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Chapter 6 - TrepidNight Crashes the Party

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 6 - TrepidNight Crashes the Party

Chapter 6 - TrepidNight Crashes the Party
There was a knock at the main door. Cody energetically ran over to it pulling the doors wide open. He smiled, "May I help you gentlemen?" he asked as he greeted the three strangers at the door. A man with a black tuxedo with a black hat with a red band around it and with blue hair stepped forward. He put out his cigarette in an ashtray which stood next to the front door. "Is master Kiyoshi available?" he asked proceeding indoors. Another man with brown hair and blue tips followed, escorting a man with a cape and hood, which drearily hung over his head and hiding his eyes and nose. The only part of him visible was his mouth, which flashed a toothy grin at the little boy.

"He's in, but I don' think he's expecting guests now...Consider coming back a little later maybe?" the eight-year-old asked, trying to push them out the door. With no luck, he was picked up by the scruff of his shirt by the brown haired man, who smiled at him. "But this is very important adult things...And who might you be? I don't seem to recall you litt-" he paused for a moment, remembering back to the concert.

"Oh...I see now...You're the boy Kiyoshi took in...Arent you? Your names Cody, right?" He asked smiling and placing him down. Cody tilted his head, a bit confused. "Yes, I'd you know that?" he asked, stepping back defensively. Skyler growled angrily at the intruders as the man stepped to Cody, an evil grin spread across his lips. In that moment, the puppy leapt forward and bit the man in the leg, sending him jumping back.

"Owww! Damn that puppy has sharp @$$ teeth!" The man howled in pain. The suited fellow chuckled.

"What's so funny Hojo?! It really hurts!"

"Talas its a puppy, calm down." Hojo smiled, squatting down and smiling at the pup, which sniffed his hand and bit down onto him. After releasing Hojos hand, the puppys now red stained teeth continued to flash at the intruders, signaling that he was the dominant one in the area. Hojo winced, but merely grabbed a handkerchief and held his hand in it to keep it from bleeding profusely. The last man finally bent over, petting the dog unafraid. Skyler blinked, not understanding why he wasn't cowering as the other two had. Talas and Hojo awed in the other mans behavior.

"Sir&I thought you didn't like dogs?" Talas asked, wiping blood off of his leg.

"Au Contraire...Dogs are very loyal, friendly creatures... I don't prefer them, but they're good...for most of the time" he smiled. Cody backed up more, sprinting up the stairs. Kazutria and Kyo caught notice as the frightened boy whizzed by them. Kazutria instantly stood up, walking out into the main hall where he was confronted by the three strangers. He stopped in the middle of the threshold that connected the den and the main hall, watching. His eyes narrowed as he held the side of the wall, digging his nails into the glazed wood. Kyo stood behind them, then next to Kazutria watching the three. Talas waved and Hojo smirked. The other man stepped in front of them. "Good evening, Kazutria; same to you Kyo." He began, bowing politely.

"What do you want," Kazutria snapped. Kyo glanced over at Kaz, horrified from this sudden dominant, angry behavior he was witnessing from his lover. "He&He better not be taking from Kiyoshi...I don't...know how much I can take if he actually is... Kyo thought to himself, still holding firm ground.

"I'm just here to see Kiyoshi...Is that such a crime...Master Kazutria?" the man asked, grinning. Kaz clenched his fist, about to lunge out and strike the man.

"You have no business here, Sven." Kazutria hissed, clenching his free fist tighter.

"I'm not here to quarrel with you, I wish to see Kiyoshi...We have some things to discuss..."

"No you don't, you're not laying another finger on him." Kazutria sneered, turning away. "I'd suggest we see him now..." Sven said, in a sing song tone. Cody came downstairs accompanied by Kiyoshi. Skyler trotted in front of him, growling fiercely at the strangers. Sven bowed again.

"Its good to see you again...I..."

"Cut the crap, what do you want?" Kiyoshi abruptly asked, holding Cody in his arms and pushing the dog back with his leg. His eyes and presence gave off a cold, icy glare that froze Talas and Hojo stiff. Though, Sven continued to smile, unaffected.

"Where's the jewel...?" he asked softly.


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