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Chapter 10 - Take Down

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 10 - Take Down

Chapter 10 - Take Down

Will I ever learn? Well here it is, and it is fast, I just want to get this part over with and get to the part that dills with the real plot!

Disclaimer: No I don't own Danny Phantom, any related characters, or the Teen Titans, any related characters...

Surviving the Titans!!!

Chapter 11: Take Down

ControlFreak stood rubbing his jaw, after that kick. “How the heck did you get here?” He growled.

“Easy!” Tucker boosted, “Once I knew what was going on.”

Cyborge, Star, and Beast Boy walked up behind the two. “All he had to do was hook up to this frequency thing with his PDA.” Cyborge said. “It wasn't long-

“Before we were all brought here.” Raven finished as she and Sam walked up the gray dog at there hills.

They looked around, it was nothing, it seamed. They were in an endless black, screens looming around them.

“How come your still on the monitors though?” Freak show asked.

Because, we fixed them so that they just plaid over and over.” Phantom said appearing behind the two freaks.

“Phantom.” FreakShow said, an evident distain in his voice. “I knew you were here, but when did you meat them?”

“Doesn't matter!” Robin jumped in. “Now give us the message and end this game! NOW!”


moments earlier...

Raven! Sam!

Danny walked alone in the empty city, `where am I?' he wondered, `where is every one?'

He looked across the street and saw some one walking, but they were limping. Hey! Danny called, Hey! Who are you, where is every one?

The figure stopped and kind of looked sideways at him and Danny suddenly realized something was wrong... dead wrong.


“Why are you working with a slob like ControlFreak?” Raven asked the ring master.

“Why indeed...” FreakShow said under his breath. “Ha! Ha! Because, the one who bailed me out, and sent me these peaces orderd me to, less I go back to jail, and because the orb didn't work in the real world, here it works better than ever... in the real world it could barely holed the weakest of ghost!”

“So now we get to play a game!” ControlFeak said with evil joy. “To get the message you have to catch us, but can you?” He laughed pressing a button and every monster ever aired on TV appeared. (And to Sam's and Raven's horror, Barney and the TellyTubys...)

“Especial when your so called friend is on our side?” FeakShow asked.


The man he was looking at was... decomposing, and he was looking at Danny like Tucker looks at an all you can eat stake buffet... Crud...


“Is this the end of our heroes?” ControlFreak mocked. “Will they discover the ones behind this stupid plot?”

Robin growled. Jumping toured the freaks only to be stopped by Phantom. “Move!”

Danny smiled sadistically and shot an ecto-ray at the boy wonder.

“Robin! He's under there control!” Raven barked.

“Do your job and destroy that orb!” Sam growled.

Robin stifled his pried and hollered. “Beast Boy! Take care of the distractions! Cy, come with me, Raven and Star, take care of Phantom!”

Beast Boy walked up to a particularly nasty looking monster, “So...” He said. “You new around here?”


Robin jumped spinning with Cyborge thought the air, landing both feet in the middle of ContlolFreaks chest, and throwing a bird-erang that knocked the orb out of FreakShows hands. “You dolt!” FreakShow yelled as the orb flew through the air landing in Beast Boys hands...


Meanwhile, Raven soared up and incased Danny in another black bubble, trying to buy Robin some time, and come up with a plan, but Danny broke out of it just like last time, “Don't you have any new tricks?” He sneered.
“Actually!” Starfire came up from behind him, “She dose!” She fired a ray at him and it connected and Danny fell through the air landing painfully on the nonexistent floor. Sam who had been watching gaped. “You can hurt him!” She yelled,

“So I can!” Starfire quickly broke out her battle tactics hitting Danny with shot after shot.

“No!” Sam yelled running over, in the way of Starfires shots. “Your killing him!”

“From my understanding... he's already dead...” Starfire said confused.

At this point Danny crawled to his knees breathing hard and just as the orb made contact with Beast Boy....

Raven nearly fell out of the air as Danny Phantom began to dance! “Oh... My.... God...”

“OH!” Starfire said happily, “That is a wondrous dance! What is it called?”

“Its called publicly humiliating!” Sam said and actually tackled Beast Boy to get the orb from him.


Cyborg had his cyber cannon amid at FreakShows head, and Robin was busy having a tug-a-war battle with ControlFreak. “Let go!” The fat man yelled.

“You first!” Robin retorted.

“Can we hurry this up?” Cyborg asked. “The aliens from “Aliens” are getting restless!”

Suddenly the remote was flying through the air free and they gaped at it as it landed a good 100 yards from any hand. “Now look what you did!” ControlFreak wined.


The orb rolled out of Beast Boys hands and Tucker picked it up an evil grin falling on his face. “Okay, now I have the control!” He laughed.
Sam looked up at him like he was insane, “What?”

“Danny!” Tucker said happily. “Kiss Sam!”
“What!” Sam growled ripping it form his hands and throwing it on the ground causing it to shatter into a million peaces. But the damage was done and when Sam looked up her lips met Danny's...

“Sam...” He said as the natural green fell into his eyes, “TUCKER!”

The techno geek laughed nervously. “What?”


Thunder filled the skies and Tucker cringed as he made an error. Whoops...

What do you mean `whoops' ? Robin asked a bit irritated.
Well I was trying to get Star, BB and Cy, but ....


I didn't really get any of them... Thunder echoed over the desalt land. Man the Matrixe's real world is creepy!

Stop beating the bosh Tuck!

Well, I didn't even get Star or BB, but I accidentally sent Cy to a seminar... or what ever its called... those Christian channels?


Cy clapped his hands yelling over the crowd. Aw man! That's right! Halleluiah!


Robins eye twitched...


Just as he was about to tackle his friend a blast hit Danny in the side and he fell, “Ha! Ha! That worked perfectly!” FreakShow laughed, firing a strange canon like weapon again. Sam scram as Danny fell, unable to evade the strange blast.

Beast Boy came to the rescue though, running in from the side ramming the Goth freak across the empty expanse. “Take that!”

Sam and Tucker gasped as the smoke cleared and there friend lay motionless on the grown only to gasp again when a blue ring formed around Danny's chest and slowly began to move apart.


Sam landed in a pile of mud before Tucker and Robins feet only to have a sorceries and a dog fall on top of her.
Got them! Tucker cheered, Now for the rest!

5 seconds later and Starfire and Beast Boy were standing with them, Where is Cyborg? Starfire asked.

Well, techno glitch her sent him some where else. Robin growled.
Sorry! Tucker seethed, Let me see you do better!


Robin ran, and since he was racing an out of shape couch potato he won, and smashed his boot down hard on the TV remote, he looked up and gaped seeing Danny Phantom slowly changing, when the vortex ripped them all into the real world....


Last but not least... Tucker said, Danny!

Why him? Raven asked, He's only going to get in our way in his currant sate...

He's a lot more help than any one gives him credit for! Sam growled.
Nock it off! Cy said,

Tucker hit a button and Danny appeared in a flash cowering, Don't eat me!

The group laughed.

I wouldn't think of it. Sam smirked.


Okay, so when Danny danced... you know it has to be bad if Star likes it! Well I don't know what to say... but its all Casper's fault! He never tolled me I'd have so may blocks in my righting!

Oh and yeah... there was a little D&S....


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