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Chapter 2 - Simmering Down

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 2 - Simmering Down

Chapter 2 - Simmering Down
Kazutria ran back up the stairs, panting loudly. He looked at Yuri, who was sitting in front of Kiyoshi's door. His face was hidden by his brown bangs and an awkward smile was strewn across his lips. Kazutria jogged over, kneeling down in front of his friend. "Fujisaki are you alright? Did Kiyoshi hurt you in any way? Speak to me please..."
"Kaz, I'm alright...I'm just shocked at some of the things he said, thats all." He smiled, knowing that wasn't the real reason why. Kazutria sighed in relief. "Wonderful, you're alright. Kyo on the other hand isn't taking things so well. Do you think you could help me calm him down a bit?" Kazutria asked, scratching his head. Yuri laughed standing up again, "Sounds good. I see that he and Kiyoshi get into arguments all the time." he stated, walking side by side with Kazutria. "I guess you could say that...Kyo gets worked up very easily, and Kiyoshi knows how to fuel the fire just right, so to speak" Kazutria replied. A sweat drop formed on his head. Yuri chuckled, covering his mouth with a hand. They both made their way downstairs, seeing a little boy with light blue hair tackling an adult over playfully. The black haired, blue eyed man fell over laughing and turning over to pin the little boy down. Skyler yipped loudly, jumping onto of the man and nipping his arm. The Burmese mountain pup held a firm holds of Abels arm, biting down hard. Abel jumped, yelping in pain as the puppy growled. He finally let go, running to Cody and hiding behind his legs. Cody blinked, looking down at the pup. "Skyler...what's wrong...?" he asked. The dog merely growled at the tall black haired man. Abel winced, walking to the bathroom to clean himslef up. "That wasn't very nice, Skyler" Cody scowled at his puppy, who continued to glare out at others from behind his masters legs. As soon as Kazutria and Yuri came down, Skyler growled lowly at them aswell. Cody looked down again, then back up at the two who continued to walk to the kitchen. Cody called to the bathroom, "Abel I'm going to talk to Kiyoshi for a second!" he said, running upstairs; Skyler high tailed behind him. Abel nodded, wrapping up his arm after soaking it in warm water. "That crazy dog..." he mumbled.
Cody knocked on Kiyoshi's door, panting. He had no idea that Kiyoshi's room was that far upstairs. Skyler skidded to a hault next to Cody. As soon as Kiyoshi opened the door, the energetic puppy jumped at Kiyoshi, rubbing against his legs affectionately; almost feline-like. Cody blinked in confusion. Kiyoshi bent down and pet his dog, "Skyler you're getting should get taken outside more often. Cody, mind walking him twice a day outside? It only needs to be like 15 minutes..." Kiyoshi stood back up, the dog standing on his hind legs and resting his paws on Kiyoshi's shin; yipping ecstatically.
"Sure thing Kiyoshi...But I have a question." Cody stated, looking up at him.
"What?" "Skyler bit Abel...and gave a dirty glare and growled at Yuri and Kazutria when they came downstairs...but he's so kind to you and me...Why is that?"
"I couldn't tell you...Maybe because I adopted him, and you and I both share the responsibility of taking care of him. He just sees us as his family and doesn't want anyone harming us I guess. He's becoming a good guard dog. I read online that Burmese mountain dogs get very big when they're older. It'll be like an older brother for you...only with fur...and who gets to do whatever." Kiyoshi looked down at the pup. Skyler was wagging his tail very quickly, yipping again happily from all of the attention he was receiving.
"I guess you're right Kiyoshi" Cody knelt down, petting his dog that began licking his face. Cody laughed, trying to push the pup away. "If you don't have any other questions I can help you with...I'm going to get back to work on some things." Kiyoshi looked to Cody, stepping out of his room and closing the door behind him. Cody nodded, standing back up and walking with Kiyoshi down the stairs. "What are you gonna do Kiyoshi?" the young boy asked. He walked quickly to keep up to Kiyoshi's pace. He stuck his hands in his pockets as Kiyoshi did. "Just this and that...writing some new material for the band."
"If Abels part of the band now, what's he going to do?" Cody looked up.
"How do you mean?" "What is Abel gonna do? Um..." Cody thought a moment, "What is he going to play?" "Oh..Guitar..."
"And Kyo?" Cody asked, holding onto the rail as he walked down the spiral stairwell. Kiyoshi thought a moment, and then chuckled. "They're going to have to duke it out...Nah...That's no fair for boy toy...I guess they both can play. We just need someone...No...We need someone to play bass. But I'll have them deal with that soon enough." Cody reached the last step, stopping. "Isn't his name Kyo?" Cody asked. Kyo had overheard Cody sticking up for him. His heart melted with joy as he softly smiled at the small eight-year-old. "I call him boy toy; it's like a pet name..." Kiyoshi shrugged. Kyo glared at his rival, but eased up when he saw Cody about to speak again.
"But that's not his name...and that's not a very nice name to be calling him either." Cody sighed. Skyler ran around him, barking and wagging his tail merrily. Kiyoshi chuckled. "Call him whatever you want, you're not changing my mind though." he said, finally leaving. Cody sighed, but turned his attention to his hyperactive puppy. He smiled, running around the house with his pup following close behind. Kiyoshi walked into the kitchen, bumping into Yuri and Kazutria who were sitting at the kitchen counter. Kiyoshi opened the fridge, pulling out a beer and some leftover Chinese food. Putting it on a separate plate, he put it into the microwave, heating it up for fourty-five seconds. He leaned against the counter behind him, looking up at the ceiling. Yuri looked over to Kiyoshi longingly and Kazutria smiled. "Hello there's very nice of you to join us...You..."
"I'm going back upstairs." Kiyoshi interrupted, cracking open his beer and taking a sip. Kazutria scratched his head.
"Very well then..." he finally sighed as Kiyoshi left the room and back upstairs. Yuri snapped out of his daze, which was almost like a trance. "So, where's Kyo?" Fujisaki finally asked.
"What about me? What is it now?" Kyo asked from the doorway.


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