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Chapter 3 - Teach Me Everything!

Book 1: Revolution
Book 2: Dust To Dust
Book 3: Broken
Book 4: Break Out

Chapter 3 - Teach Me Everything!

Chapter 3 - Teach Me Everything!
Tritium glanced at Phantom who was sitting vigil for Danger. Beside him sat Flare and Robin. Robin had never really gotten along with Danger but the two she-cats were practically like sisters, bickering constantly despite their bonds. Along time ago under the leadership of Scourge the warriors of BloodClan only looked out for themselves and could care less about each other but with Phantom's leadership they'd become more clanlike than anycat ever thought possible. Now obviously there were some BloodClan cats who didn't agree with Phantom's 'soft-hearted' aproach to crisis none of them dare challenge him... after all some of them still thought he'd turn on them at any moment... he did kill his own father in the past...

As Tritium padded over to sit beside Robin he noticed other cats coming to sit vigil for his mother. Fira, Scarlet, Claw, Fang, Bandit, Hail, and many others gathered around the tattered gray and white body of Danger. Cherish, Platinum, and Nitra soon came padding over to sit beside their much more serious brother. They giggled and tumbled around on the dusty barn floor while he stared blankly at the dried blood in the nursery area.

Suddenly Tritium flinched as he felt Final's tongue rasp over his head. She mewed softly, "Oh little one... I'm so sorry... and please don't be mad at your siblings... they don't understand whats happened. They're not stupid but they do not realize she's never coming back."

He nodded and sighed, "I know... I just wish I could sink my teeth into Dusty's throat and watch him bleed out his life while all of us laugh at him! My momma didn't deserve to die... all she ever did was love him... I heard her talking to Frozenheart once... she said that even after he turned on his clanmates there was a small part of her that still longed to be with him. I may be little but I know he's heartless!"

Dustfang came to sit beside Final. He looked at his paws as he spoke, "Yeah a while ago many of us thought that Dusty was supposed to be the one to defeat me and save the clans but its strange how life plays out... I still regret all the things I've done but I know it'll be alright once Dusty meets his demise!"

Tritium smiled, "Hey Dustfang? Will you teach me to fight?"

"If Phantom's all right with it, then sure."

"Yes!! I want you to teach me everything you've ever learned! Momma's death will be avenged and Dusty's blood shall stain my paws. One day soon I will put that no good murderer in his place!" his calico pelt bristled in anticipation.


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