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Chapter 5 - The Conversation

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 5 - The Conversation

Chapter 5 - The Conversation
"Kiyoshi I love you...give me another chance to prove myself. I won't blow it I swear!" Yuri pleaded, now inching even closer to Kiyoshi. Tears streamed down his cheeks, and step by step he crept closer. Kiyoshi continued to watch him. "You wouldn't want anything to do with me if I told you the untold part of the tale. He replied lowly and glancing back out the window. He placed a hand over his other and bent his elbows to place his folded hands under his chin. Yuri was on the verge of running over, but instead stood about six feet away from Kiyoshi, shaking uncontrollably and wiping the tears away from his face. "I...I want to know Kiyoshi..."

"I'm sure you would just leave me here again; right at this instant and find someone to take care of me for good..." He shot back, leaning more out the window. Yuri shook his head, forcing a smile. "J-just tell me Kiyoshi...Get to your point." he almost ordered in a shaky voice. If he was somebody else other than Kazutria, Cade or Cody, Kiyoshi would have told him off. Instead, the twenty-two year old hesitated for a moment and inhaled, then exhaling deeply.

"The sudden disappearance of Taisa and Roy was my doing...I found a gun in that old witchs underwear drawer and shot and killed them both..." Yuri stared blankly at Kiyoshi, unable to speak.

"That's not all. Oh there were more of that witchs family roaming around those parts...I killed them all too....Overall there were 12 people; each one more brutal and heartless than the next. What Kazutria or Adian didn't mention was that every couple of months or so there was a 'Family Reunion.' Cousins, aunts, uncles...all put me to work...I was nine for Christs sake...nine frackin' years old and being put to work for those lazy bastards...its so low..." He said sternly, clenching his fist. Yuri was still in his state of shock, dropping to his knees. "I...I'm beginning to understand..." he thought to himself, his eyes wide and his pupils dilated as he placed both hands over his head.

"Loki was not permitted to take custody of me because she made him look like a slacker crack addict with no life and no responsibility all together...Lousy witch...I'm glad I killed her..." He spat, very angry at this point. Kiyoshis eyes narrowed like they had before when he could handle so much anger without letting out some exhaust from being pent up for so long. "I'd kill her again and again...and that little porker of a son Roy too if I could."

"I...Is that why your eyes narrow...w-when you're upset?" Yuri finally blurted out. "Pardon me?" Kiyoshi turned to look at him completely, his eyes narrowed fiercely and glaring in Yuris direction. Yuri jumped, almost feeling his cold glare penetrate his soul. "N-nothing, don't even worry about it..." He quickly stammered. Kiyoshi continued to watch him, but slowly looked back outside the window, his eyes easily softening up to their original state. "You're the only one who knows about their deaths...I trust you won't tell anybody..." he growled, almost as if it were a threat. Yuri caught on, he knew that this was a serious matter and Kiyoshi was very traumatized by it all. The last thing he needed was to be interrogated for things that had happened nine to thirteen years ago. "W-What did the police do?" he asked. Kiyoshi blinked. "What kind of dumb question was that fluffy? I told them that someone broke in and killed them all while I was outside, lying on the ground with a blanket. That was the truth; I slept outside a lot. But I killed them. I just didn't tell them the 'whole' truth." Kiyoshi said, running his fingers through his hair to push it out from his eyes. Tears were still streaming down Yuri's face as he tried to remain strong.

"Wipe your eyes...It's embarrassing...Show a little strength...God only knows you have it." Kiyoshi rolled his eyes, shutting the window and sitting back at his desk, where he continued to write. You should just leave and give up now. You can't even hold yourself together long enough to hear my story." Yuri got angry, wiping his eyes again. "I am strong..." he said softly moving over and sitting on Kiyoshi's bed. Kiyoshi chuckled, shaking his head.

"You're not...Stop trying to pretend what you think you are. This isnt some magic fairy-tail dream land where you can pretend to be who you want to be and actually think you are somebody." Kiyoshi sighed, standing up and putting his papers in a folder. Other works seemed to be piling up in it as well. Kiyoshi shoved his papers into the folder and placing them into a drawer, locking it. Yuri clenched the sheets tightly, looking angrily over to Kiyoshi and shaking slightly. "I am strong..." he replied again, only this time a little louder than before. Kiyoshi chuckled, waving Yuri off as if he were joking around, "I've heard it before, now you're sounding like a broken record." In that moment, Yuri charged over to Kiyoshi grabbing his wrist. Kiyoshi stopped laughing and darted his eyes over to the teen that had his arm. He looked at him questioningly as his hand slowly curled into a tight fist. His knuckles cracked one by one as his fist grew tighter. Yuri swallowed hard, but kept his firm grasp on Kiyoshi's arm. "I am...and I'll prove it to you too," Yuri stated. Kiyoshi finally stood up, ripping his wrist out of the teens slight grasp. He sneered, walking to the door to leave but was stopped by Yuri again; his other wrist grabbed. Kiyoshi growled, whirling Yuri over and pinning him against the door. Yuri let out a soft yelp, flinching a little from the shock but still holding onto Kiyoshis arm. His grasp had lightened a bit. "I've had enough of your bullshoot," Kiyoshi said neutrally pinning his arm against the door. He forcefully grabbed his other arm and held it above his head. Yuri tried to squirm out of his grasp, but the hit to the door had cost him his breath.

