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Chapter 3 - No Escape

In a barren land, three boys must rise to defeat the evil forces.

Chapter 3 - No Escape

Chapter 3 - No Escape
A/N: lsdkfjal;sdfj;aljd!! I had like, half of this typed, but then&never mind. But the thing is that its here now. :DDD Last time the boys got chloroformd! (look it up) ON WITH THE DRAMA AND SUCH! XD

Disclaimer: Haha. NO.


Chapter 3: No Escape

Roxas sat up groggily. Where was he? He remembered sleeping, then a strange sweet smell&

Wait! Where were Sora and Riku?

The blond teen tried to stand up, but realized the sweet smell had left his head feeling unbearably heavy. Instead he leaned back on&what? The boy turned toward whatever he was lying on.

Hay. The question of his whereabouts arose again. He looked and saw he was sitting in a cell with a huge, wooden door with a small, barred window and a single lit torch on the wall.

Where are we?

Roxas nearly jumped out of his skin upon hearing his brothers voice.


Down here.

Roxas realized he was partially lying on his brothers back.

Oh. Sorry. With great effort, he pushed himself onto the cold stone floor.

Sora half-smiled. Its ok. The brunette sat up woozily. But whats going on?

I dont know&maybe Maleficent decided to kill us anyway& Roxas stared down at the floor.

Sora tried to stand up, but found himself in the same position as Roxas. He fell to his knees.

Ugh&what was that stuff? My body&

He tried again, and managed to stay on his feet.

Careful& his brother warned.

Im fine& The brown haired twin staggered toward the thick, heavy door.

What are you-SORA!

The brown-haired boy had fallen to his knees again, this time right in front of the door. His brother reached to him, but couldnt get up. You okay?

Sora shook his head. He gasped and shook it again. Rox!

What? the worried blonde ignored the nickname.

Shake your head.


Just do it!

Sighing, Roxas shook his head vigorously. Hey! I feel better!

Sora stood up, now completely in balance. I know&weird&

What was that stuff?

It doesnt matter right now. Cmon!

Roxas walked up to Sora. What are you doing?

Getting us out of here! The brunette twin then rammed his shoulder into the door.

Roxas frowned. Sora, thats not gonna& He stopped. He knew his brother wasnt going to listen, so he figured he could give it a try.

A few minutes and a couple of sore shoulders later, the blonde took a breather, resting against the wall.Its no use, bro.

We just have to try harder!

Roxas sighed again. Sora never gave up. That was a good thing, but sometimes&The boy checked his surroundings again. Nothing looked like it could help. There was just the hay and the torch&Wait! &No. He couldnt burn down the door. The guards would catch on too quickly, and the smoke would probably suffocate them before the job was done. There had to be another&AHA!

Hey, bro.

Sora halted his attempt to break down the down. What? He noticed his twin jiggling he torch out of its rusty wall socket. What are you doing?

Roxas waved the torch around rapidly to put the flame out, making the cell suddenly dark. Only a little light came through the small window. Gimme a boost he said, carefully walking back to the door.

&I dont get it.

Duh! You lift me up so I can reach through the window and use the pointy tip of the torch to open the lock!

Sora blinked. Oh.

Lets do this.

Sora stood next to the door and clasped his hands together, while Roxas used them as a step stool. He reached his arm and the torch through the bars.

I can reach the lock&but I cant get the tip in.

Try breaking the lock instead.

Are you insane? The guards would hear!

Immediately after he spoke, Roxas dropped the torch.

CLANG!-ANG!-ang!-ng! The sound echoed off down the hallway. The boys froze.

What was that? cried a guard.

It came from over there! yelled another, running toward the boys cell.

Sora and Roxas moved away from the door just before it swung open. The two sentries stepped into the cell, one holding another torch. He put it in the empty ring-socket and glaring at the twins.

Trying to escape, huh? he growled.

Doesnt matter! said the second. Youre set for execution at dawn! He emphasized the words by sliding his finger across his throat.

What?! Sora cried. We didnt do any-hkgk!

He was grabbed by the collar by the first sentry. Shut up! The man slapped the boy several times.

Roxas punched the guard in the chin, making him drop Sora to the ground. Leave him alone!

The other guard punched the blonde in the stomach. You too, ya little snot!

Sora stood up, only to be knocked down again. His brother was pushed down next to him. Th guards started kicking them in the sides.

Thisll teach you punks!

The two men soon got bored of beating the twins. One of them took the torch while the other locked the door behind them. Enjoy your stay! they laughed.

The two boys lay on the stone floor in pain.

We cant give up& whispered Sora, tears running down his face.

Roxas didnt answer, but he was crying too.

They were left in the near-dark to their inevitable fate.


Riku awoke in a nicer plane than his friends. He found himself lying on a soft bed in a beautifully furnished room, with a tray of fine food just within his reach.

He tried to sit up, but his head started to spin. He shook his head, and it cleared up immediately. Just then, he sensed a presence.

