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Chapter 4 - Unwelcomed Memories: Kiyoshi's Past.

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 4 - Unwelcomed Memories: Kiyoshi's Past.

Chapter 4 - Unwelcomed Memories: Kiyoshi's Past.
"What Kiyoshi? Didn't you miss me?" Adian asked cheerfully, rubbing his face against Kiyoshi's. Kiyoshi stood up, trying to push him off, but with no avail. He sighed, slowly giving up the fight. His arms folded on his chest as Adian slowly slipped his hands off his neck and around Kiyoshis his waist. Kiyoshi blinked, shoving his hands in his pockets, growling lowly; his glasses flashed over his eyes, hiding them from everyone while he looked up and out the window. Yuri slowly clenched his fist shut, extremely jealous of Adian, who seemed to have the gift of being extremely flirtatious with anyone he so chooses. Kazutria chuckled, scratching his head not knowing what to say. "Well," he finally managed to speak, "it was nice seeing you again, Adian. Yuri and I will be&" "Staying and hanging with you guys..." Yuri interrupted, speaking lowly. Kazutria glanced over to Yuri who was still boiling mad. He thought for a moment, looking back to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi is never this mean toward Adian&Actually&they love to hang around with each other. I know that Adians single&And If he still is&and Kiyoshis acting even colder now& Kazutria thought for a moment, looking at the two men. Kyo laughed, unable to hold it in any longer. He fell to the ground, clutching his stomach and trying to catch his breath. "Someone has a lover! I knew you were into boys!!" he hollered, laughing profoundly. Kiyoshi sighed, "You couldn't be anymore wrong, boy toy..." Kyo instantly stopped laughing, jumping back onto his feet. "What do you mean?" he asked.
"I'm...Uh....Um...." Kiyoshi stuttered.
"He's engaged..." Kazutria figured out finally saying his reasoning aloud and blinking with widened eyes. Kiyoshi looked down, angry, knowing that he had finally been figured out. Adian let go. "Are you serious? Kiyoshi's engaged?! To whom?!" He questioned, holding onto his arm still and jumping up and down slightly, curious as to where this conversation was heading.
"Hn..." Kiyoshi sneered, turning away and walking to the window. With one slight jerk of his arm he broke free from Adians small grasp on his arm. Kiyoshi blankly stared out the window and onto the slow-going metropolis below him Everything was coming to Kazutria now. Memories from the past poured into his head, reminding him of everything that had occurred in Kiyoshis life, well, as far as he knew about his friend. He thought for a moment.
"Ella Barrows..." Kazutria said softly. Everyone but Kiyoshi looked over to him. Kazutria was still reminiscing on old memories, trying to put the pieces of the unsolved puzzle together.
"Who?" Yuri and Adian asked in unison. Kazutria looked up, his face long and pale. "Ella Barrows...She's from the nobility as well...When he was younger they were said to be wedded when they turned 18...." Yuri turned to Kiyoshi. "So is he..." "No...his parents died when he was six...Since then he's been with us for a couple years, then in his foster parents terrible care until Cade picked him up when he was twelve....He ran away from there when he was seventeen...." Kazutria's eyes remained open and blankly staring at Kiyoshi, who continued to glare out the window. Kiyoshi sighed, pretending not to mind any attention to the story of his engagement as it was becoming more unraveled by the minute. He leaned further out the window, now propped on his elbows on the windowsill to get a better look at the small figures of people slowly moving below him. He reached for his desk, pulling out a headset and carefully placing the ear pieces into his ears, turning on some rock music he had recorded himself. "Foster care?" Yuri asked. Adian looked down. "I heard about that from Cade...Kiyoshi had a miserable childhood..." He sighed. "Why? What happened exactly?" Yuri asked inquisitively, all of his rage diminishing from that point. Kazutria and Adian sighed. Kyo turned away, hearing this sad tale before. "I'm going to head downstairs..." he peeped softly, leaving them and jogging down the stairs, relaxing in the sun room. Adian began to speak, fiddling with his fingers once more, only this time more slowly and sadly.
"When Kiyoshi's parents home was burning in a blaze of fire, he pulled his mother out of the burning mansion. He was six years old when his father perished in the flames and his mother died in his arms. We have no information on who set the fire...but it had to have been an enemy of the Wells-Cleaver family..."
"We then took him in after seeing him alone and sitting behind a tombstone at the funeral. Poor Kiyoshi didn't have a family to fall back on." Kazutria replied as his bangs covered both of his eyes vs. only the right side. His voice changed from being merry and happy-go-lucky to dreary and woeful in a matter of moments. Adian continued to look down as Yuri's eyes widened, continuing to listen to the mortifying tale of Kiyoshi's past.
