teddy bear... OF COURSE I TOOK CARE OF THE LITTLE BRAT YOU IDIOT!" Shouted evil ghost number two, in evil ghost number one's face.

"After the stupid punk, finally got tired of yelling, he became incredibly weak, and struggled to keep up his ghostly form. I mean the little dude was fighting to keep from going human. It took some time for me to get myself together, but once I did, I gave that punk a beating he would never forget. The sight of seeing him so weak, and his family so helpless, was simply delightful! Then with one final blow I sent the brat flying through the air, until two dim lit rings encircled his body, and turned him into the wounded, weak little punk he was. Then after he stopped soaring through the air, he had a long, and hard fall to the earth. But not before some weird bright, greenish glow engulfed the spot to where he came spiraling to the ground. I couldn't tell if that was an explosion of some sort ,or just the impact from his collision to the ground, or just a bunch of his ecto guts flying everywhere. All I know was it was a beautiful sight seeing Daniel, and his family so speechless, so helpless, so broken up, and bitter. Naturally I knew Danny would loose his mind, and come at me in a blind rage showing no mercy. But I managed to find the crystal, use a special kind of attack on him, and his family that left them all motionless for a while. And used that time to make my escape. And that's how I managed to steal just a little tiny fragment of the crystal." Finished ghost number two with a proud expression on his face.

"That has to be the most...diabolical, vicious, cruel, and dirty act I have ever heard!" Said evil ghost number one shocked that any ghost would stoop down so low like that. A look of disbelief was written all over his face. Until he started whining and said,

"Oh! How I wish that could have been me! So genius! So horrible! So perfect!"

Evil ghost number two just rolled his eyes at the ranting ghost. Waiting for him to shut up.

"After such a sweet revenge like that, how can you still not be satisfied?!" Asked evil ghost number one.

"BECAUSE THAT STUPID PUNK HALFA AND HIS PATHETIC FAMILY ARE STILL ALIVE! I told you I won't be satisfied till I kill them all!" Roared evil ghost number two.

" did you manage to steal the real deal crystal?" Asked ghost number one trembling a little bit.

"Simply by making a grand entrance into the kingdom, and borrowing it from the queen." Said ghost number two, as he smiled another evil smile and told the rest of his story.

*Flashback form what happened recently*

Deep in the ghost zone, was a kingdom, ruled by a kind, but wearied ghost queen named Classira.

After the ghost king was defeated long ago, Many ghost wanted to rule over the ghost kingdom, and have invincible power. But only Classira had the abilities to do so. Because she carried a crystal of some sort, that contained unbelievable powers inside.

This crystal had the power to increase any ghosts regular powers and abilities, and give new powers and abilities. Thus making any ghost become un stoppable, and victorious in battles.

Seeing how she had such a mighty power, she was appointed to be queen of the ghost zone kingdom. But due to the fact that she was worn out, and growing older, her time of ruling was soon coming to an end. She needed to find someone who would be capable to handle the crystal's power, and rule the ghost zone kingdom. But there was no one who was worthy to inherit the throne.

Since queen Classira was a ghost for justice, she wanted someone to rule her kingdom who was also just, and fair. But there was not such a ghost in the kingdom, or ghost zone for that matter. Because all they cared about was the incredible power they would have and control.

But Classira didn't give up. For she knew that somewhere if not in the ghost zone world then somewhere beyond, was someone who was just and worthy enough to control the power of the crystal, and inherit the kingdom. And the queen vowed that she would not have peace until she found that person.

"Your highness please are you all right?" Asked one of the queen servant's named Vincent with concern.

A royal secretary named Vixie, looked worried at the queen and said,

"Yeah you haven't touched your royal dinner! Did the chef get an ingredient wrong? Are you sick? Should I call the royal doctor, and make an appointment? Should I call the royal paramedics? Should I get the royal stretcher and take you to the royal hospital? Should I make sure you have a royal atmosphere in your hospital room, with a TV, and yellow curtains? Or should it be fuchsia since yellow is to light? Or green to match the sky? Or maybe I should get you flowers to brighten up your room! Would you like roses? Daisies? Pansies? Daffodils? Or maybe all in one vase! Should the vase be big? Or small? Or glass or plastic or...

"VIXIE PUT A ROYAL SOCK IN IT ALREADY!" Yelled Vincent cutting off Vixie's babbling.

"...You want me to put socks in a vase? That does not make any sense... BUT WHAT THE HEY I'LL TRY IT! Should it be ankle socks? Toe Socks? Or those cute go up the knee socks? With plaid design on it? Or should it be floral design? Or something with hearts, or ribbons or..."


Both the servant, and Vixie immediately shut up.

"And to answer your question from earlier Vincent, no I am not alright. I am deeply troubled.

