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Chapter 7 - A Brutal Encounter

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 7 - A Brutal Encounter

Chapter 7 - A Brutal Encounter
Kiyoshi chuckled. "What on earth are you rambling about now? A jewel? Hmmm..." he replied sarcastically pretending to think. "It'd be in your best interest not to play dumb with us now." Sven spat, his attitude now completely changed from calm and collected to looking as if he were about to explode with rage. Kazutria had never seen this side of Sven before. Whatever this jewel was had to be very important to him. Sven took another step forward, asking again more agitated,

"Where is the jewel?"

"What do you mean? The Jewel of Sacred Rock or something?" He chuckled, knowing this was only making Sven even more upset and almost to his last straw of anger. Sven's teeth grit heatedly under his hood as he pulled out a sword from inside of his cloak. Kazutria jumped back and bumped into Kyo who scurried behind the wall. Talas and Hojo nodded, slowly walking back and standing in front of the main door. Kiyoshi slowly lowered Cody and pushed Skyler out of the way. "Cody...Take your dog...and kindly get out of here...the adults need to talk..." he spoke softly, not letting his eyes off his rival.

"The jewel..." Sven grinned evilly, stepping forward with his sword drawn and pointed in Kiyoshis direction in an attack-like stance.

"Cody, everything's going to be just...go play with Fluffy over there." Kiyoshi nodded toward the stairs, signaling to Yuri.
"Who's fluffy?" Cody stammered, very afraid.

"Yuri...Go toughen'm up for me..." Kiyoshi nodded. Abel walked into the room, yawning and stretching with his eyes closed. "Mmmmmmmm that nap was heavenly...I can't bel-" he stopped, noticing the man in the hood holding a large sword before him; the tip of the blade softly touching the tip of his nose. Abel raised his hands to his head, backing away next to Kiyoshi. "Who's this guy" he wispered lowly. Sven took one final step, about to lunge.

"That's Sven..." Kiyoshi answered, pushing him out of the way as Sven brought his sword down in-between the two. He whirled around, cape following quickly as he continued to push the offense and searching for his target. Kiyoshi turned to the stairs, grabbing the marble ball at the end of the rail and spinning himself in the direction of the right wing. He skidded to a halt in the middle of a doorway, turning down the hall and to the sun room. Sven quickly followed breaking the door down with one slash of his blade. He laughed evilly, proceeding after Kiyoshi with great speed. Abel chased after them, but was soon blocked by Hojo and Talas. "Private buisness...I'll let you know when Kiyoshi's funeral is later though."

Talas smiled, getting into a fighting stance. Hojo stayed silent with his arms folded across his chest. "Well, Kiyoshi's the greatest thing that I've ever met in my life...I don't plan on losing him to you losers." Abel chuckled, jumping forward and punching Talas in the jaw. He leapt off him, dashing for the sunroom when he was again, stopped by Hojo who had grabbed hold of his arm. Hojo smiled, and then threw him across the room, watching him slam into the kitchen wall. A body sized hole, now indented into the fine stone crumbled beneath Abel as he flinched in pain, picking himself up. "W-wow that guy's strong...but if he has the strength...Talas must have the agili..." But before he could finish speaking his thoughts aloud, Talas dashed up to him, kicking him in the face. "Serves you right..." He mocked, wiping the blood off his lip with his bare arm.

"My, aren't we quick, Mr. Wells-Cleaver," Sven said loudly, looking around the blackened room, "I know you're in here...Resisting the inevitable is useless...Come out now and maybe I won't kill you..." He smiled, standing in the middle of the room. Kiyoshi slowly made his way over to the cabinet where he had kept his weapons. He silently pulled out a revolver, though didn't intend on using it. After, he pulled out a sword of his own. As he closed the door; it made a slight creaking sound catching his foes attention. Instantly, Sven looked his way, dashing over. Almost as if he were a blur, Sven moved with incredible speed. He darted left and right, attempting to throw Kiyoshi off and have him confused. He brought his arm up, and then slammed his blade back down, clashing blades with Kiyoshi. He flipped back, holding his sword in front of him and arching forward. Kiyoshi clutched the end of the sword with both hands, pointing the blade in Sven's direction. Meanwhile, Kazutria had tried to burst into the room and help in any way that he could. The door pushed slightly open, but then there was a muffled noise; a scream being silenced by a hand. Hojo held Kazutria in front of him walking into the room. Kiyoshi looked over, extremely angry; his eyes began to narrow in Hojos direction. Kiyoshis blade dipped slowly, the tip of his blade clashing with the glazed floor.

"Yes Kiyoshi...let your anger take control...We all know what you've done...and what mistakes you'll make later on!" Sven cooed, beginning to walk around his prey like a hungry tiger. His steps softly pitter pattered around the room, almost silently. Snow began to gently fall outside, soon becoming a dangerous blizzard. Kiyoshi withdrew his sword, placing it back in a sheath which was attached on his back. Sven continued to walk around him.

