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Chapter 8 - TV Part1

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 8 - TV Part1

Chapter 8 - TV Part1

Okay so we all know I'm not the best at updating. But I have very good reasons why.... and some not so. First School... yeah old excuse but unavoidable. Second. Fires.... I nearly had a hart attack but I'm not going to bore you with those details... and lastly of the majors... I'm the biggest procrastinator in existence... but any who I'm not going to lose in finishing this story! so here's the next chapter!

I found some one willing to check my wrighting when there done I'll reput this ch up...

Disclaimer: I do not own the Titans or Danny Phantom or any related characters....

Surviving the Titans!!!

Chapter 8: A quick TV visit. Part 1

“Hello?” Danny called. He come home to an empty house but the lights were on and the TV too. “Where is everybody?” He wondered aloud.

He looked at the TV. “That's odd...”

As he made this statement Raven walked in. “Danny? Where is everyone?”

Danny shrugged. “I'm not sure... I can't find any one. Maybe they went out....”

“No. Robin wanted me here.” Ravens eyes went wide when she saw the TV. “Oh grate!”

“What?” Danny turned around and gaped at the screen where he saw Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg chasing a fat man with long balding red hair. The channel changed showing Tucker being chased by a giant toy t-rex. “Tucker?”

“Danny stay away from the TV.” Raven ordered as she walked up to it, causing a vortex to appear and suck her in.

Danny blinked. “Okay...” he shook his head as he went ghost. “and you people didn't believe in ghost?” He didn't hesitate as he flew into the TV.


“Doctor? Is every thing ready?”

“Yes, ready the table for the subject.”

Danny appeared in some old black and with TV show, he looked on confused a moment at the unconvincing lab equipment then watched transfixed a moment as a man pulled a dog out of a box. He watched for only a few more as the dog was laid on a table and the man brought out a nettle. Danny couldn't stand it and the danger music was playing. “Hey!” He called as he shot the man with a ghost ray freeing the dog, which ran to his side.

“Who are you? Why do you interfere with my experiments?”


“Agh!” Tucker ran as fast as he could to escape the giant T-rex. “Man I never did like the stone ages!” He cried as he jumped into a cave, the monstrous lizard passing him by. He took a berth looking around him. “Oh no... Aaaaaaaa!” Tucker trembled into a corner of the cave as a cave man advanced on him. Then he screamed as he was handed a chisel. But then there was a zap and he found himself in surgeons cloths. “Welcome to `Its a chilled!'” An announcer said.


“Today this highly praised doctor will help this woman in labor give birth to her child!”



Jack looked around suspiciously as he found him self in a cowboy outfit standing next to his wife in a really goofy dress. “Maddie.... where are we?”

“I have no idea... but these people obviously see us as... intruders....” She said as the nose of a gun was put to her face.

“What are you doin' on my property?” an old man with a gray beard asked. “I don't need no trouble.””

“We mean no harm... we're just..... visiting and we kinda got lost....”

“Holed it Maddie!” Jack said. “I know how to handle these types!”

“Jack, hunny, I don't think-

“No, no I've got it all under control. Now see here slim.”

“Slim?” The old man said. “Who you callin' slim? You yellow bellied-


“Whoa! No way....” Beast Boy looked around, “This is that one new movie about that old car show!”

“The whatty what what?” Cyborge asked.

Never mined that!” Robin snapped. “There's Control Freak! Come on! We have to get that remote!”


Star was way a head of them nearly catching the fat man when he hit a button and the Titans were spread across the TV world. As Robin was throne he caught the man sing one sentence. “What till you meat my partner!”

Robin landed hard. “Partner? Since when did he ever- oh whoop...” Robin said as he fond himself in a shark cage. “I hat Television....”


“Names Danny, and no way I'm gonna let you experiment on living animals TV or not.” Danny growled at the man before him.

“Well then... I have no chose...” The man said with false sadness as he pulled up his glove. “Grab him! Danny.” the man said as a net fell on top of Danny. “Your now my new experiment.”

“Sorry!” Danny said as he faze out of it.

“What are you?”

Danny looked at his gloved hands. “Well at least my powers still work... that's good.” Then after glancing at the dog he glared at the man. “Lets just say I'm a result of an experiment.” Well it was slightly true..... Danny jumped for the box of animals only to get a face full of mud as the channel change and he heard a roaring sound so close it made his stomach turn.


Sam stood in the middle of a ring confused as a loud crowd cheered. Standing a few feet from her was a muscled down man in colorful tights. “Oh...” Sam said blinking then she smiled cracking her knuckles. “This is gonna be fun...”


“Cool!” Beast Boy said his eyes shining. “I love television!” He grabbed a near by bike and hopped on. “Look out world hear comes Beast Boy! Wahoo!” He sped off down a road excitedly.


Cyborg and Starfire landed in a poodle of water. “Um...” Star stood. “Where are we now?”

“What are you sheep doing out and about?” A demand looking man asked as he through a net over them.

“Sheep? Do I look like a sheep to you?” Cyborge asked.


“We have a family in need of some food you two would do them nicely...”

“Say what?” Cyborge yelled. “What kinda whacked show is this?!”


Ravens eye twitched of all the places she could have ended up it had to be here.... “I love you! You love me! The dinosaur sang.

With out a second thought or a twinge of gilt Raven zapped him, hard. Then she ran for a door. “That wasn't very nice.” A yellow dinosaur intercepted her.

“Don't care.” She shoved the thing aside and jumped thought the door getting a different channel and a face full of mud as a monster truck raced by. Her face twitched with agitation. Then she saw a framillur black and weight figure in the middle of the arena. “Phantom?” She wiped her face and set out to get to him without becoming road kill.

When she was nearly there she felt something hit her back and she fell in the path of one of the trucks wheals to shocked to move.


“Okay!” Jazz scrammed half out of breath as she ran. “This is not funny!” Chasing close behind her was an army of mummies.

A jeep pulled up and a man opened the door. “Come on! Hurry!” He called. Jazz didn't hesitate as she jumped into the vehicle that sped off as soon as she was bored. “That was close!” the man commented.

“What in heck is going on?”


Freak Show laughed manically. “This is hilarious! I have the upper hand here!” He smiled. “Now to start Phantoms real fun!”



Okay... part one of 3 of the visit to the TV hope your not disappointed... Oh and thanks for sticking around! Thanks for reading! Please review!


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darkXchild on April 3, 2006, 8:43:38 AM

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darkXchildmake more! I beg of you!

darkblaze06 on April 2, 2006, 2:34:45 PM

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darkblaze06Wow! This is one wacky chapter, but in a good way! I can't wait for Chapter 9! ^_^

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CoolstraThis is getting better and better! Update soon!
I'm on now!

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RamukI love this chapter! Its really funny XD Keep up the good work. And now comes the time when I beg you to make more XD!!!

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Froze8So cool! Must read more!

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