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Chapter 2 - Dream

The KH story with a twist, taking place from the Organizations point of view, but also Kairi's, and and OC.

Chapter 2 - Dream

Chapter 2 - Dream
A cold, wet…something was licking Kairi’s face. She opened her eyes and stood in alarm. A large comical looking dog was staring her straight in the eyes, almost as if it was telling her something. She was in the secret place, wait, so was all of that a dream? She must have fallen asleep. But what about the dirt path? And the birds? All of that never happened? It all seemed so real. She shot a glance at the door; maybe she still would have a chance. But no, it was jammed shut, as same as it had ever been

Now a different thought crossed her mind. The dog. She had never seen anything like it. It was an orangey-yellow color, with a green collar. And it had taken quite a liking to her as well. It was running around, barking playfully.

“So what. Maybe that was a dream,” she thought, “It just gave me all the answers to what I need to do! Well, except for the door…”

Everyday that Kairi had come into the cave, a wave of memories washed over her. She remembered the time she came back after Sora had disappeared, and she could have sworn that she saw Sora tying the hearts of their little etching of them together. But as soon as she reached out to touch him, he flashed that smile that she died for and disappeared. The weird thing was, the line that tied them together stayed there. So was Sora really here? Kairi wanted to see him, and she was willing to go on a quest as long as he did to do so. But how could a door be holding back her strength? Okay, this was it. She was going to open that door, and she was going to find Sora.

She stared at the dog that was now growling at the door, which was opening, and said, “I am sick of being the damsel in distress! I am going to find my friends, and I am going to bring them back here, and everything will be normal!”

For some reason, saying that out loud, even though she was talking to a dog, it gave her an unknown confidence that seemed to come straight from her heart. The power was overwhelming; she was ready. No more waiting. She held her breath, and stepped through the door.


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