The queen sighed and continued,

"I've been looking for so long to find someone worthy for this kingdom, and have not found one ghost yet! I can not keep ruling this kingdom forever... There must be someone out there who can heir this throne.

"Do not fret your highness I am sure you shall find someone who you and the crystal will be pleased with."

The queen continued to sigh, and said,

"And on top of that, we are not the only ones aware that my time of ruling the kingdom is very short. Many greedy for power vicious ghosts know, and are in waiting to take the crystal for themselves. Their motives are wrong. And I will not have some good for nothing ghost rule my kingdom and destroy everything I have worked so hard for. I REFUSE!"

Classira proclaimed, and started pacing the floor.

There must be a way! There must be someone. I do not care if I have to fight to my very death, I shall find someone who is worthy to have the power of this crystal!

"You go queenie girl! I totally agree! We'll find someone worthy, and cool, and nice and pretty or if it's a guy handsome, but hopefully not to the point where's he's all jockey like, but maybe he'll have a six pack, and will be really, really, really, really, really,..."

"VIXIE!" The servant shouted.

"Your highness there must be something else troubling you, and what exactly did you mean fight to your very death?"

"Yeah I mean seeing how you are a ghost and all how exactly can you be dea..." Vixie started to say, until Vincent's hand covered her mouth trying to shut her up.

The queen stopped pacing to look out her window, and said,

"...Many are waiting for me to resign from the throne. And there are also many evil ghosts who will do anything it takes to get the crystal. Even destroy anything that gets in it's way. If the crystal gets in the wrong hands. It will be nothing but chaos for us all. Plus I sense an evil presence of some sort. There is surely to be trouble brewing any time now. "

As soon as the queen said that,



The castle was bombarded by constant ecto blasts.

"Good evening your highness, I do hope you don't mind if I crash in." Joked evil ghost number two.

"Who are you?! Tell me who you are!" Demanded the queen.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Asked the servant.

"Yeah!...Do you know how long it took for me to schedule appointments to get this place looking royally presentable?! It took me like months! Even years! Now I have to call the royal constructor again, and schedule an appointment. But maybe this will be the chance to make better renovations! I can do the curtains gold, or a pretty green or...

Vixie got cut off by evil ghost number two shooting a pain filled ecto blast at Vixie, knocking her out.

"VIXIE!" Both the queen and servant yelled in horror at the sight.

"Vincent Take Vixie and get to a safe place now!" The queen ordered.

"But your highness what will become of..." Started Vincent, but was cut off by the queen shouting,

"GO! NOW! Do not worry about me I shall take care of this poser! Just go!"

"Y...your highness..." Vincent tried to say again, but was once again cut off by the queen sternly,


And without a second thought, the servant scooped Vixie up in his arms, and made an escape. Leaving Evil ghost number two, and the queen alone.

"Ok queenie I don't have all day so let's just cut to the chase. I think you know what I'm here for. And I'm prepared to demolish you and this whole entire kingdom to get it." Proclaimed Evil Ghost number two.

"Over my dead body! You are not worthy of the crystal, or this kingdom! I do not care even if you carry a small fragment of the crystal's powers! You shall never rule over this kingdom or the powers of the crystal!" Proclaimed the queen.

"Over your dead body eh? Well that can gladly be arranged." Chuckled Evil ghost number two. He then prepared his attack on the queen.

But then the queen raised her crystal in the air and cried out ,

"Royal, Ghost...Crisis...CRYSTALIZE!"

And with that a sparkling, glowing aura surrounded the queen, transforming her royal fuchsia gown into a fancy, but fierce looking fuchsia, and silver colored armor. With a brightly flowing fuchsia colored cape. She was adorned with fuchsia colored crystals on her collar, crown, jewelry, gloves, and high heeled boots. And transformed her royal jeweled scepter into a powerful crystallized scepter weapon, full of crystallized attacks.

"Ooh you clean up nice Queenie...Now it's my turn." Stated Evil ghost number two as he also raised his crystal to the air, and shouted out,

"Dark Power, Ghost...Crisis...CRYSTALIZE!"

Then a dark glowing aura surrounded the evil ghost, as it transformed him into a more darker version of himself, but was still slightly more powerful nonetheless.

Then the fight was on.

Evil ghost number two started throwing full force ecto blasts at Classira, but the queen managed to dodge every single one, also using her scepter to retaliate the attacks. Then Evil ghost number two, charged at her with fierce hand to hand combat. The queen was successful and dodged every single punch, kick, and blow he tried to thrust at her. But since the queen's power started to wear out on her, it gave the evil ghost an advantage, and he delivered a dark ecto powered kick into her torso. Sending her flying into the wall.

"Goodness! I am getting to old for this." The queen stated, and groaned in pain as she felt the crystal's powers trying to weaken.

