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Chapter 8 - The War Wages On

The beginning of the second novel.
I know it's much better than the first, unfortunetly. I've been spending more time on this beacuse I have more access to this copy than the first novel.
I'll fix the first one soon.

Chapter 8 - The War Wages On

Chapter 8 - The War Wages On
While jumping into the air, he hit the moons beams which shone in from the glass roof. An outline of a young man was now shown. Though it was hard to see from the light behind him, he was wearing a blue and while vest with a blue tank top and long navy blue baggy pants. He had shoulder length hair waving freely behind him his facial features and his designs on his clothes were not visible from the lack of light in the room. The other, taller man stepped into the light, showing a glimpse of himself as well. He had very long hair raven-like hair; small strands held together by baby blue beads in various places. He had light grey/bluish eyes, crystallized fragments scattered around his pupils. He was wearing a medium sized red jacket which only zipped up half way. It had black lace strung in a beautiful pattern around it and clipped together with a sterling silver buckle. Underneath that was a white frilled shirt turned out and came over the jacket a slight bit as a neckerchief. He was wearing long black pants and wearing a pendant very similar to Kiyoshi's. The smaller boy was also wearing the same pendant, though of a different color than the other two.

Sven continued to back up. "It...It can't be..." He stammered. His eyes widening as he turned to flee from the house. The smaller boy leapt in front of him, his back faced to the door where Yuri had been hiding and waving a finger in a commanding manor. "Now, now...You've done some damage. Its only fair to receive your end of the pain." He chuckled; pulling his sword up then bringing it back down, clashing his blade with Svens who tried to quickly retreat. As the smaller boy became more visible, more of his facial features had become noticed among the others. He had a blondish brown hair, though lighter than Kiyoshi's, and had the most extravagant baby blue eyes, which were as cold as ever. The younger man opened his eyes slowly, his pupils shimmering with the light from the moon which oddly enough, continued to shine through the window above, regardless of the whirling blizzard outside. He leapt forward again, relying on his speed and agility to catch Sven off guard.

"It...It can't be...Y-you died!!!" Sven stuttered "'re Sven de Beauchamp. I remember you, but I expected you to be much more cleaver and witty than you seem..." The taller man chuckled, walking closer to Kiyoshi and kneeling down next to him, "You doing alright there pal?" he asked, gently picking the motionless body off the floor, and propping him against his knee. Kiyoshi pulled away. "I don't know you...what are you doing here?" He replied harshly, trying to pick himself up and move away. The taller man laughed softly, turning his attention to his comrade who was turning on the offense again. "Kiyoshi don't worry about it...everything will be alright."

"Yeah Kiyoshi, we've finally found you. We can live together again." The other boy chuckled, but soon a grunt of struggle was heard as he continued his brawl with Sven. Sven finally managed to worm out of his attacks and fled to the door. He whistled loudly and bolted out, his cape flailing behind him and cloaking his body in the process. Talas ran for the door and Hojo dropped Kazutria, trailing behind him. Moments after their leave, the horse drawn carriage was heard quickly speeding away. The shorter man sheathed his sword again, walking over to Kiyoshi. He stood up straight, looking down at Kiyoshi, but speaking louder than he would be next to someone as close to him as his comrades were. "You can come out now...its safe" he said aloud, referring to Yuri who was still behind the door. Yuri trembled a bit, but finally managed to pull himself together and get out there. Kiyoshi pulled his arm away from the stranger.

"Kiyoshi take it easy, we're here to aid you." The younger man said trying to convince him that everything was going to be aright as he continued to hover over him. Kiyoshi pushed away, trying to escape the clutch of his two rescuers. Kazutria picked himself off the floor, rubbing his rear from being previously dropped. He inched carefully into the still dimmed room, walking the same distance as Yuri had and stopping at least thirty feet from the scene. Kyo joined Kaz moments later, clutching onto the other males arm nervously, and his dainty hand trembling noticeably on Kazutrias bare skin. Kaz inhaled deeply, moving his slender hand onto Kyos trying to remain strong as he watched the two new intruders hover over Kiyoshi.

I dont even know who you are, so how do I know I can trust you? Kiyoshi snapped, pushing himself up off of the taller mans thigh and unsheathing his sword in a swift pull, having it make a loud slash-like sound. He pointed it in their direction after retreating a couple steps backward, shifting his eyes from the two figures before him. His blade shimmered with the moons soft gleam as he tilted the sharp end towards the two. The intruders facial appearances and details of their clothes were hidden in the shadows yet again as one of them chuckled, taking a step forward and drawing a blade of his own from the depths of his coat which he carelessly tore off, holding it over the ground. I see you still have that spunk& The softer voice spoke up. A slight grin curled on his lips as a chuckle followed. He was the owner of the blade being pointed in Kiyoshis direction. I like that about you Kiyoshi&That hard-core manner of yours gives you that&Well&That striking yet inexplicable, serene presence. He continued to speak, taking one final step and raising his blade even now at his chest height, dropping his cloak to the floor.

Now tell me...Is your cold, icy approach to others as intriguing as your swordsmanship? Or has your noteworthy talent diminished! The younger man laughed aloud, traveling at an amazing speed towards Kiyoshi who, being extremely caught off-guard, raised his blade in defense and squeezed his eyes closed for a brief moment. The sound of the two blades clashing together had Kazutria, Kyo and Yuri jump with fear from the loud explosion of sound which screamed throughout the room like an angry siren. Kiyoshi re-opened his eyes, seeing the younger man for a second before he vanished back into the shadow, giving Kiyoshi the opportunity to clasp a firm hold onto the hilt of his sword. He clenched his knuckles onto the leathery surface, listening for any sounds emitted from the other.

Sparks flew from a blade which was dragged against the marble surface near one of the three exits of the room. The sound was deafening, enough to shatter ones window and eardrums if exposed to the noise for a vast amount of time. The three allies held their ears, unable to withstand the unbearable scream of the sword screeching against the floor. The taller man continued to watch, his face becoming more visible as the moon had reached a certain, diagonal angle. More and more glimpses of the strangers face was slowly being revealed to the three bystanders watching from the sidelines. The mans face was soft and neutral, much in comparison to Kiyoshis; the resemblance of the two was remarkable. The facial characteristics of this stranger emitted the icy, irate presence Kazutria had noticed in his best friends appearance. Kaz held onto his ears, opening one eye and studying the still intruder as the battle waged on. Kiyoshi turned his concentration to the back door where the two had entered, seeing small sparks fly from the marble.

Clutching his hilt even harder he too leapt forward after become aware of the sparks disappearing little by little. He met blades with the younger man, striving for the offence, but meeting the other in the same position as he was. It was a stalemate; both dexterities were equally matched; enough so that nobody was in a limited situation. Kiyoshi continued to strike down on the others blade as much as the other beat down on his own. The younger man took one step backward, flipping over as Kiyoshi swung his blade once more, only to meet nothing with his blade. Confused, Kiyoshi looked around and then, without warning, his blade, which had been raised at about a seventy-five degree angle before him snapped, dead center.


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