"Don't play stupid...I know what you've done. I know how they were killed...why...when...where...I know more then you think Mr. Wells-Cleaver&" Sven lowered his sword, putting it back into the loop of his pants. He held both of his hands behind his back, stepping closer to Kiyoshi who was now looking at the floor, with disgrace flushed on his face.

Yuri finally awoke from his sleep. Stretching and yawning he pulled himself up and walked to his door. Sleepily reaching for the knob, he heard a desperate cry downstairs from Kazutria. He then flung the door open, running down as fast as he could. Cody and Skyler were huddled at the top of the stairs. Yuri ran past them, jumping down the last couple of steps and bolting to the door. Abel was out cold, being dragged by Talas to the couch. "For Christ's sake is he heavy..." he whined, placing him up against the couches cushions. Kazutria was held up, his mouth covered by the hand of Hojo. Kyo ran over to him about to punch the intruder with the black suit, but instead he stopped, remembering that the one he loved was in the way. Kyo growled lowly, "Let him go, now!"

"No can do sport," Hojo replied softly, his attention turned to the rivals in the sunroom.

"You put him down right now or so God help you both!" Yuri yelled, storming into the room.

"If I said no to him...Do you really think I'm going to say yes for you to? Lets be honest here kid&youre no threat to me at all; neither of you." Hojo shrugged. Kazutria calmed down a bit, seeing that he wasn't getting hurt, nor did they intend on hurting him. He shook a bit, but it was from being levitated off the ground. Kyo and Yuri took a step back, glaring at Kazutrias captor. Talas came back into the room, wiping blood off his hands and pulling off his shirt, using it as a rag. "Wow, not only is he really heavy, but he bleeds a lot too&" Talas chuckled, wiping blood off of his face and hands with the already tainted cloth. Yuri's eyes widened. "You didn't...kill...A...Ab-"

"Killed? No...I kicked'm. He punched me...Wasn't very nice so I just got'm back. So after he hit me, I just went with the adrenalin; I guess I was too fast for him to react quickly enough." Talas scratched his head chuckling. Both Yuri and Kyo let out a sigh of relief though soon focused on the brawl in front of them.

"So...Where's the jewel..." Sven demanded again, this time almost touching Kiyoshi who was still looking at the floor at a diagonal angle. Sven grabbed his chin, pulling Kiyoshis chin down so he would meet his eyes. Kiyoshi glanced down at him, but looked away. Sven was noticeably smaller than Kiyoshi, but no more than a couple inches or so. Yuri crept next to the sunroom, pushing the door open to see Sven holding Kiyoshi's face, and Kiyoshi looking away. He covered his mouth, trying to not make a sound.

"Kiyoshi...I know you have it...Kazutria doesn't...and as far as I're the only pathetic Wells-Cleaver left of your family..." Sven grinned, slightly brushing his body up against Kiyoshis. "Your family...nice people...but they were very ignorant and oblivious to the rest of the society among them. You know this; and I pity you honestly...You don't have anyone to fall back on."

"Neither do you, so don't go on about feeling pitiful for me. You're stooping this low and hurting people to get your way. You're just a spoiled brat, getting everything you desire. I pity you." Kiyoshi sneered. Sven smiled, moving his hand from beneath Kiyoshis chin and grabbing a good chunk of hair on the top of Kiyoshi's head, pulling him down to the ground. Kiyoshi winced in pain, now on his knees. Yuri's eyes widened, as he tried to creep more into the room without being detected by the three intruders. The moons beam reflected down from the window on the ceiling to the ground where the two stood; their silhouettes merging into one. Sven stood straight up, grinning. He pulled off his hood and looked down at Kiyoshi, kneeing him in the face. Kiyoshi toppled over, groaning with pain as blood trickled from his lower lip and onto the glazed, hardwood floor. . Sven walked over to him slowly. "Where is it...You're the only Wells-Cleaver!" He ordered again, kicking him once more. Suddenly, the doors which lead outside began to creak; the knob turned and it slowly opened.

"453 Terrance Grove...Kiyoshi Wells-Cleaver...Are you in here?" A voice asked sternly. It seemed as low and cold as Kiyoshi's. There, a shadow penetrated into the room, followed by another smaller one.

"Kiyoshi...It's been a while&mind if we catch up?" another voice asked. It was softer, but very similar to the first.

"Y-You have no business here!" Sven snapped whirling his attention to the silhouettes in the doorway. His cape flailed behind him as the winters snow harshly protruded into the room.

"Hold your tongue..." The first voice snapped back. Sven backed up slightly, becoming more nervous by the second.

"Looks like little brother needs some help." The softer voice chuckled, unsheathing a large sword and leapt forward.


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