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Chapter 1 - Fan Girls Arrive

Legolas is just minding his own busines when a vortex appears in his forest. Fangirls come out of it. How will poor Leggy poo get rid of this new evil? Find out.

Chapter 1 - Fan Girls Arrive

Chapter 1 - Fan Girls Arrive
Okay here is a short sweet funny story I thought you might enjoy.

* * *

One warm sunny day in Middle Earth, Arowyn was walking about Mirkwood Forest. She came upon Legolas who was making some arrows for his bow.

“Good Day, Lady Arowyn! What has brought you to my forest home?” He greeted her.

“Good Day, Legolas! I am waiting for Aragorn to come. He promised to meet me here.” She answered.

Suddenly between two trees adjacent to them, a spinning vortex appeared and from, it a horde of screaming adolescent girls came. Arowyn ran away screaming and Legolas just ran.

“What vile deviltry is this?” he exclaimed as he ran. Form where the vortex was a soft yet deep voice could be heard chuckling.

No matter what he did the girls wouldn’t leave him alone. He finally managed to wear them down running and jumped up into a tree, where he then resumed making arrows. The girls, satisfied that their prince was going nowhere and unable to get to him, fell a sleep at the base of the tree.

From up ahead in the woods Aragorn arrived on his horse.

“Legolas, dear friend. What has you up in that tree and those young maidens at the foot?” He inquired as he surveyed the seen.

“I do not know.” Legolas replied. “A vortex just appeared form those trees there and spewed forth these strange women.”

Aragorn examined the spot where Legolas had pointed, and found the ground to be slightly scorched.

“Do you see this?” Aragorn asked

“Yes, my keen elven eyes se it perfectly.”

“Than you know that this is dark magic. Magic that only one person dares perform now that Sauron has been destroyed.” Aragorn said.

“You surly do not mean...”

“Yes. Sauromon.”

“Then let’s be off.” Legolas said jumping down from the tree, careful to not wake the girls. He whistled and from the distant wood cam forth a white horse without a saddle. Legolas mounted it and both man and elf rode off towards Sauromon’s tower, Isengaurd. However, as they were leaving the thundering of horse hoofs had awoken the girls and they ran screaming after the riders.

When they arrived they saw Isengaurd as they had left it, in ruin. All the remained untouched was the tower. They approached the tower with the girls not too far behind.

“Sauromon!” Demanded Legolas as he went inside. He found Sauromon on the floor doubled over in laughter a lantiern standing on a podium next to him. In his crooked old hand lay a badly repaired staff. ( If you remember in the book Sauromon’s staff gets destroyed.)

“Sauromon!” Legolas said again with even more malice. “Why have you sent forth such a barbarous horde of girls to hound me?”

“You!! They were after both of us if my memory serves me, dear friend.” Aragorn called from outside.

“Those girls,” Sauron said as he gained his composer, “Are called Fan girls. They are from a time far in the future. They have read of your adventures and have become quite smitten with you my dear elf. All I had to do was come to there time and ask them to come back here. They were easily convinced.”

“Smitten? With me?” The elf looked surprised. “I have no interest in taking a wife, and if I had let me assure you, I would have surly married another elf.”

“Well now, you have a rather large problem on your hands.” Sauromon chuckled again. Clearly taking delight in their torture.

* * *

Well, well, well. That nasty evil wizard is back to his old tricks again.

Legolas: so it was you who sent forth this deviltry. I shall behead you at once!

Me: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, elf boy. Hold those fighting knifes at bay. I will correct this I promise.

Legolas: You better or it will be my bow that will be doing the taking next.


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