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Chapter 5 - Hotel

The KH story with a twist, taking place from the Organizations point of view, but also Kairi's, and and OC.

Chapter 5 - Hotel

Chapter 5 - Hotel
"Hey girl, are you okay?" A boys voice said.

Kairi opened her eyes. Three people were standing above her, all about the same age as her, and all with worried expressions on their faces. Where am I? She was instantly bombarded with a swarm of questions. Who were are those kids? Was she on the ground? Who was that dog over there? What was her name? What was her name...?

"Oh no," she thought, "I think this has happened to me before!"

She stood and stumbled, but with the help of the people around her, she managed to walk over to a torn up couch and sit down. She thought carefully on what to say. Who knows if she could trust these kids? Well, she might as well because they obviously helped her from, what exactly?

"Are you okay?" The boy repeated.

"I don’t know," sighed Kairi.

The boy thought a second and said,

"So who are you anyway, and where’d you come from?"

"I think," Kairi was puzzled by these questions, "I think my name is Kari. And I think I come from somewhere. An island maybe? I’m not sure."

"Well, I’m Hayner, this is Pence," Hayner gestured towards a boy in a red jersey, "and Olette." He pointed to a brunette girl in tan capris. "And like I said before, this is Twilight Town."

“Twilight Town...that seems familiar.”

"What happened? How long have I been here?" Kairi questioned.

"Um well, you were talking to us and then you just got kind of quiet and passed out. You’ve been out for about an hour. We carried you here, the Usual Place."

"I - I passed out?" Stammered Kairi, surprised.

"Yeah, you fell before we could catch you, so you might have a headache, sorry." Hayner almost seemed embarrassed.

Now that he had mentioned it, her head was throbbing. The questions were too much, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Everything was confusion her, and words and colors were just blending together. Nothing was right. She just wanted to run away, far away. Run to someone who could tell her who she is and where she came from. Kairi hated feeling helpless. So she did exactly what her heart told her to do, she ran. Just plain got up and ran, leaving her surprised rescuers behind her, right out into the street. Stumbling and wobbling along the way, she found her way to a train station.

“Maybe I can go back to where I live from here. Maybe...”

Kairi just got to the station when she collapsed - right on top of somebody. She was too tired to do anything about it, or even mutter an "excuse me". Doubtful thoughts filled her head.

"What do I think I’m doing here? I should have never run here. I should have never left Destiny Islands...Destiny Islands! That’s where I came from! I remember now!"

"Uh," a voice said, "You kinda fell on me. Are you okay?"

What’s wrong with me?

Kairi mustered up what breath she had left to manage to whisper,

"Kairi, my name. Destiny Islands..." Her voice trailed off with the mixed up words that she had just said, and she passed out again. The boy, who the voice belonged to, just stood there, wondering what to do.

"Roxas!" Hayner yelled as he, Pence, and Olette raced up the ramp to the station, "You found Kari!"

"Kairi," Roxas stated, without even glancing up at the group, "Her name is Kairi."

"Well she told us that is was Kari." Hayner protested.

"It’s Kairi. Just trust me." Roxas looked up, "I’ve seen this girl before,"

"Really? She’s been here before?" Olette asked.

Roxas paused for a moment and said,

"No. I don’t think so. I’ve seen her in those weird dreams that I had been telling you guys about."

"Ooh," taunted Hayner, "Looks like Roxas has a dream girl - literally!"

"Shut up Hayner. I am serious. I don’t think she’s okay. Let’s get her to the hotel or something."

Roxas slung Kairi over his shoulder, and the group tagged along behind to see if she woke up. They arrived at the local hotel, Harmony Hotel, and rented a room for Kairi, receiving many a shifty look from the people there. Eventually the receptionist spoke up, stating that Kairi should be taken to the hospital and get medical attention immediately, but the group protested back that the hospital is in the bigger cities where stuff like this happens, and it’s better for her just to take a rest. The receptionist reluctantly gave the group a room, Room 109 to be exact, the one that was decorated with the palm trees and oceans. Roxas laid Kairi down on the bed and left a note on the night stand for her to read when she woke up. Then they left the room and wandered down to the sandlot to take a look at the struggle battle charts.

Kairi opened her eyes to blue skies and palm trees.

"I’m back on Destiny Islands!" she thought, but then noticed that the waves weren’t moving and the seagulls weren’t cawing, there were bells ringing. Then everything snapped into position. She was in a room. He eyes scanned the layout. Bed, bathroom, microwave, closet. Maybe it was a hotel room, the basic things were here.

"How about a little trivia" she said out loud, as she sat up, "My name is Kairi. I live on Destiny Islands, but have not lived there my whole life. I don’t remember where I was born. On Destiny Islands I used to hang out with Riku and..." Something wasn’t fitting, "...and some one."

Who was that other person? He was a boy, right? Things were getting frustrating, and just when tears were about to roll down her cheeks, she thought to herself, "Come on. Suck it up. Gunna let a little memory loss slow you down from..." What was she doing again?

"Oh who am I kidding?" Kairi sobbed, "I don’t even know my half my past, and I don’t even know my future, and who knows? Maybe I am not even in a hotel room. Why me? I wish I could just be on my island with Riku and who ever that other boy was."

Kairi laid back down and looked at the ceiling, painted blue with wispy clouds and a bright yellow sun. She pictured Destiny Islands: the tree house, the island, and watching Tidus and Wakka fighting with their wooden blades.

“Blade…” she thought. That pulsed a memory that was pushed in the back of her mind, just out of reach, “Blade…Keyblade! That boy had a Keyblade…but didn’t I have one too? And Riku?” All at once, just like realizing where a puzzle piece goes, part of her memory snapped together. Kairi remembered that she got here, and there was a mansion, and she fought…well someone, and during that battle she found a Keyblade! “Okay, but what happened after that…?”

The only thing that she couldn’t figure out was where she was and how to get out of here. She didn’t want to just leave out the front door, what if this wasn’t a hotel, and she was in that mansion? There room could be a suite or something. Rolled over on the bed to think about what to do next, and her eyes caught a piece of paper. Kairi picked it up and unfolded it. The handwriting was messy, but she could still read it.

Kairi, this might sound kind of weird but just trust me. I need you to meet me at the crack in the wall by the mansion at like, one AM. I can tell you things about Destiny Islands. Important.

Signed, Roxas.

“What time is it now?” she wondered, “And who’s Roxas? Oh no, even more confusion.”

With nothing else to do, and with the hope of meeting someone from Destiny Islands, she figured that she might as well go. But now she had to focus on how to get out of here. A window, the perfect escape! She hopped off the bed, she wasn’t as clumsy now, and walked over to the window. Kairi reached up for the latch and pushed the panes open, just as she heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Kairi called; ready to push herself through the window.

“Room service, ma’m.” a voice said from the other side of the door.

“Well I’m leaving,” thought Kairi, “so I don’t think I am going to need room service!”

“Just a minute,” Kairi called in a singsong voice. She put her left foot on the wall of the hotel and grabbed the bottom of the window, then pushed he self through it onto the roof on the other side. “Come iiin.” She yelled, and ran to the end of the roof and positioned herself to climb down the gutter on the side. But if she had stayed to watch the “room service” she would have noticed that the maid turned into a slinky standing silver figure, which took the note off of the bed stand and leaped across the room to the window, and headed off to the mansion, just as Kairi hit the ground.


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