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Chapter 4 - Too Much

The KH story with a twist, taking place from the Organizations point of view, but also Kairi's, and and OC.

Chapter 4 - Too Much

Chapter 4 - Too Much
Kairi was breathing hard. She had never felt like this. I strange feeling of confidence was cemented into her mind. She could do this. She knew she could. Xemnas was gone now, and she had the chance to study the blade in her hand. The handle had a leafy feeling to it, and the blade, which she thought at first was just serrated, was actually just metal cut to the form of palm trees.

Certain Destiny...

A voice said in her mind.

"Certain Destiny you are then!" Kairi felt even stupider talking to a keyblade, but before she could think of anything else, it vanished. "Now to get on with life. Come on dog! Let’s find out where we are!" Sure enough, the orange-yellow dog was shaking behind a bush on the border of the wood. As soon as it saw the coast was clear, and Kairi was okay, it bounded up to her and knocked her down onto the ground, slobbering all over her. Laughing, Kairi stood and headed towards the wood for the second time, with hopefully no interference. The dog trotted loyally behind her, and she talked to it among the way.

The wood was cool and lush, and the walk through only lasted about 10 minutes. There was another large wall, only this one rose to about the top of the leaves on the trees. Kairi couldn’t actually see where it ended, but that is where she guessed it did. The opening to the end of the wood was small, and she had to duck to pass through, but what was on the other side was amazing. Kairi stood with the dog by her side, and stared. Buildings towered above her. It seemed the whole place was cast by warm sunset shadows, from the burnt orange sun that was setting in the distance. A trolley ran its track around the town, stopping for passengers from time to time. Kairi took a step forward, and the dog followed.

"We should try to find someone who knows the place here, to tell us where we are. What do you think dog, do you like it here?"

The dog barked in reply.

"I will take that as a yes."

So the two wandered around the town aimlessly looking for someone or something to tell them where they were. They tried to take a ride on the trolley, but there was a strict no pets allowed rule. Kairi pleaded that the dog wasn’t technically her pet, it had just found her, but they still wouldn’t allow it. So the dog just raced after while she traveled around town. She got off at an accessary shop and looked around, the dog panting from trying to keep up with the trolley. They followed a ramp up to a place that was more active. A grandstander was performing for a small group that had gathered around him, seeing how many times he could hit a white ball and keep it airborne. Kairi decided this was quite boring to watch and instead looked around more. There were many shops here, but the place was pretty deserted other than the group that was watching the white ball. Maybe everyone was somewhere else? Oh well.

"Looking for someone?" a voice said from behind her.

She whirled around. A blonde almost white haired boy stood there, along with a brown haired girl in capris and another boy in a red jersey.

"" she replied, "But can I ask you something?"


"Where is...well, here?"

The boy snickered and said,

"Twilight Town. Why?"

Twilight Town.

"Twilight Town? That explains the sunset."

Maybe Sora was here. Kairi thought that she had come a long way from who she used to be. Now she wasn’t waiting, she was searching. Just as Sora had done for her. If only he could see her now...She remembered things now, hot summer days, racing on the beach. The nights with swaying palm trees blowing soft salty breezes, brushing against her hair. The warm mornings sitting on the shore watching the seagulls rise from the water, the waves washing up and down the beach. She remembered Riku. He always seemed so quiet and strong, but he was best friends with Sora, loud and somewhat clumsy. But then strange things started happening. Uncharted storms where there wasn’t enough time to get off the islet, and they all had to huddle together in the secret place, all terrified of what might happened. That’s when most of the etchings were drawn. The storms would lag on for hours, and Sora, Kairi, and Riku would sit there and imagine things and draw them on the stone.

Before only about a week ago for some reason, Kairi couldn’t even remember Sora’s name, or half the things that she used to do. She actually forgot Riku. But one day they started coming back. First it was that she new a boy, but she couldn’t remember his name. Slowly but surely, everything returned. But the one thing she couldn’t figure out, was where Sora was. She remembered him slipping off into the neon blue eclipse in the sky. Was there a memory in where she knew where he was, but it was never recovered. She could have made a promise to Sora, that she would meet him. The whole thing seemed like it was wrapped up in some fog that she couldn’t get too. Almost as if she could see parts of it in the back of her mind. She knew it was there. It was like trying to remember the name of her favorite song, she knew it was there. She knew...if only she could find it...

Kairi was getting dizzy, and the last thing she heard was Sora’s voice:
A far off memory that’s like a scattered dream, a scattered dream that’s like a far off memory...I want to line the pieces up, yours and mine..


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