"He then ran away from Kazutrias house when he was 9 and was caught by the local police who brought him to an orphanage. He was adopted by Taria and Loki Smith. Taira was a part time adult movie store employee and a complete drug addict. She used most of the money she made buying heroin for herself when she should have brought food home for the family." Adian said softly sniffling slightly from the draft of the wind from the open window. He sat back down on Kiyoshis bed, laying on his back and looking up at the curtains which were pulled open from earlier.
"Loki was a good guy though...He worked long hours into the night and early morning. He tucked Kiyoshi into bed at night after Taria had fought with him about misplaced money she thought he had stolen, and the chores she had forced him to complete because of her lack of motivation to do nothing more than to inject herself with those horrid drugs. There was another in the family, Roy, the son of Taira. She remarried after her divorce with another man, though we are unsure of his name. She took custody of Roy, who was one year younger than Kiyoshi. Taria always favored Roy and never let Kiyoshi have anything at all. He was forced to cook and clean, deprived of elementary school learning every now and then, and had to take care of the house most of the day. He was a practically a slave there; the only one showing him any sort of compassion was Loki. When Taria and Loki divorced, she took Kiyoshi into her custody as well, and worked him twice as hard as before. She was always heard slapping him around and kicking him down every now and then from completing a task not to her approval. After 3 more years of abuse, somehow...Roy and Taria disappeared. Kiyoshi was living on his own again, and refusing to be re-caught by the orphanage and to be put up for another adoption. Some say he didnt want to meet another family as cruel as the one before him. Others claim different. Nonetheless, Cade soon found him, hiding in a box under a tree and took him in until the age of 17 when he just, disappeared yet again. Kazutria said softly as well. Tears streamed down his face but he soon wiped them away.
Adian softly glanced over to Kiyoshi, who seemed to have ignored everything that had been said about his past. Yuri blinked, horrified, and mortified. He slowly began to walk over, but was stopped by Adian and Kazutria who had both lifted an arm to shield him from Kiyoshi. "Not now..." Kazutria said softly, choking up. He turned and left the room, running to his and slamming the door. Adian walked out of the room, walking downstairs to see Abel lying in the den, sleeping soundly though turning every now and then on the leathery blue cushions under him. His body indented with the soft fabric after a while until he moved into a different sleeping position. Adian sat on the couch next to him, relaxing and closing his eyes, trying to regain himself. After a brief period of silence in the house, Adian picked up a pair of pants and threw them over his legs quickly, writing a note for anyone whom it may concern. It was a brief note on his sudden absence and that he was going into town for a bit to shake off some previous stress. Smiling slightly, he placed the note on the kitchen counter taking to the door and down the dirt path, out the gates, and to the town. Yuri however stayed. He slowly walked closer to Kiyoshi but was stopped.
" know more about me..." Kiyoshi said softly, looking unaffected by the whole thing as he pulled the earpieces out. Yuri choked up, thinking about the horrible things he said in the past about him being a rotten orphan on their stay in Russia. "I...I didn't know Kiyoshi...I..." "So you seem to assume...and jeer at me...kick my while I'm down..." Kiyoshi didn't look back. He kept his focus on the hustle and bustle in the town below him.
"Kiyoshi no, that's not it at all..."
"I'm still betrothed as far as I know of. That must tear some strings in you fluffy..." he said sighing.
"Why are you calling me fluffy?" Yuri questioned softly.
"You're soft, too soft, and almost fluffy. It's not a good nickname mind you." Yuri sighed heavily, but cooled off. " think you love me..." Kiyoshi started up again. Yuris eyes widened gradually. He stuttered. "How...How'd you know?
"You're not too difficult to figure out you know fluffy." Yuri eased up a bit, relieved a bit. "But I don't quite believe you."
"What do I need to do to prove it? I'll love you no matter what Kiyoshi I swear!" Yuri pleaded, inching closer. His hands clasped together slightly, on the brink of getting onto his knees and literally begging for Kiyoshis cold, painful love.
"That's quite enough of your nonsense..." Kiyoshi said lowly, looking over his shoulder with one eye to see Yuri beginning to break down.


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