Attempting to regain his composure again, Yuri panted loudly, squeezing his eyes shut and tilting his head up in a bit of pain. Tears continued to stream down his cheeks as yet again, he tried to pull free. With no avail, Kiyoshi stared at the ignorant teenager, smirking. "Typical teenage behavior...I never had any of that...It's the ignorance I can't stand really. Its a sign of weakness." He sneered; now holding both of Yuri's wrists in one hand. "You're wrists are small enough to hold in one hand're almost like boy toy...very feminine like qualities." Kiyoshi chuckled moving his face closer to Yuri's. Yuri refused to speak or even look at Kiyoshi. He turned his head away from him and his eyes were welling up quickly, growing puffy and red in the process. "Aw...Are we going to cry and ignore me now? Did I say something mean?" Kiyoshi mocked, stroking his face lightly. Yuri continued to turn away from his touch until Kiyoshi grabbed his jaw and forced him in his direction. He sighed, but skewed smile soon took place over his lips. "Well...I see you no longer have any sort of feelings for me..." He said, slowly inching his face even close to Yuri's. Yuri stubbornly kept turning away from the other, wanting nothing more than to leave the place instantly. "There's nothing I can do to convince you anymore, so now I've given up on you Wells-Cleaver."

"Oh arent we the big man? You're what, seventeen? And calling me by my last name now? Arent we the little tough guy, fluffy?" Kiyoshi chuckled, thumbing Yuri's cheek softly.

"Knock it off I don't want it anymore." Yuri growled, trying to pull his arms out of Kiyoshi's hands. He then tried to kick, but Kiyoshi instantly pushed his body softly against Yuri's. Yuri turned a bright red, trying to push away. His legs were held to the door by Kiyoshi's. His bare chest was up against the cloth of Yuri's shirt. Yuri shivered slightly, basking in the warm feeling of another warm body on his. His face reddened more as he inhaled deeply, trying to keep his body in control. Kiyoshi brushed up against the teen again, provoking him to lose that certain control. Seeing that Yuri held everything in, he thought it would be the right time to make him or break him. "Very well, yet again, I want nothing to do with you...However...there's a catch this time," he smirked. Yuri swallowed hard again but shook it off. "So what are you going to do? Try to win me back? Believe me it's not going to work." He snorted proudly continuing to turn his attention the either the elm dresser or the guitar cases lined up along the right wall.

"Oh you'll come crawling back to me after a while fluffy...I'll just experiment with new faces and see what really gets your blood boiling; after all, you dont wish to have me anymore so it seems. He smirked, slowly taking his body off of Yuri's. Yuri chuckled.

"Yeah, that's unlikely Wells-Cleaver."

"Au Contraire...I saw how enraged you were when Adian was hanging on me...and how Talas always seemed to be touching me...I noticed it more with Adain because he's more in contact with the band..." Kiyoshi let go of his wrists, moving him away from the door.
"I'm not the one going to win the affection're going to win it from me...and that's how it's going to be. I won't be as kind as I was before. But I'm sure you'll find a way to prove yourself...You're only seventeen. But think of something quick. I'm a twenty-two year old raging with hormones telling me to do as I please with my body. But you don't care about that. So you worry about you or how you're going to win me back. Okay fluffy?" Kiyoshi chuckled sarcastically, and then shaking his head, opening the door and leaving his room leaving Yuri alone, completely horrified.

"W-what am I going to do..." he said to himself, taking a seat on the bed. Kiyoshi's hard words had really gotten to him this time. He held his face, about to sob uncontrollably until he looked up, thinking about how he was going to get over Kiyoshi.

"He's such a hard @$$&I won't have to deal with his cold, bitterly sarcastic nature much longer...And he'll eventually try to get me back...I know it...He has feelings for me somewhere in that void of a heart he has." Yuri thought, standing up and walking to the guest room; his new room. He laid down on the king size bed and slowly shut his eyes drifting to sleep.


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