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Chapter 1 - Memories

The KH story with a twist, taking place from the Organizations point of view, but also Kairi's, and and OC.

Chapter 1 - Memories

Chapter 1 - Memories
Kairi sat watching the sun slip down the horizon on the deserted beach. She remembered when Sora was here, and Riku too. They used to sit on the island where Tidus practiced and talked between themselves about exploring to other worlds. Now, they were both gone, and she was left to dream about meeting them again. A dark, blue - violet sky replaced that of a ruby red one of a few minutes ago. The shadowed palm trees swayed in the slight breeze of the summer night as she walked towards the secret place. Kairi pushed aside the leafy vines and ambled down the dirt hallway, running her fingers along the cool earthy sides as she did so. Memories swept over her as she entered the cavern; only a month ago had she arrived back on her island as Sora drifted away into the darkness. She remembered his promise to her,“ I will always be with you”, as they were parted, Kairi on her island, Sora…. where? She had been determined to learn that ever since.

As she stood in the center of the cave and turned, her eyes scanned all of the etched rock drawings. Only one caught her eye, the sketch that was there when Kairi and her friends’ adventures started, and was there when she returned. The one that showed Sora and her sharing the paupou fruit, drawn so long ago. Her eyes blurred, and she realized several tears were dripping on the floor. She turned her gaze from the wall and wandered over to the wooden door with no handle. She kicked it with all her might, “This stupid door started it all! “ she thought angrily, “If it wasn’t for this thing, none of these things would have ever happened! I wish I had listened to Wakka and Tidus, and never even thought about leaving this island…” But her thoughts were interrupted when the door gave a low moan. She stared at it, and backed away; a door that never opened, slightly cracking open now was not a good thing, Kairi imagined. She wheeled towards the door, poised to sprint back to the safety of the sun, but instead ran straight into a person. She stepped back slightly winded; whoever it was hadn’t budged an inch. Kairi looked up at the darkly cloaked, hooded figure, eyes wide. She backed up a few more paces and stuttered, “ Go – Go away! I don’t like you! Now – now just go!” Although Kairi couldn’t see its face, the tone of its voice suggested a smirk.

“ And what exactly do you plan to do if I don’t? You never stood up for Sora when he was in danger. The most you could do was kick a door and hope he would come back. Look at yourself, covered in tears, wallowing in your own grief while Sora is fighting to the limits of his heart, searching for the door that will enable him to come back to you. I bet you haven’t even looked for any trace of where he’d gone. I have been watching you…. You come here everyday and stare at those useless scribbles – “

“ They’re not scribbles!” Kairi shouted, feeling tears prick the corners of her eyes once again. “ They happen to be nothing you know about, and I think you should just shut up about Sora. You don’t know anything about him, creep!”

“ – Instead of trying to open that door.” The dark figure appeared to have not noticed her outburst. “Have you even given a thought about was lies behind that thin layer of wood?”

“ Well, I have actually, for your information!” Kairi stated matter–of–factly, “ I think that behind that door is the heart of this world!” The figure laughed slightly. It muttered something she couldn’t hear, but she did hear the door creak open even wider, although her back was still turned to it.

“ You can run back to your childish companions if you wish, take the cowards way out. Continue to live on old memories of the old times. That is all I would expect of you. But, if you dare to turn your face once again towards the door, you will see the road that leads to your true friends. Take care in choosing, for once you step on the path, your long avoided destiny will catch up with you.

She whirled around and saw a dirt pathway leading into the sunset. Kairi stepped forward slowly, as if to make sure this wasn’t just a dream and she hadn’t fallen asleep in the cave. But everything was real; the world didn’t disappear to her touch. Birds chirped happily in strange new trees she had never seen, tree frogs began to peep in the distance and for a moment – not even a moment – she thought she heard the laughter of her two best friends – Sora and Riku. As she ventured to walk down the trodden dirt path, she glanced behind her to see the wooden door had vanished, yet the figure’s voice echoed through her mind,“ Take care in choosing, for once you step on the path, your long avoided destiny will catch up with you….”


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