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Chapter 2 - Relations Sour

You study the cover of the first book, Maaku left you:


You decide you have nothing to lose by reading it, so you turn the cover page ove, and begin to read

Chapter 2 - Relations Sour

Chapter 2 - Relations Sour
The History of Gaiacarius
Chapter II: Relations Sour

For two millennia after the creation of all creatures on Gaiacarius, their creators continued to coexist, although relations between the Angels and Gyorgious began to embitter.

In general, most of Gyorgious’ creations were accepted by the Angels, conversely, there were those that they frowned upon:
The Orcus were one example, they had enslaved the goblins, and now had occupied all of the desert regions of Gaiacarius’ main continent Acaron.
The Incubi and Succubi (which were demons in their own right.) had ascended into Gaiacarius, and had dug deep holes, ranging from 30-190 feet deep in the surface of Gaiacarius, and now live there, venturing out at night to carry out what they were created for. Not only was their nature disturbing to the ‘Choirs’ of heaven, but Gyorgious, who had now become the Lord of the Demons, had actually Allowed them to move upon the planet’s surface.

But perhaps the race that horrified the Angels the most was the vampires; Gyorgious had created the first vampire, Lady Min, as his concubine. She was an Immortal Vampire, most of Gyorgious’ early vampires were immortal, but the characteristic that set Min apart from the others, was that she possessed both a vampiric form and a human ‘disguise’.

The Angels became rapidly uneasy with Min and the other vampire’s presence, Min especially as she quickly learned to summon un-dead creatures and how to animate skeletons. Gyorgious merely chuckled each time the Angels asked him to reconsider placing vampires on Gaiacarius.
Eventually, the Angels decided to send different forms of angels to watch what was happening on Gaiacarius:

Cupids, or matchmakers, were widespread on Gaiacarius. While they performed their work unseen by the masses of Gaiacarius, they continually watched the movements of Min and her un-dead creatures; the cupids in addition, shadowed the Succubi and Incubi too.

Seraphim warriors were soon positioned on Gaiacarius; this was a preventative measure, just in case Min decided to attack the other races on the planet. This insulted both Gyorgious and Min, and it caused a major collapse in relations between the Angels and Gyorgious.

The Ultimate blow which destroyed Gyorgious’ trust with the heavens was when a Seraphim struck down a Blood Harpy (Gyorgious’ messengers at the time.), mistaking its eastward flight over a small village as an assault. Gyorgious had the Seraphim captured and taken to Min, who gleefully tortured the angel, before decapitating him and giving the remains to her un-dead minions.
This infuriated the Angels, who officially declared war on the demons.
                The Battle to the Depths of Death had begun…


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