Sora? he called out. Roxas? Is that you?

Suddenly, a familiar woman walked into the room. Riku wasnt surprised.

Maleficent! Where are they?

The queen smirked. That is none of your concern at the moment. I am here to make you an offer Im sure you will accept. But come now. Eat. She pointed to the tray of food.

Riku glared at her warily, until she frowned and summoned a servant girl.

You! she instructed to the serf,Eat this! She handed the brown-haired girl an apple. The girl didnt hesitate to take a bite. The queen turned back to Riku.

Its perfectly alright she cooed.

Riku stared at the girl to make sure she didnt keel over, and then took a bite from an apple of his own. So&whats your offer?

Maleficent smiled. I want you to join me.

The silver-haired teen nearly choked on his apple. What?! Are you serious?!

Of course, dear. You are just the one I need to lead my army. In return, Ill give you anything your heart desires, including this room.

You think Id betray everyone, just like that? Never!

I see&well, I guess you shall never find out where your friends are&

Rikus eyes widened, and he sneered. You&

Ah, well. It cant be helped. The evil witch turned to the servant girl.Fetch a guard. Now! The girl bowed and ran from the room.

Riku hung his head. He couldnt protect his friends&or&could he?


Maleficent looked at him. Are you reconsidering my offer?

The boy kept his head down, his hair covering his eyes. If I join you&will you take me to my friends?

The cruel woman grinned evilly. Of course.


AS they spoke, the servant girl watched from the doorway. After the conversation ended, she gasped and scurried toward the dungeons.



-cough- Anyway. This took me a good while to do. SORRY TO KEEP YOU WAITING!!

About the chapter (yes, my own thoughts):
S&R: THOSE STUPID CREEP GUARDS!! D:< -smites them- They made Sora and Roxas cry&-sob-
R: NO!! Stupid witch! Riku, what are you thinking!!

Ahem. Yeah. I do know where this is going. shifty eyes-


PS: Next chapter should be up sometime next week, but it may be much shorter!


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Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 7:09:57 AM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendOh Maleficent!

Maleficent: Yay?

Me: *smakes her with a flap jack* That's for being mean!


nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 7:18:17 AM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296XD GO GET HER! MALEFICENT SHALL PAY!! *smacks her with a waffle*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 9:25:23 AM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendXD *gets a wet noodle* YOU SHALL PAY!!!! HIT HER WITH SOME ROTTEN MILK! (LOL >XDDDDDDDDD)

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 10:23:41 AM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296*gets rotten milk and drenches Maleficent* MWAHAHAAAAA!

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 10:51:10 AM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
Sasukesgirlfriend*whips her with the wet noodle* MWUHAHAHAHAHA! (XD)

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 11:41:41 AM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296Maleficent: AAAAAAAAAAAAH MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and you: NEVAH!!!!!!!

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 11:55:20 AM

Sasukesgirlfriend on

Me: I have an idea! Let's throw cheetos on her and see if she melts or not!

You: Already thought that!*9 foot tall bag of cheetos comes in*

Us: Mwuhahahah!!! *pours cheetos on her*

few minutes later...

You: Heh it didn't work...

Me: There are more ways to make her pay! >:3 What now Ma'am? *jumps into a solider suite and is saluting like one*


nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 12:38:44 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296Uh...TRY HOT LAVA!!! XDDDD

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 12:49:39 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendOKAY! |:B *grabs Maleficent* Bye Bye :3! *throws her in volcano*

Me: *sees hopeless cute little heatless* Awww...*hugs one* YOU ARE SO CUTE! I'M TAKING YOU HOME! I'LL FEED YOU AND BATHE YOU AND LOVE YOU! *rubbing it's face with my face*

You: A big no no -_-*nods*!

Me: Awww...*looks in eyes of heartless* Oh well bye :3!

Heartless: 0_o.....

*volcano then explodes*

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 12:54:06 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296D: was cute though. DIE YOU OLD HAG! XDDDD

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 12:59:38 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendWait a minute! She's still alive! DIE MALEFICENT!*gets out a pepper* Nah! *throws at her*


Me: Oh boy 0x0!

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 1:04:50 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296O_O Time to scram! *grabs your hand and runs away*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 1:11:30 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendUs: *screams*

Maleficent: *chomping like shark in cartoons*

We're in a maze being chased by her.

Me: This feels like a late 80's game we bounced in to.

Us: *hits a dead end* Oh crap 0_____0;;;;;;;....

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 1:15:02 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296O_O Oh snap. *turns to Maleficent* Shadow clone jutsu! *runs from her while she's distracted*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 1:21:52 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
Sasukesgirlfriend*whistels* *wolves appear* Take the white one!

You: *sees a lot of white wolves* Witch one?!

Me: The one with a blue collar and green eyes!*throws stars at Maleficent*

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 1:25:16 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296<3 Pretty~! *throws kunai at Maleficent*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 1:29:17 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendMaleficent: AHHH! SHARP POINTY OBJECTS! GO MAH PETS!

heartless appear



we dressed them up in girly dresses

US: You're so cute <3!!!

