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Chapter 1 - Prologe

A tale of a young boy who was robbed of his life during a lightning storm, and of a girl who left him behind. This is a story of when you are so angry, revenge is the only way.

Chapter 1 - Prologe

Chapter 1 - Prologe
He was a young boy who was green, he lived in a town and fell in love with a girl named Cidnifred. but one stormy foggy day as lightning struck the dark sky and the smell of rain was locked in the air. The towns people snuck through the bushes behind when the green boy stood as the wind blew threw hair the sound of thunder broke the silence of the night and the towns people attacked. With a bag of pure leather they grabbed the boy. Whilst the storm blew hard and the lightning struck down and the thunder echoed threw the mountains the towns people threw the boy in to the contaminated swamp with a brick tied to the end of the bag. They watched the bubbles bubble up from the end of the bag until the only motion in the water was the rain pouring down upon it.


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