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Chapter 3 - An Unexpected Guest

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 3 - An Unexpected Guest

Chapter 3 - An Unexpected Guest
Chapter III An unsuspecting guest
Kazutria blinked and averted his attention from Yuri to Kyo. "Did I miss something or what?" Kyo asked. Yuri and Kazutria smiled at him. "No Kyo, you didn't miss a thing. Are you feeling any better?" Kazutria asked, pulling out a seat for him. Kyo walked over sitting down and leaning back on the hind legs of the chair. "Yeah, a little thanks." He stretched, pushing his arms far over his head and yawning. "The sun room feels great when you need to relax." Yuri looked around. "Whose house is this by the way..." he scratched his head, almost embarrassed to ask. Kazutria stood up. "This is one of Kiyoshi's estates. Would you like me to show you around for a bit?" "That sounds awesome" Yuri answered, jumping down from his chair. Kyo blinked. "So now you're going to leave me? I see..."
"Kyo come help me. You know your way around here too" Kazutria smiled. Yuri turned back to see Kyo slowly get up from his seat, sulking. "Not really..."
Meanwhile, Kiyoshi reached the top of the stairs and walked to his room door. He put his hand on the knob and turned it clockwise, pushing in. Putting his food down on the desk, Kiyoshi walked to his balcony door, realizing that it was open. The cool breeze pushed all of the lighter objects around the room, ruthlessly tossing them to and fro, side to side without any planned destination. He cocked his head a bit confused, shutting the doors slowly and locking them. He turned back to the empty room quickly. His eyes darted from left to right, surveying every corner of his room. After coming to the conclusion that it was safe, he returned to his desk, taking a sip of his beer and began to write. Kiyoshi put on his glasses and reached up to turn his desk lamp. It clamped to the edge of his desk. Something moved behind him. Kiyoshi shot straight up, pulling his glasses off and holding onto the back of his chair which was not on its hind legs. "Come out now..." he said to the empty room, as if to receive an answer. There was no answer, however more movement was heard from around his bed. Naturally, Kiyoshi glanced over and quietly began sneaking towards the sound. "Talas if you're in there I swear I'm going to ring your fracking neck out... he called softly. There was still no answer, but it was definite that there was someone in there. He finally reached the side of the bed, pulling down the sheets a little to see Adian, the drummer of RaGe laying in his bed all curled up and fast asleep. Kiyoshi jumped back not believing what he was seeing. "No way!" He called, angry and confused. Adian sat up, rubbing his eyes, "Oh, good afternoon Kiyoshi...I didn't know when you were coming back so I fell asleep..."
"Adian what are you doing here?!" Kiyoshi asked coldly, returning to his desk.
"I wanted to drop by and say hello!" he smiled, yawning and stretching. Kiyoshi looked around the bed, noticing that Adian's clothes were scattered all around. He sighed. "I presume you're not wearing anything either..." "That's right!" He chuckled, scratching his head.
"Which also means you're soiling my new sheets..." Kiyoshi shook his head, getting back to his writing.
"Kiyoshi you can't tell me you don't sleep naked either" Adian laughed standing up with the sheet tucked around his waist. Kiyoshi stopped writing.
"I do, you're right...But at least I know where I've been; unlike you" He sneered, resuming his writing.
Kazutria and Kyo were walking side by side as Yuri hung a foot or two behind them, looking around at everything. Kazutria and Kyo had shown him the den, the dining room, the kitchen and sun room, the pool, the game room, and were now moving upstairs to the bedrooms. Kazutria began walking up the spiral staircase, but turned around. "The first floor is for guests and the second floor is for the band mates and VIP's" He chuckled, continuing on walking. Kyo walked on Yuri's right side, hanging next to him. He noticed that there was a third floor and a fourth floor as well. "Kaz, what's on the third floor?" Kyo asked.
"That's where we keep our instruments. There's a whole bunch up there I had no idea Kiyoshi could play. He can play the trumpet, saxophone, drums, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, the violin and lots of other cool stuff!"
"The violin? Sounds girly to me" Kyo laughed. Yuri continued to think about Kiyoshi. He smiled warmly, not catching what anyone was saying. The reached the second floor walking by Kiyoshi's room. Kazutria pulled the doors open and revealed his room to Yuri and Kyo. Yuri gazed in awe, slowly walking into the large room. Hanging on the wall across from the king size bed was a 50"plasma screen TV. Five feet below the TV was a 6' by 6' fireplace with wood already burning brightly inside. On either side of the TV about 3' away were large windows that almost ran up the whole wall. The bottom half was clear while the top half was covered in stain glass. There were couches and comfy chairs. A computer with a large desk, which was used for writing songs, a private bathroom with a crystalized shower and sink, a large wardrobe and much more. Kazutria smiled, walking back down the hall. He knocked on Kiyoshi's door. "Are you ever going to come out and converse with us?" Kazutria asked the door.
"I think he should just live in that little cave of his..." Kyo growled, folding his arms across his chest angrily. Kazutria hushed him and turned to Yuri. "What you saw before was only a tiny part of Kiyoshi's room. You'd wonder why this hall was so large if it only had three rooms in it. The other room is right down the hall, which is about the size of my room. It has some different features and furniture, but its more or less the same. Kiyoshi has the largest room on this floor; his room's bigger than mine. Yuri's eyes widened. He knew Kiyoshi's room was very large when he was in there, but seeing Kazutria's room and picturing it to be much bigger was almost unbelievable. Kazutira knocked on the door again.
"Kiyoshi you there?" he asked.
"I'm having some problems, come back later." he called.
"What do you mean?" Kazutria opened the door, seeing Kiyoshi writing and Adian sitting on his bed, naked, with a sheet wrapped around him. "That's my problem...He just snuck in here and he won't leave me alone." Kiyoshi said, not looking up and continuing to write. Adian smiled. "Hey Kaz!" he exclaimed happily. Kazutira scratched his head, chuckling nervously. "What a...Unexpected surprise, Adian, nice to see you...Where's Cade and Sanoi? Did they leave you or something?"
"They went out for a day or so. I don't remember where they said they were going, but I decided to come here to see Kiyoshi and you guys!" He smiled, walking to them. Yuri's jaw dropped and eyes narrowed at the intruder. Flaring thoughts raged through his head, but he kept calm and looked out the door. Adian wrapped his arms around Kiyoshi's neck, "I missed you all so much!!" he said gleefully. "Get off of me!" Kiyoshi called trying to pull out of his grasp.
Abel finally managed to wrap his wound tightly and get out of the bathroom. "We got to teach that dog not to nip people like that anymore" he thought, looking around for Cody and Skyler. "Hmm& Abel thought, walking into the den and seeing a little note. He carefully picked it up and looked at the 8-year-old writing. "Abel, I took Skyler out for a walk. I know why he bit you now! We'll be back in 15-20 minutes. -Cody" Abel smiled, putting the note back on the table. "Such a sweet little boy," he said to himself, sitting down on the den's sofa and turning on the TV. He quickly flipped through the channels before turning it off and lying down sprawled on the cushions. He yawned, exhausted from the day and rested his eyes, falling asleep.


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