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Chapter 2 - Fan Girls Reek Havock

Legolas is just minding his own busines when a vortex appears in his forest. Fangirls come out of it. How will poor Leggy poo get rid of this new evil? Find out.

Chapter 2 - Fan Girls Reek Havock

Chapter 2 - Fan Girls Reek Havock
Do you like so far?

* * *

As Legolas and Sauromon were talking a third rider approached on a white horse.

“Legolas, Aragorn.” The rider said with grave concern.

“Gandalf! What brings you here in the middle of our interrogation?” Aragorn asked.

“There have been disturbing activities arising in the lands.” He said.


“Mysterious vortexes.”

“I have seen one.” Legolas said emerging form the tower, hands full of Sauromon’s robe, Sauromon, still in it. “In Mirkwood.”

“Well there are two others. One in the shire. Poor Merry and Pippin, Its all they can do to lock them selves in the Brandywine House. The other I’m afraid is in Gondor.”

“My homeland.” Aragorn mourned.

“Yes,” Gandalf continued. “I have found by looking over the library at Minus Truth, that to reverse the effects of the vortex the girls much each be given a kiss on the cheek.

“WHAT!!” Both Aragorn and Legolas shouted at the same time.

“SAUROMON YOU SHALL PAY!!!!” Legolas hollered, fire burning in his cool blue eyes.


“There is no time for that, go and undo this terrible deed.” Gandalf said.

Legolas and Aragorn both reluctantly mounted there steeds.

“As for our friend here,” Gandalf continued his grey eyes sparkling with evil delight. “I shall find some means of entertainment.”

“Gulp” Sauromon said as the riders road off grinning. “You can’t just leave me here with him!”

* * *

“Okay, Legolas you go to the Shire and I’ll go to Gondor and let’s see that we straighten out this mess.”

“Fine.” Legolas said.

Just then the horde of fan girls approached them screaming.

“Let’s get this over with.” Legolas said reluctantly.

“Right.” Aragorn said as reluctantly.

They jumped off their steeds in unison and began kissing the fan girls as fast as they could. TO their surprise as they kissed each fan girl, they disappeared.

“I have kissed 21 girls!” Aragorn said proudly.

“And I, 132.” Legolas said wearily after kissing two more girls, “It seams as if they prefer me over you.”

“Hold your tongue, elf.” Aragorn snapped as he kissed another fan girl.

Finally after an exhaustive afternoon the horde had disappeared entirely.

The riders decided to rest the night and ride to there destinations tomorrow.

“Could my lips be any sorer?” Inquired the elf.

“I could arrange for that, dear friend, if that suits you?” Said an extremely annoyed Aragorn.

* * *

He, he. I think Strider is a tad jealous don’t you?

Coming up! The third and last part.


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