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Chapter 9 - Bloodthirst

The KH story with a twist, taking place from the Organizations point of view, but also Kairi's, and and OC.

Chapter 9 - Bloodthirst

Chapter 9 - Bloodthirst
Something warm pulsed inside of Riku. It was strange, but familiar. He hadn’t felt it in a long time, but there it was. Warm, like the sand on the island…he closed his eyes as he hugged Kairi. He was back on the island.

“Hey Riku!” Sora called, “I’ll race you to the star tree and back!”

“You’re on!” he replied, already sprinting up towards the zip line,“ Common Sora! You’re losing already?” he turned his head around to smirk mockingly at him, but his head was down and he was leaning on his knees, as if he had just been running a mile. Riku’s smirk faded into worry. As he cautiously walked back to Sora, just incase it was a prank, he fell down, suddenly bound to the sand by invisible forces. Sora looked up at him with painful pleading eyes, a monstrous heartless towering behind him.

“I’m sorry Riku…” he stated, empty eyes staring blankly back.

“No!” Riku screamed back, but it was too late, Sora disappeared as the heartless attacked from behind. “…” he was left repeating helplessly.

Riku snapped open his eyes and pushed away Kairi, and sat on the ground. “NO!!”

“Riku! What’s wrong!?” questioned Kairi worriedly.

“Sora..island..heartless..” stammered Riku. Kairi plopped down next to him.

“Riku, listen,” she laid her arm around his shoulder comfortingly, “we’re gunna get through this.” He looked up at her, a few tears falling gently down his cheek, “It’s a tough journey, the journey to the light, but once we get there, everything will be perfect. It’s gunna take some time, but we’ll go together. I promise.” She smiled her notable smile and he attempted a sad small smile back. “Now stop it or you’re gunna get me all emotional now too.” Kairi said, sniffling. A sympathetic tear rolled down her check and gently fell on the empty ground, rippling out across the floor. The ripple flowed out away from them, until they couldn’t see it anymore. Then a small, shimmering light twinkled radiantly in the distance. “See? Starting this new journey isn’t too hard, and by the looks of that light,” she said, helping Riku to his feet, “it’s already begun.”


“We have to find Sora.” Axel remarked, his voice thick with annoyance. Larxene had been procrastinating all morning. They had rented separate hotel rooms last night, and basically nothing more than breakfast and shopping had been accomplished since they woke up.

“Oh come on, give me a break! I never get a chance to go shopping.” She Whined as she picked up a blood red nail polish and checked the price, “That’s not too bad.” She pocketed it while the cashier was helping another customer.

“Yes, well, we never really get a chance to go on missions without the whole freaking Organization knowing either! And you can’t just steal things like that.” he whispered. If a whisper could ever sound menacing, Axel accomplished it.

“Well it’s not like this world is real or anything.” Larxene replied, chipping some of her old nail polish off. “You can take anything that’s here and they wont even notice.”

You couldn’t really deny that. The whole town was basically just a figment of imagination of the Organization. The people there never really seemed to notice that they were living in a fake world, completely just pixels and rerun music, almost like a video game. Twilight Town was a simple town, kind of a knockoff of Traverse Town. Everyday here was almost identical to the one before. The only difference was when the Struggle battles came around. Other than that it was just, wake up, work, eat, sleep.

Axel grabbed Larxene’s arm, twisted it behind her back, and dragged her out of the shop.

“Just get out of here.”

“Let – Me – ” Larxene threw her weight and swung her black leather boot around in a skilled ninja kick that landed squarely on Axel’s chest. “Go!” She heard the breath leave him as he staggered back and fell down. She didn’t regret it. As Larxene turned to walk away back into the shop, she felt a burning sensation around her feet. Looking down, she screamed and stamped out the flames engulfing her legs.

“I don’t go down that easy Larxy,” sniggered Axel, shooting a glare that could make a somebody crumble. Nobodies weren’t weak. He grinned and threw an elaborate flock of flaming daggers.

“Stopga!” she shouted. Axel froze, as did the daggers. She quickly turned the daggers away from her and towards him. She waited for the spell to break, only about a few moments. Axel dodged the daggers at last moment, with only a few of them ripping the side of his cloak. He grimaced and opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but closed it.

“Let’s just go.” Axel turned and walked plainly away, leaving Larxene still in battle stance. She looked around at the other bystanders, brushed of her shoulders, cleared her throat and said,

“Right, well, cheerio then,” with a wave. Then she hurried after Axel. “What was that about?” she asked when she caught up with him. He didn’t look at her.

“It’s no point fighting you, you never give up. I didn’t want to waste my time there all day when we should be finding Sora, and Roxas. Look, we need Sora right? Think about how much praise we’ll get when we hand him over, we could be moved up ranks! I still don’t know how Roxas located in Sora though. We have a lot to learn, so let’s just get started on it.”

Larxene had been listening while they were talking and walking. It didn’t really make an impact on her, but it did make sense. She wasn’t really in it for finding Sora; she wanted to be higher ranked. Being the only female, she didn’t earn a lot of respect from the other members. All they did was flirt with her. If she could assign them missions and jobs, it would really give her some time to relax and just think about finding a way to become real.

Yeah, that’s all she wanted. That was her secret desire. To be a real person. To have feelings other than hate and spite. She wanted to feel happy; Sure, she was happy when they caught somebody, when she won a battle, but that wasn’t real happy. She wanted to be happy like how Sora was happy…back on his island with his friends. He couldn’t be very happy right now. Being separated from his old life, being alone…cut it out! She thought. You’re being a softie. Sora’s the one who caused all of this anyway! He doesn’t deserve to be happy. Youdeserve to be happy. Kill Sora, you’ll be happy! A new fire was being kindled inside of her.

“Let’s go get him Ax,” her voice was dripping with a newfound blood thirst.


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