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Chapter 1 - The Creation of Gaiacarius and Man

You study the cover of the first book, Maaku left you:


You decide you have nothing to lose by reading it, so you turn the cover page ove, and begin to read

Chapter 1 - The Creation of Gaiacarius and Man

Chapter 1 - The Creation of Gaiacarius and Man
The History of Gaiacarius
Chapter I: The creation of Gaiacarius and Man

The belief on our earth states that Angels and Demons have fought one another since the creation of man. On Gaiacarius, however, Angels and Demons coexisted for millennia.

Angels and Demons both collaborated to create Gaiacarius, the Demons were forerun by Gyorgious; a half humanoid, half snake demon, and the Angels were led by Ormus, the patron of the Seraphim.

Using their power over the element ‘Earth’, the demons (or Daemons, as some people spell It.) shaped an airless, lifeless ball of rock in the infinite blackness of space, they continued to manipulate their power, creating mountains and cutting deep gorges and valleys into the rock.
This was to become the now war-torn planet known as Gaiacarius.

The Angels, using the element ‘Wind’, bestowed upon the rock an air capable of bearing life.

The Demons then began to manipulate their main element ‘Fire’; they created a sun of which Gaiacarius revolves around to this very day, they also gave the now fledging planet it’s fiery core, which helps the planet maintain a life preserving heat.

The Angels then used their other element ‘Water’, to fill the gorges that the Demons had created, and so the great oceans that we have sailed and explored were born.

But still the planet was not complete; there was no life, no vegetation, and so the two forces of heaven and hell stopped for a moment, and debated what to do about this problem.

Many months passed, before Gyorgious came forward with a solution:
Unknown to the angels, Gyorgious held power over two lesser elements:
‘Wood’: An element that he used to create trees and produce dense jungles upon Gaiacarius’ barren, rocky surface.

‘Metal’: Gyorgious spread rich minerals in abundance under Gaiacarius’ rocky crust.

Gyorgious asked for the demons to fashion a rock in the shape of a man, covering over the metal frame he had formed. During this construction, he asked the angels to saturate the rocky form with water, and they did so, creating a sloppy form that bore resemblance to a bipedal angel or demon.
When the form was completed, it had been fashioned from clay. Gyorgious then dried the ‘carving’, as he called it, with intense heat. The next step was to remove any large, unnecessary pieces from
The sculpture, he asked for only the best craftsmen from heaven, as he had heard how accurately they sculpted and crafted many objects in their realm above Gaiacarius.
The work was slow, and it took many years to finish, but the end result was exactly what Gyorgious had expected. He praised the angelic craftsmen well for their work, but he required one last thing from the Angels.
‘I want you to breathe life into him, without some kind of circulation he cannot take in the air you have given him on this world’. Gyorgious proclaimed to the angels’ elders, they agreed to do so, without as so much as a second thought.

They began by using a fierce, biting wind to carve an intricate system of thin veins inside the figure, the blood system and airways had been created.
Now they needed to fill the blood system, as air was already flowing through the carving, it’s chest rose and fell as it breathed in and out.
Many of the angels did not volunteer, as it required them to sacrifice their finger to supply the newly created ‘Man’ with the blood it required.

After a while, one Seraphim (the highest choir of angels) warrior, Daisuke Toyama, stepped forward, he pointed his index finger outwards, anticipating the moment when Gyorgious’ dagger clove through his flesh and bone. He did not wince or cry out in pain, he merely gave a short gasp.

After the elders infused the blood with Man, they approached Gyorgious with a proposition: They could use the skin from Daisuke’s finger to envelop the figure, the muscle could be used to substitute the rocky form, and the bone could be swapped for the metal frame. Gyorgious was disappointed that he had not thought of this earlier, but he agreed to do so. This was not as taxing as Gyorgious had considered it to be, as the Elders were skilled with magic.

And so, Gyorgious’ and the angel’s creation; ‘Man’, was born.
‘…The original concept…’ He had replied when the Seraphim had asked him where the idea came from (According to Record XVII, Book VII of the Seraphim.), ‘…Was based on the physique of an Incubus.’ After he had stated this, Daisuke had asked if he could do the same thing, but build it around the shape of a Succubus, as the world would require more people to populate it.

Gyorgious thought about this for a while: yes, it was true that one man could not produce more to carry on the race, what complications could arise from creating a ‘Woman’?

The creation of Woman went smoother than Gyorgious expected, and soon after he began to create all other forms of life that now populates Gaiacarius: Elves, The Orcus, Draconian Folk, The Felicians and all other creatures that now populate above and below Gaiacarius.


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