"But I must not give up...Not now! I REFUSE!" The queen then got up, and made her hands glow a bright fuchsia. Then with her ecto fists balled, and ready to go, she charged herself at the evil ghost. Who simply just went intangible on her. Making the queen loose her balance and fall.

"The charging, constant blasting, and hand to hand combat kept going for what seems like hours. But ceased as soon as the wounded, and tired queen was thrown full force into the chandelier. But then her luck got worse when the chandelier snapped, and fell hard onto the ground, along with the queen. It broke into a million pieces. Each sharp piece cutting into the queen, and making her bleed. Since she was to weak to go intangible.

Evil ghost number two just chuckled evilly in amusement.

"Ooh careful Queenie, try not to bust your hip!" Taunted Evil ghost number one.

"After all, the pleasure of breaking your old, puny body to pieces will be all mine." And with that Evil ghost number two, with eyes turning into a darker red to where it was almost black, rose up into the air to prepare his final deadly attack.

"You'd like that I am sure! But I'm...stronger then I appear to be!" Said Classira. Her eyes turned a dark deadly fuchsia, as she gathered enough strength to prepare her final attack.

Then with both crystals blinking rapidly until it went into a full lit bright aura surrounding both of the ghosts, Classira saw that her rival was trying to prepare a deadly ghostly wail, as he took in a deep breath, and glowed darker than before.

"Oh no you don't! Two can play it that way." Said Classira.

" I shall be ready for you this time!" And with that, she quickly rose the crystal up to her throat, and mumbled the words,

"Royal, ghostly wail, CRYSTALIZE THE POWER!"

Then with all of their might’s, the ghosts let out a deadly, and powerful ghostly wail on each other. The impact was incredibly strong for both of them. And they struggled to keep yelling, or even stay conscious for that matter. But the queen took her advantage on seeing how evil ghost number two struggled and was getting weaker by the moment. All though she didn't know the risk of her next attack, she decided to go for it anyway. She made the crystal glow brighter, with extraordinary power. Then she shouted her last battle cry.


Then as the crystal kept glowing brighter and brighter, it started to get very difficult for Classira to continue her final deadly attack. And she suddenly lost all control of the crystal's powers, as she continued to give out a powerful, and painful shout at evil ghost number two. She then knew that performing a full blown deadly attack was a very bad idea since she didn't even know how much power the crystal really had in the attack, what the risks were, or how bad the damage would be. So as a final result both ghosts let out a yell filled with excruciating pain until they were sent flying and crashing through the castle. At the same time, losing consciousness. A little while later, evil ghost number two rose up. He was still battered, and wounded from the attack, but somehow gathered strength to hover over to the queen, and her still bright glowing crystal.

The queen however had no such luck. The crystal's powers were to much for her to bear. So she continued to lie beaten and lifeless on the floor.

"Poor queenie, I guess the power was to much for you to handle. Not to worry though, cause I'll be taking good care of your precious crystal. Well my precious crystal now anyways." Cackled the evil ghost. Then he snatched the crystal from the queen, and left her, and her kingdom in shreds.

*Back to the present*

"So now that you have all the crystal's unlimited power what are you going to do with it?" Asked evil ghost number one.

"I'm going to make a lovely lucky charm bracelet out of it...WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M GOING TO DO WITH IT YOU MORON?!" Shouted evil ghost number two, annoyed with ghost number one's stupidity.

"Well excuse me!" Shouted evil ghost number one. Trying to recover from the impact of ghost number two's shout.

Finally after a long flight through the ghost zone, the two evil ghosts had reached their destination. They took the time to smile evilly at the portal in front of them.

"Well now that we're finally here, why don't we go through and pay our dearest friend Daniel and his family a visit they'll never forget? " Asked evil ghost number one, as he wore a devious expression of delight, and eagerness on his face.

"Oh I can hardly wait! This will be such a sweet revenge! I'll make that halfa regret he ever messed with..."

"...Just go through the stupid portal already fruit loop." Evil ghost number two ordered simply, cutting off the other ghost's annoying babbling.

"I told you to stop calling me THAA!..." Shouted evil ghost number one. But didn't get to finish because of a sudden kick he got in his behind, that sent him flying through the portal.

"...Idiotic, demented fruit loop..." Mumbled evil ghost number two in annoyance. He shook his head and took a final look at the dark glowing crystal. Then mumbled in a quiet and dark voice,

"...It's payback time Danny boy..."

And with that he let out a disturbing evil laugh, and went through the portal. Leading him into Amity Park...

A/N: Ok all that's part 2. I'll be coming up with part 3 shortly, so leave comments to tell me how I'm doing. Oh and DP fans you've probably already guessed who these evil ghosts are by now. But just to get a kick out of it, I'll give out a gold star, and cookie to whoever comments, and guesses who these ghosts are lol. So stay tuned!


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