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Chapter 1 - Falling Star II

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 1 - Falling Star II

Chapter 1 - Falling Star II
A loud yawn was heard from the other side of a large elm door, followed by some grumbled curses under his breath. Kiyoshi, a cold, bitter young man, though graced with charming looks and extravagant musical skills, had been rudely awoken from his pleasant dream groaned quite loudly as he pushed himself out of bed and sat on the edge. He then yawned, sleepily scratching himself and stretching his arms over his head glancing over to a thin, starry-eyed young male smiling a couple of feet away. He was tall and lanky, and wore a blue tee-shirt accompanied with black pants with a light blue outline around the pant legs and around the pockets; he also had silvery grey hair with light purple dyed bangs which covered over his right eye.

"Good morning sleepy head." He chuckled softly, waving at the sleepy drone of a person before him. Kiyoshi pulled out a cigarette from his pack which laid open on his nightstand and lighting it up with a Zippo he had taken out from his plastic black and clear drawer. He inhaled, then quickly exhaling the smoke. "What do you want?" he asked, grumbling in a cold, bitter tone as the smoke slowly rose to the ceiling. His somewhat long, dirty blonde hair was tangled and unkempt from the continuous movement while asleep. Kiyoshi ran a hand through his hair, attempting to straighten it out; but with no luck it remained tangled wildly as if having a mind of its own. "I wanted to get you up, you have a guest!" The young adult exclaimed ecstatically as he pulled the curtains open and looking out of the window onto the small metropolis below their castle. Kiyoshi averted his eyes from the suns awful rays and groaned again, laying back down, and his cigarette in the hand which lay dangling dangerously over the bed. Pulling the pillow over his head with his free hand, he slowly shut his eyes, trying to return to his bliss of a dream.
"Kiyoshi, please get up, it's 4:30 in the afternoon." The boy scratched his head, standing back up and gently rubbing Kiyoshi's arm, moving into a position where his leg stood treacherously close to the lit cigarette.
"Give me a minute...frack...And shut that damn curtain too. I can't see a damn thing yet." Kiyoshi replied, his voice muffled under the fluffy pillow, refusing to remove his head from under the warm and dark confinements. The boy sighed, shutting the curtains, hiding Kiyoshi from the bright world yet again.
"Honestly Kiyoshi, you need an alarm clock or something to get you up. I can't keep doing this..."
"Then just don't keep wasting your time Kaz..." Kiyoshi shot back, pulling his head out from under the pillow. Just as he did so, he noticed a teen was standing in the doorway wearing a black tank top and jeans, leaning against the wall with his arms gently folded over his chest. The other pushed his orangey-red hand from his eyes as he ran his slender hand though it, holding it back to see. "Hey there sleepy head," he cooed.
"Boy toy, get your @$$ out of here." Kiyoshi replied in a muffled growl as he covered his lower half of his body with his sheets. Sitting up in bed, Kiyoshi stretched again.
"Kyo, why are you up here?" Kazutria asked.

"Kiyoshis friend wants to see him right now..." Kyo grinned, emphasizing on the word now. He stood out of the way to reveal a slightly taller boy; another teen who had light brown hair and soft purple eyes, wearing a blue jacket with a lighter blue button down shirt accompanied with dark brown cargo pants. Kyo pushed his bangs out of his eyes once more, continuing to smirk at the sleepy lump of a person on the bed.
"Why, hello Fujisaki." Kazutria smiled, walking to the door to greet him merrily. Fujisaki smiled, "Hello yourself."
"Yuri wanted to see you so badly that he came all the way over from Japan to just see you Kiyoshi...I guess there's something important you guys might need to discuss, like how you're going to...Oh I don't know...discuss the bands stance now?" Kyo snickered, taking in the opportunity to, in the slightest chance, make Kiyoshi even a slight bit embarrassed and knowing full well that Yuri had a bit of a crush. Kyo knew that now seemed like the most vulnerable point to strike. Alas, Kiyoshi brought the cigarette to his lips, inhaling and exhaling again, rubbing his face with his free hand.
"We all know I'm not wearing anything right now...right?" he began. The three of them looked to Kiyoshi, whose eyes were closed as he rubbed his face more out of pure annoyance with everybody in the room. A sweat drop formed on Kazutria's head as Kyo looked at him with disgust; though Fujisaki looked away, reddening quite a bit.

