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Chapter 2 - Dead!

Book 1: Revolution
Book 2: Dust To Dust
Book 3: Broken
Book 4: Break Out

Chapter 2 - Dead!

Chapter 2 - Dead!
Danger glared at Dusty every hair on her pelt rising as she unsheathed her claws. She snarled but he merely laughed at her and mewed, "So dear... how are our children??"

Her claws dug into the ground, "Ours?? They are mine!!"

"Is that so??"


Tritium watched in horror as his mother lunged at Dusty but was cut short as his claws raked across her underbelly. A nasty gurgling sound filled the air and her body hit the ground with an even more sickening noise. The blood poured out of her stomach and neck and stained the white paws of her young son. The other kits were hiding in Ferret's nest but Tritium had stayed with his mother... big mistake on his part. As Dusty took off Tritium padded over to his mother and sniffed her cautiously. Her eyes were dim and lifeless... She was gone...

"Momma?" he mewed helplessly.

No answer.

Suddenly Phantom's voice granted Tritium some relief, "Its alright little one... Dusty's gone... Frozenheart and Joel saw him off..."

"What about Danger??"

"I'm sorry... She's dead..."

"No! No! Dusty... I don't care if you are my father! I will kill you! One of these days!! I'll rip you apart! Stupid kittypet! You will die at my paws!!!" he buried his muzzle into Danger's fur and proceeded to whimper and mewl, hoping, praying to StarClan that she would move, but she didn't... His mother had been taken away... by his own father.


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icestorm on January 22, 2009, 8:44:52 AM

icestorm on
icestormGO TRITIUM!!! Yes KILL Dusty and MURDER his GUTS OUT!!!!