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Chapter 3 - The Ghost Boy Shows

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 3 - The Ghost Boy Shows

Chapter 3 - The Ghost Boy Shows

Authors notes: Wow! I was thrilled at all the reviews I have gotten! I mean I never expected it and I hope I don't disappoint. Please bear with me and I promise I will do my best to make this the best to my abilities!

Disclaimer: I no own any thing here! Okay? Kay...

Chapter 3: The ghost boy shows

“Hay! Where'd he go?” Cyborg asked shocked.

“Robin? Do ya think he's the Flash?” Beast Boy asked.

Robin didn't answer he hadn't the chance. His communicator (or that little yellow radio thing) started beeping. “Mayor?” He answered.

“Titans!” A frantic voice replied. “ Inviso-Bill has bin spotted.”


There was a pause on the other end. “The latest report said he was in the park.”

“Were on it! Raven, Star! Let's go!”


Danny had bin having a harder time than he had expected with this ghost. It went far info to drag him out into the park. This ghost - frustrating info, reminded him of Bertrand - it was a formless and transparent green ghost with glowing red eyes. It had yet to speak or morph but it was powerful. It had proven that info; Danny even had a few broses as proof. Danny scowled, firing an ecto blast at the blob. Making a gap in its sinter the ghost allowed the blast to pass him by harmlessly. It gored with an inhuman laughter. “All right smart guy! That's it!” Danny roared.

The ghost growled at him as he soared like a bullet toured it. It shot a double ray with its eyes and struck Danny sending him flying backwards. Unconsciously he fazed through several trees, but knowing that he had to stop he became solidified and tried to come to a stop in the are. Instead he ended up colliding with a maple tree. As green needles showered down on him as the tree shuttered from the impact he returned to his fighting stance. Anger and rage ran through him and his eyes blazed rising to the air he shot out to where he last seen the green mass. “Were are you?!” No sine of the ghost and his ghost since did not go off. He clinched his fist in anger. “Gone!” He turned preparing to head home when movement caught his eye. Something was soaring toured him. He stuck his hand out to catch it. Before it hit his hand he noticed it was some sort of disc and to his surprise it exploded as it made contact with his hand. “Oww!” He exclaimed only to see more of the strange objects headed his way. He soared up and out of their range. Then two lights of green flickered to life off to his side, oddly they reminded him of the ecto ray he could fire from his palm. Out of instanced more than anything else he dogged the blast.

In doing so he was hit in the spine of his back by something soled. It didn't burn or even hurt so he guest it was something that couldn't heart ghost. It even sated with him fore a second before taking its leave, so he was left confused. Then a green eagle sailed by him and he wounded if that's what had hit him, but he had little time to dwell as more disk, green lights, and now a new blue energy cascaded toured him. Panic froze him and his reactions became to slow. All the assaults hit their mark. He felt himself fall through the air. `What is going on?!'


“Got `em!” Beast Boy cheered as the glowing form of the ghost boy known as Inviso-Bill plummeted to the ground. A pile of dust rose where he landed and Beast Boy joined his friends returning to his human forum as he landed. Robin was across from him. Suddenly a figure rose from the dust; two bright green orbs pierced the dust and night. Inviso-Bill was the figure and he rose with out a scratch his hands glowing an eerie green. “Told you-” Raven started but Robin cut her off.

“Titans! Go!”

Inviso-Bill turned toured Robin eyes no longer glowing wildly. His determined face was now replaced with that of fear. His hands shot up in defiance as Robin jump kicked him. Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy gasped as Robin fell through him. Robin spun around dragging his hand on the ground to slow himself to a stop. Cyborg fired his at him the blue beam passing through him with no harm. Raven and Starfire stood watching as the three attacked uselessly trying to hit the ghost to no avail.

“Enough!” Raven shouted. It all stopped at her command, causing every one to stare confused at her.


His eye twitched, Danny was getting bored as well as annoyed as the Titans kept soaring through him with useless attacks. The disk witch he found Robin owned also went through him. He guest that the reason that it hit him the first time was because he had wanted to catch it. `Well? What knocked me down than?' he wondered.

Suddenly there was a cry that caused his hart to jolt and the three insanely attacking him to stop. He turned shocked toured Raven. Enough! She had yelled. Her eyes were glowing white and he since something strange about her. He heard her mumble something he didn't quite hear or understand. A large black wall rose around him encircling him. He fired a blast at it tearing a small hole through the darkness only to have it seal itself up almost immediately. He panicked as it fell on him forming a bubble around him. Escape seamed impossible, he was unable to faze through the mass. Was there any way out?


The Titans watched as Inviso-Bill bounced around in Ravens trap like a ping pong ball franticly trying to escape. Finely he stopped and looked at the five teens. “Let me out. Please.” He begged.

They looked at each other but didn't move toured letting him out. Beast Boy stared all he saw was a Wight out line of the ghost as you would see any thing through Ravens power but something about him was familiar. He stepped closer to him then the ball of black magic erupted into a white light. A green light erupted from the bottom so bright they shielded their eyes fore a moment. When the ball of black returned to normal it was empty.

“No.” Robin breath. “What now?”

“We what till he shows again...” Raven said bluntly.



Okay chapter 3 is finished! I have had a hard time trying to keep all the characters in character and involved in the story any suggestions - I reminded you - are welcomed. ( I kinda watched the Amityville hoer as I typed this [shutter] I think I might have nightmares.) I am having fun with this one but fore those of you who are wondering I haven't forgotten about my other stories I am just having trouble getting them to make since.... If there is any thing you think I should put in or remove from the story let me know. Oh and Sam and Tucker will be in the future chapters if your wondering. When it gets more in to the not exactly plotted yet plot I will enter some main villains from both shows but since I am more familiar with Danny Phantom his villains may be more accurate than the Teen Titans villains. Plus I am not exactly shore what I'm gana do in the next chapter... so it may or... may not be a wile till I update again.

I rely don't mine that I spell gana wrong because this way is easy and gana isn't rely even a word but thanks to those who pointed it out I would have never known! :D Also I know about the spelling, the problem is I don't know witch words I mess up on I will be asking my sister if she will help me with it and I will try harder to fix it. Sis has bin busy though so she didn't check this one and I want to get to the next ch so I am not going to weight any longer! Don't be surprised if this also delays updating but I am only trying my best and if things don't improve let me know. I will fiend another way to get this verb and homophone thing fixed. If only - If only I could spell...! If only! If only! I know I'm lame... but you must like something or you wouldn't be reading this... so pretty please read and review!


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Kratosgirl14that was AWESOME more! XD

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