"We didn't need to know that Kiyoshi..." Kazutria chuckled.

"Yeah well, if it'll make you leave then so be it." Kiyoshi replied, then turning his attention back to Kyo, "Boy toy your trick for trying to make me uncomfortable is failing miserably...Try again when you have something more deep...more...embarrassing...Like for example, you sleep with a small teddy bear named 'Mr. Stuffy.' You also wear corresponding pajama bottoms with the occasional shirt almost every night." Kiyoshi yawned again, putting out his cigarette out on a guitar-shaped ashtray at his desk. Kyo's jaw dropped while his face flushed with anger and embarrassment. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Slowly, he backed out of the door and stormed off down the hall, now as mad as ever. Kazutria sighed, looking over longingly to the spot where Kyo previously stood. After arguing with himself for a long period of time he walked out to find Kyo.

Fujisaki continued to linger in the doorway, refusing to enter, but refusing to walk away after Kaz and Kyo. Kiyoshi finally mustered the energy to get up, pulling the sheet with him and wrapping it around his waist until he reached the bathroom to grab a towel. With a quick fix, he switched his sheets for a soft, black and blue towel with a large blue K stitched in the middle of it. He continued to ignore the presence of the seventeen year old as he walked into the shower, turning it on and stepping in. Fujisaki finally moved into the dark room, turning on a lamp which sat on a desk illuminating the room around him with a soft blue hue. Sitting in the chair, he began to curiously flip though Kiyoshi's work.
"Don't you be touching anything in there, Kiyoshi said loudly over the sound of water pelting his body. Steam quickly seeped out of the cracked door of the bathroom as Fujisaki quickly fumbled the papers, trying to put them back as they first were. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi had just gotten out, seeing him scramble to put the papers back onto the desk. He sighed, tightening the towel around his waist. His defined body glistened with the small residues of water which dripped from his long hair and down his neck and which traveled to the rest of his body. Fujisaki reddened, looking up at Kiyoshi.
"I...I came back..." He softly stated, though Kiyoshi didn't say anything. Instead, he lit up a new cigarette and began reading the paper.
"D-doesn't that mean anything to you?" Fujisaki stuttered nervously, sitting more attentively in his chair, awaiting a response, any response from the twenty-two year old. Without any luck, Kiyoshi continued to read. He reached for his reading glasses on the bureau next to him, then placing them over the bridge of his nose. The small, black print became much clearer for Kiyoshi to read. Fujisaki fiddled with his fingers, not knowing what else to say. He opened his mouth slightly, about to say something else.

"No..." Kiyoshi interrupted. Fujisaki stared at him wide eyed; he trembled a bit out of anger and sadness.
"B-but I came back..." he stammered again.

"And you left before as well...I remember stating that I wanted nothing to do with you." Kiyoshi said calmly. A tear trailed down Fujisaki's face as he looked down at the floor
"I see..."

"Yuri, you left chose to leave over staying with the band and I. Don't expect me to just forgive you right on the spot. You ask for way too much, everything has to be your way, doesn't it?" Kiyoshi asked, not looking up from the paper. Yuri slammed his fist down on the desk, clenching it tightly with more tears rolling down his now scarlet red cheeks, softly to his chin and breaking off, hitting his lap and hands which lay limply over each other.

Im proving to you right now that I do indeed care about you...and that's still not enough...Kiyoshi what do I need to do to get you to believe me? Do I need to stand in front of a crowd and scream it to the world? Do I need to do whatever you ask...Please Kiyoshi tell me!" Yuri yelled, standing up and wiping his eyes though Kiyoshi neglected to look up.

