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Chapter 4 - ThunderClan takes action against the Infected

This is Warriors in a kinda funny/awkward/weird way! lol! XD Cats that are dead are also in it!

Chapter 4 - ThunderClan takes action against the Infected

Chapter 4 - ThunderClan takes action against the Infected
*Bluestar peaks in camp entrance*

Whitestorm- Are the zombies gone?

Bluestar- It appears so.

*All cats quietly stalk into camp*

Fireheart- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WE ARE ALL DOOMED!! *squirms and rolls around on the ground*

Runningwind- -__- yeah, and hedgehogs fly

Dustpelt- He could be right!

Tigerclaw- He is a kittypet with no brain, why would you believe him?

Dustpelt- But didn't you see Tawnykit?

Tigerclaw- omg, yeah, a little baby kit will rule the world along with her two pitiful minions! I'm SURE! -__-

Bluestar- That's ENOUGH! Tigerclaw, Whitestorm, and Mousefur, in my den now, we have matters to discuss about the infected zombies and building a refuge camp!

-later, in Bluestar's den-

Bluestar- Right, so we have it all figured out, Tigerclaw, you'll be in charge of getting the Rocket launchers, Snipers, etc! Whitestorm, you'll build up the refuge camp with the other Warriors and Mousefur, you spread the lies we made up to hopefully but probably not comfort our clan about the Infected!


Whitestorm- O_O Yeah I'll go get several warriors for the refuge camp.

Tigerclaw- Oh, I'll take Darkstripe and Dustpelt with me to get the ROCKET LAUNCHERS!!!! >:]

-Tigerclaw, Whitestorm, and Mousefur slip out of the den and head to there work-

Mousefur- Hey Willowpelt, did you know the infected will stop at nothing to take over the world? :D

Meanwhile things wern't going too well with Whitestorm either........

Whitestorm- Brightpaw, Goldenflower, Speckletail, Swiftpaw, and Cloudpaw come will me to build out refuge camp!!

All cats- What? O_o

Whitestorm- I'll explain later, just hurry up the zombies could be here at any minute!



Whitestorm- -__- Oh StarClan, why.
And as we join Tigerclaw we can see he is very exited about going to get some guns.....

Tigerclaw- This is SOOO exiting!!! I'm gonna get a sniper, a rocket launcher, ooh a Flame thrower, an M16, a pistol.........

Darkstripe- blah blah blah blah

Dustpelt- *rolls eyes at Tigerclaw*
Lets see how Tawnykit's rein of terror is going....

--just after they have infected Blackfoot, the lookout--

Tawnykit- Okay Blackfoot we need some more catnip, where can we get it?

Blackfoot- It be tis' way, master. *leads them too a HUGE field of catnip only a few yards away*


-once all their jaws were full of catnip they headed to ShadowClan camp-

Nightstar- Greetings Tawnykit, I see you brought your mother...and father?! What did I tell you, you filthy bundle of fox dung?!

Tawnykit- I would not talk to me like that if I were you. *eyes turn red again*

Nightstar- Pfhh, yeah, what can you do about it?!....Hey what's wrong with your eyes?

Tawnykit- Get him now, my comrades!

Nightstar- Wh--

*Blackfoot pounces on Nightstar and shovels cat nip down his throat*

Nighstar- *Cough, cough, choke, choke, gag*

Tawnykit- Come, my rein is near!

Cedarheart- What do you think your doing with Nightstar, Mouse brain?! *Leaps at Blackfoot and bowls him off of Nightstar*

Brindleface- It's too late, he is already Infected, and you will be too! *evil smile*

Longtail- *leaps at Cedarheart but Cedarheart dodges only to fall into the paws of Brindleface*

*Nightstar sits up, his face expressionless*

Tawnykit- As long as we have Nightstar, it will be too easy to infect his clan! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA!


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stealthpaw on July 20, 2009, 12:30:58 AM

stealthpaw on
stealthpawomg!!!!!!! keep writing this is getting epic!!!!

icestorm on July 20, 2009, 3:13:57 AM

icestorm on
icestormThanks! I will! :D