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Chapter 4 - Interupted Evening

Book 1: Revolution
Book 2: Dust To Dust
Book 3: Broken
Book 4: Break Out

Chapter 4 - Interupted Evening

Chapter 4 - Interupted Evening
Robin sighed as she watched Phantom and Flare carry Danger's body off to be buried. She decided she needed some peace so she snuck out of the barn quietly so the others wouldn't worry. Quietly she padded along the trail that led her to ThunderClan's border. Then she realized she was being followed, she snarled and turned to face whatever the threat may be but allowed her fur to lay flat as she recognized the pale cream pelt of Zifandel. He smiled at her warmly, his green eyes sparkling.

He mewed softly and reached out with his paw so he could set it down on Robin's, "I wanted to make sure you're alright..."

She pulled her paw away and looked at him with a conflicted expression, "I'm fine! And I already have a mate you know!"

Taken aback his ears flattened in hurt, "I- I'm sorry... I-"

She surveyed the pitiful tom and sighed, "No its okay... Foxwhisper decided to stay with ThunderClan so I guess it wouldn't hurt to spend some time with you..."

Instantly fine Zifandel went on bragging about all the prey he'd got this morning and how he'd beating Kira in a training fight. Kira was a skinny black tom with white tabby stripes and a bad attitude. Fighting him was extremely hazardous because he would often unsheath his claws even during training.

Suddenly the two young cats found themselves facing Dusty and his new mate, a rogue named Reaper. Robin bristled angrily and snarled, "What do you want now you traitor?!?"

Reaper laughed sarcastically and smiled at Dusty, "Oh Dust... you never told me your sister was so much like you! Its like seeing double!"

"Shut it you useless rogue!" hissed Zifandel, "Robin is nothing like that murderer!"

"Murderer? Pfft! Dusty is the cat who will cleanse the territories of the warrior code! All those who stand in his way are just wasting time and therefore deserve to meet their end!"

Robin fixed her gaze back on Dusty, "I'll ask again! What do you want now?!?"

Dusty smiled wickedly at her and unsheathed his claws, "Your life!"


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icestorm on February 1, 2009, 5:24:29 AM

icestorm on
icestormNo! Robin! Not Robin! Stuipid Dusty!