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Chapter 1 - A Pirate Named Jordan Star Harper

Well i love one piece it was the 2nd anime i fell in love with=3 and i had to think of a story for my story line it was hard@_@

Chapter 1 - A Pirate Named Jordan Star Harper

Chapter 1 - A Pirate Named Jordan Star Harper
(WARNING!: The ' : ' are there to help you see what there persons saying. and the grammer will be fixed more in time.)

Into:Once long ago there was a pirate named Gold Roger he hid all his gold in one piece, to this day pirate's everywhere look for it still no one has found it. Some lost there fate in being a pirate, some still believe there's gold out in the sea just waiting to be found.

Jordan's(mine) pirate into (c) me
One piece and peopel in it (c) ? (sorry anyone mind tellin me?)

And one child hald on to the dream. She was from a place where it rained all the time. She left her home to become a pirate her family wasn't to happy about her being alone on the sea with pirates but it was what she wanted to do so they let her, and even when thing's looked blink her boat was little vary little. She layed on her back the boat was slowly rocking her. She looked up to the blue skys. Her dark brown eyes looked up to see the clouds. She ran out of water and food a few days before. She was hungery and thursty. She looked to the sky, it was a nice day. So she thought, a hard wind pushed the small baot across the sea. Dark gray clouds were rolling in. The winds bacame more intense. She got up and held on to the boat the wave's got bigger and frighting. It seemed clam. But a gaint wave hit that small boat like it was noting. After the storm calmed down, she was on a blank from the boat. She got up seeing a man with yellow eye's stereing down at her. They steared at each other for only a secound, then. She passed out. When she got up again she saw some peopel around her it sounded as if they where panicing. She closed her eye's she could still here peopel panicing. When she got up she was in a room her head was hurting a bit. She looked around the room then layed back down slowly she closed her eye's. When she opened them she saw a man with a huge hat and a mistash with braides on the ends came in to the room. Her eye's got a bit wide. She never seen anyone that looked like that...Not in a bad way of couse.

Zeff:"So your awake." The man with the tall hat asked sitting down, by the chair that was in the room by the bed.

Jordan:"Uh...Yeah who are you and where am I?" she said then got up slowly holding her head, which had been bandaged. All her wounds where dressed but her clothes where't that damaged but they looked like it. But she always dressed that way.

Zeff:"I'm Zeff and your on the Baratie." Zeff said simply to her.

Jordan: Jordan looked at Zeff then tilted her head a bit in a confuessed manner. "The baratie? Sound's like a food place or somethin'.....wait hold up...there's food???" The girl asked her brown eyes lighting up as she grined.

Zeff:"yeah we got alot of it to."

Jordan:"sweet!" Jordan smiled. She jumped up out of the to bed to fast. That was a bad plan. She ended up hurting her head more "owww....." She wined holding her head in pain.

Zeff:"you should rest." the old man said then walked out but turned around "I'll bring ya something." Zeff said then walked out of the room closeing the door behide him.

Jordan:Jordan wacthed zeff leave the room. She layed back down on the pillow slowly not hurting her head. She ended up falling a sleep for a bit she had the oddist dream, of a boy with a starw hat. A man with yellow eye's almost like hawk eyes, The same man she saw before in the storm And smoke with a man comeing from it. Pink snow falling from the sky. Huge monster's and lastly. She saw in her dream was her on a boat looking at the star's with other peopel,-There'er face's wheren't clear in her dream.- The only thought she had was. 'Who where those peopel?'

Zeff:"Hey kid!" Zeff yelled wakeing up Jordan from her sleep.

Jordan: She got up slowly. She looked up and wacthed while zeff set the food by the stand next to the bed. "I had a weird dream just now..."

Zeff:"Oh really? Now eat up." Zeff said in a tone that he could careless.

Jordan:"food! thank's!" she grined. Grabing the fork, Time passed. She ate five plates and drank a lot of cold water. This was the gratest food she had ever had in her life--besides her mothers cooking of course.

Zeff: Zeff wondered how long Jordan hadn't eaten jugeing from how much she ate it's been a long time. "done?"

Jordan: She noded a bit then looked and asked "Hey zeff? How'd you lose your lag? If I could no of course" Jordan said not trying to be a bother.

Zeff:"long story." Zeff said simply. Sounded like he didn't want to talk about it.

Jordan:"I'm not going anywhere." Jordan said in her own sarcastic tone.

Zeff:"I was trying to still a ship but this kid tryed to stop me I saved the kid and we end up stranded on this rock we couldn't get down or have any food no animals nothing, I gave all my food to the kid I had to eat my lag to survive. We got off the rock and the kid helped me bulid this place and he left just a few day's ago."

Jordan:She blinked. "Whoa....why tell me? And who was the kid you saved?"

Zeff:"You seem like a good kid so that's why I'm telling you."

Jordan:"heh really? Thanks." For Jordan no one had never herd thouse words to her before in her life.

Zeff:"His name was Sanji, He left to find the all blue.....Now you better get some sleep."

Jordan:"Huh? Yeah I will" She said while laying down. After zeff left she looked at the wall then fell asleep. Time went by Jordan was ready to leave in one of the boat's zeff had -and wasn't distoryed from what happen weeks before.- "Thank's again Zeff you and the other take care of your slfe's, and I'll come back again and when i do I'll be a pirate war lord and I'll pay you back." Jordan smiled.

Zeff:"I'll be looking forword to it, take care of your slfe out there."

Patty:"Don't your worry your pretty little head about us now!"

Carne:"Yeah we'll be just fine!"

Jordan: She noded then said. "ok I won't ferget you guy's!" She said then got on to the boat it foalted away. She waved good bye to the others, It seemed sad. She didn't wanna leave so fast but she wanted to see if the peopel she dreamed about are really real.

Zeff:"if you see sanji tell'em I said hey!"

Jordan:"Ok! Bye Zeff, bye Patty bye Carne!"

The boat was now on sea soon, She couldn't see the baratie anymore. She had no idea where she was going but she was going somewhere. Time passed. She looked ahead and saw land! Her eye's lit up with joy. She got up puting her hand's on the boat then smiled looking on ahead, and said.

"I'm gonna be a pirate war lord no dout!"

~End of Chapter 1~


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