"So now you're going to ignore me? Is that how you solve your problems?! By ignoring them until they leave?! Rest assured I'm not going anywhere this time Kiyoshi, so you're just going to have to deal with how I am now!" Fujisaki continued to yell, hyperventilating from all of the anger pent up inside of him for so long. Unexplained emotions overwhelmed the teen so much; he lost control of his inner most thoughts. Everything that crossed his mind came out of his mouth within a matter of seconds. Still emotionless, Kiyoshi continued to read through the tantrum.

"Kiyoshi you mean everything to me. I know I'm insignificant compared to you...or compared to others you care about. But these feelings are real. I&I have trouble expressing them is all. I'm even admitting that I do. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Kiyoshi speak to me!!" Tears were now streaming uncontrollably down his now red, moistened face, "You don't care about me! You don't care about anything or anyone! Not Kaz, not Kyo, Not Abel nor Cody nor Cade or anyone!!" he yelled, pulling Kiyoshi's paper out of his hand and tearing it up into thousands of small fragments which scattered all across the floor around him.

Cody, a small ten-year-old boy with long slivery hair and soft golden eyes looked up from playing a videogame with Abel, a fair skinned, black haired deviant older lad, though insanely well toned and a close friend of Kyioshis. "Did you hear something?" Cody asked in a curious, yet soft childish voice. "Nope...You're just pausing so I'll get distracted and you'll win you sly devil." Abel laughed, pushing Cody a little. Cody waited a moment, not hearing anything else and getting back to his game, smiling while he slightly nudged Abels arms. Cody was owning, big time.

"Kiyoshi you don't care what happens to anyone! You don't ca-" Yuri continued to rant, but got cut off by Kiyoshi's abrupt movement. He stood up, his towel still wrapped around him. Kiyoshi didn't walk away. Instead, he stood before Yuri glaring down at him. His reading glasses flashed with the light emitting from the desk lamp, concealing his eyes in its reflection. "Now then, don't say that to me. You havent the slightest idea how I feel..."

"You don't feel for anything or anyone!" Yuri screamed, raising a fist and about to punch him but Kiyoshi caught his wrist, pulling himself down to Yuri's face level.

"Now you listen to me...and you listen good...You said on countless occasions you'd change..." he began, tightening his grip on Fujisaki's arm, making the teen flinch uncomfortably from the pressure and pain being inflicted on his dainty wrist. His eyes narrowed angrily, as he pulled Yuri closer to his face. "Are you still listening to me?" Yuri nodded slowly. "Good. Now then, I still see no change. I see the same child as I did before..."
"Kiyoshi I..."
"However..." Yuri stopped mid sentence after hearing Kiyoshi begin speaking again.

"However...You came I can only commend you on that..." he reached over slowly, about to meet his lips to Yuri's. Fujisaki's eyes widened, tears still streaming down his cheeks which were soaking his neck and traveling down to his shirt and chest. Kiyoshi soon pulled away soon after almost seemingly about to kiss him, and looked away. "But that's all." he finished, letting go of his wrist and walking to the dresser as if nothing had occurred. Yuri continued to stand in his spot, shocked and amazed; baffled that someone as cold as Kiyoshi had almost kissed him. Yes, him. After being so cold, being so antisocial and remaining in complete solitude. He had almost met his pink, soft lips with Yuri Fujisaki. Yuri wiped his eyes, as the tears ceased from flowing. Kiyoshi had slipped on his boxers and pants when Yuri was trapped in his deep state of thought. Kiyoshi groaned, pushing him out of his room. "Get out of here...Go downstairs and hang with boy toy and Kaz for a while. Im done with you." he said in his usual, bitter tone and slamming the door closed. Yuri leaned against the large piece of glazed wood that separated him from Kiyoshi. He softly slid down it, sitting in front of the door, feeling somewhat relieved.


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