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 1:30:03 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296XD *huggles one*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 1:34:28 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendI'll call you squishy and you shall be mah squishy! *hugs one*
*a squeaky noise was made* XD

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 1:39:21 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop2968D Cuteness!

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 1:40:48 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendCAN WE KEEP ONE CAN WE CAN WE?! 83

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 1:42:43 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296D: Iunno...

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 1:51:15 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendI'm keeping it then, ah mah squishy! :3

Maleficent: Ugh that's it! KNIGHTS GET THEM!

Heartless knights come in

Us: *screams*

we were saved by two guys before the stamped.


You: Yay are ya.

The 2 guys: -.-' we are here to save you.duh -.-'

Me: That was mah second guess *nods*!

You: *laughs*

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 1:53:31 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296Who are you guys?
The guys: *take masks off*
Me: *gasp* It's--

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 1:57:15 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendIs it that creepy guy at the movie threater?

???: It's us. *Sora and Roxas*

Us: YAY! *huggels them* *then jumps out of tree* OKay let's go boys! We need to defeat that witch! *runs off*

Sora and Roxas: That was a short huggel fest TTT^TTT!


nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 2:03:01 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296*huggles them longer* Better? NOW LET'S GET THAT WITCH!

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 2:11:50 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendMe: YAY!

Roxas: What about me TT^TT?

Me: *hugz him tight* OKAY? Now let's go!
*whistels* *two wolves appear* Witch one you want?
The black wolf or the artic wolf?

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 2:13:23 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296Black wolf! *pats its head*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 2:20:58 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendOkay you and sora get Jenny and me and roxas get lulu! OKAY BATTEL STATIONS PEPS!

we run into the battle field.

You: *see me blushing* Whats wrong?

Me: *looks down at Roxas's hands* Um...*points*

You: *notices Sora's hand positioning* oh...Uh sora move your hands away please ^^'...

Sora: Oh yay sure.

Roxas: *notices* Ops, sorry.*blushes*

Me: It's okay. *takes out samurai sword* Get ready!

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 2:23:46 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296*gets out chakrams* Ready!
Sora and Roxas: *get out Keyblades* Ready!

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 2:29:20 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendAlrighty then! *whistels* *the wolves disappeared* Roxas your on my team Sora with nupinoop296!

Everyone else: Right!

splits up

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 2:34:15 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296Me and Sora: *attack Maleficent from behind* HIYA!

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 2:39:19 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
Sasukesgirlfriendwhile maleficent was distracted by you guys me and roxas attacked from what was the front.

Me and Roxas: Ha!

Maleficent: AG! Mah pets that aren't adorable! ATTACK!

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 2:42:12 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296Us: *kill all of the Heartless*
Maleficent: NOOOOOOOOOO!
Us: *kill Maleficent*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 2:50:33 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendAll of Us: YAY!

Me: Squishy! Squishy!

heartless comes out with a red collar.

Me: Squishy! *hugz him* I'm glad you aren't hurt!

Sora: *puts key blade up to me* Let the heartless down, now!

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 2:54:49 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296D:< Sora! Stop it!
Sora: D:Sorry!

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 3:00:12 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendThanks *smiles*

Squishy goes on top of Roxas head.

You: Let's go home now!

Everyone else: Yay.

You and Sora: *holding hands*

Roxas: *does the old yawn reach around*

Me: Heh *smiles*

Squishy: Grrr....

Me: Be good mah squishy!

Squishy: *nods* *pouts*

Everyone: *laughs*

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 3:01:34 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296Heehee! ^-^
Sora: *pecks me on the cheek*

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 3:06:58 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendHehe *smiles* Offff! *falls down*

Roxas: Are you alright!

Me: Yay! Ow I think I sprained my ankel.

Roxas: *giving me a piggy back ride*

Me: Uh...thanks for putting up with me...

Roxas: I'm here because I want to! You silly!

Me: Oh Roxas! *bares head in his jacket* *blushing*

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 3:08:54 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296You two are so cute! <3
Sora: *picke meup bridal style* :D
Me: O////////////////////////O Sora?

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 3:12:47 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendYou two too! Hahah! :D

3 hours later...

Roxas: We're finally here! Uh are you asleep?

Me: *snoring*

Sora: Her too!

nupinoop296 on February 22, 2008, 3:13:56 PM

nupinoop296 on
nupinoop296*wakes up and rubs eyes* Huh?
Sora: Hi. ^^
Me: Hi. ^^

Sasukesgirlfriend on February 22, 2008, 3:22:34 PM

Sasukesgirlfriend on
SasukesgirlfriendYou: Is she still asleep?

Roxas: Yay.

Me: *sleeping* *squishy lays by her*

Roxas: *about to touch her* *squishy bites him*

Sora: It looks like you got competition! Ha ha!