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Chapter 1 - Tritium

Book 1: Revolution
Book 2: Dust To Dust
Book 3: Broken
Book 4: Break Out

Chapter 1 - Tritium

Chapter 1 - Tritium
"Aww come on mom why can't I be a BloodClan warrior right now?? I'm strong enough to take on Dusty's minions!!" growled Platinum ruffling his fur.

Danger sighed and rasped her tongue over the little kit's head, "Because your not old enough, just a two more moons then Phantom will let you train."

"Then we won't have to be stuck in here with kits like them" Cherish giggled and pointed with her tail to Ferret's newborn kits, Pocky and Emo.

Bandit who was laying by Ferret's side smiled proudly at his kits. Nitra looked at him with curiousity and then at her mother, "How come we don't have a father??"

It was Tritium who answered, "Because she doesn't want you to know who he is! It'd scare you too bad! But I unlike you three take the time to listen to the others gossip... they talk as though we shouldn't be here..."

Danger gazed at him with shock reflecting in her eyes. Tritium's green eyes seemed to gaze right through her. This tiny kit spoke like Phantom...

Suddenly her thoughts were interupted as Zifandel and Robin bounded over. Zifandel sighed and spoke softly, "Flare says to stay here and protect Ferret and the kits... Dusty's warriors are trying to take the kits!"

Danger shifted uneasily. Tritium spat angrily, "I knew it!"


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icestorm on January 17, 2009, 12:24:37 AM

icestorm on
icestormTritium is really smart! ^^

Bad Dusty!!