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Chapter 2 - Hunters Meet the Hunted

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 2 - Hunters Meet the Hunted

Chapter 2 - Hunters Meet the Hunted

Authors note: Thanks for all the reviews I got way more than I expected! This chapter may be slow but the next will start off the battles! Yay! Trust me Danny is gana have a day! Now to give thanks!

Phantomdragoness: Thank You!

linkmaste: Thank You to! And I guess I will!

Long lost sorrow: Kay. I will thanks!

danny phantom misfiet: Please put the knife down! What good would it do?

Light Dragon Sunsong: Well they are gana use ghost stuff and if they catch him off guard... Plus I am shore Raven has a few tricks up her sleeve fore ghost!

dArkliTe-sPirit: ??? Thanks.

purrbaby101: Thanks and that's helpful!!!

If you don't know some of these people are from other places....

Disclaimer: I don't own any thing to do with DP or TT.

Surviving The Titans!!!

Chapter 2: The hunters meat the hunted

Starfire scram as she was covered in a glowing green goop. “Got `um! Grab the thermoses Maddie!”

“Jack Fenton! What are you doing?!” A woman shouted.

“Dad!” A girls voice was heard. “Those aren't ghost! They're are guest!”

The mans triumphant face fail and he looked disappointed. “Reilly...?

“Yes!” Suddenly the bulk of the man was pushed aside and a young girl of 16 came into view. She wore a long sleeved black shirt and plane blue jeans. Her waist long red hair was held back by a blue head band. She smiled warmly at the Teens. “Sorry about the confusion. Please come in!”

Hearts filled Beast Boys eyes. “Hi, I'm Beast Boy!” He greeted as every one made there way in and she shut the doer behind them.

“I'm Jasmine - Jazz for short.”

“Jasmine...” Beast Boy said in a trance.

“We're the Teen Titans. Your Mayor said you have a problem?”

“Yes.” A woman in a blue-green hazmat soot sporting large red goggles said. Starfire still covered in goop yelped and leaped behind Robin in surprise.

Jazz handed Starfire a towl who thanked her and began rubing off all the goop. “That stuff on Star isn't dangerous is it?” Cyborg asked.

“Well nothing strange yet has happened because of it.” Jazz said unsure. Then repeated. “Yet...”

Cyborg gave her a confused look then turned to Mr. and Mrs. Fenton. “So exactly what is the problem?” He asked.

“Didn't the mayor tell you?”

“Yes...” Robin said. “But it is kind of hard to believe.”

“Not for me.” Raven mumbled.

“It is for me!” Cyborg blurted. “I mean we've fought goop monsters, TV freaks, that weird British dude- but not ghost!”

“Well wear gana train ya!” Jack smiled happily. “But first introductions! I'm Jack! This is Maddie my wife!” He pulled Maddie closer to him. “You've met Jazz our daughter... and then there's... wait. Where's Danny?”

“Danny!?” Maddie called. “Come meet our guest!” No one answered. “Were is that boy?”

“Uh... with Sam and Tuck!” Jazz said almost in a panic.

Suddenly the front doer flew open and then a 14 year old boy slammed it shut as soon as he was in. He has his hands on the doer as if trying to holed it shut or even up. His jet black hair was a mess and as he finely relaxed and turned around he froze. “Uh...” His big blue eyes scanned the crowded room.

“Danny Fenton!” Maddie shouted sternly. “Where have you bin?!”

“Uh... I was making up a test for Lancer?”

Jazz smacked her forehead while every one ells gave him quizzical looks. “I hurried home so...” his eyes scanned the room. “So...

“So he could meat our guest.” Jazz said calmly placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Exactly!” He nearly shouted and then whispered to Jazz “Thanks...”

Jazz just smiled. “And look! You're just in time fore introductions!”

“Oooh! I'm Starfire!”

“I'm Cyborg.”


“Raven.” Then she paused looking at the boy there was something odd about him but she couldn't place it. “The one staring blankly at your sister is Beast Boy...”

The boy nodded. “I guess that leaves me. I'm Danny.”

Robin gave his attention back to the two ghost hunters. “So the one you think is behind all this is...” He trailed off.

“Inviso-Bill.” Maddie said.

“He's a minus.” Jack scold.

Beast Boy couldn't help but see the boy, Danny flinch at these words. “I don't know dad. I think he's a good guy.” Danny gave his sister an odd look Beast Boy couldn't decipher.

“What do you mean?” Beast Boy asked with out taking his eyes off Danny.

“Well yes... I guess your entitled to you own opinion but I agree with your father in this aria.” Both Jazz and Danny flinched at this.

“Well its getting late... Tomorrow well start training you with the weapons and tracking equipment. Jazz and Danny will help.”

“Grate...” Danny groaned.

“Danny show the boys to your room. They'll be sharing your room with you. Jazz-”

“I know.” Jazz rolled her eyes. “The girls.”

“But...” Robin started.

“We'll answer more questions tomorrow. Go have fun kids!” She said and disappeared down the basement with her husband.

“Now that was just odd.” Cyborg said.

Jazz took the girls up stairs and Danny decided to fallow suet. The tree Titans following him couldn't help know test Danny kept glancing back nervously at them. “Dude? Are you okay?” Beast Boys voice pierced the silence.

Danny jumped. “Ya! I'm fine! Why shouldn't I be?”

“I dono,” Cyborg said. “Its just you seam a little-”

“Jumpy.” Beast Boy finished.

“Jumpy? Me? No. I'm not jumpy. I'm just... anxious.”

“Why?” Beast Boy asked.

“No reason.” Danny glanced back nervously at them.

“Is it because of us?” Robin asked.


“Then what?”

“Why do you care? I barely even know your names!”

The trio was a bit taken back by this out burst and continued following up silently. That is until Danny abruptly stopped causing them to collide with each other. Danny didn't budge but just shivered slightly.


Danny couldn't believe it! First he friends the Titans are hunting him and staying at his house to boot and now they were about to brake him when his ghost since goes off! “Dude? Are you okay?” The little green kid asked for the second time.

“I'm fine.” Danny replied sternly and continued up the stairs quickly. “Here's my room! Like it? Good! Get settled, I'll be right back!”

Danny shut the doer went ghost and prayed they'd stay in his room.


“That was odd too!” Cyborg said. Staring at the closed doer Robin raced out.

“Come on! Lets see what's up!”



Well there's Ch 2 just like you asked! I know that some might not like the hole BB and Jazz thing because of Tara but its not going to go any where so don't bomb me! (hides under desk) Thanks again for the reviews! Thought the treating ones were a bit scary.... of cores I know there empty because if you kill me no more story! :P Plus you don't know where I live... I hope... O.O Any way. I have a few ideas for the next chapters but I am worried about the battle seems. I rely would love suggestions and I'm sorry this Ch didn't move the story very far but the next should though! Yay! Were reaching the conflict!


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