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Chapter 1 - The beginning

This is my first fan art story pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssse read and pppppplllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssse comment

Chapter 1 - The beginning

Chapter 1 - The beginning
It was only the day after graduation and thinks were already starting to go wrong. Kim wasn't sure which college she would go to. There were loads of acceptence letters all over the house. Ron on the other hand was just plain worried but he kept asking himself "KP wont go too far away right?" But the only answer he thought was no.No the word would get out of his head. Later that day kim met up with monique at the mall.Monique told kim "Girl you gotta cheer up!Its summer and theres one great thing bout this summer.You know what that is?" But before kim could answer monique said " No more high school!" "Your right monique i gotta cheer up but for reson i think rons worried" "You want me to giv him the same talk" Monique realized kim was obviosly confused."Hes right there" figures kim thought." hey KP!" "ron why do look worried?" kim asked ron "what? nooo im not worried" The girls could both tell he was clearly lying.Monique went shopping while kim and ron saw a movie.Ron decided they should see a horror movie.during the movie, ron glanced over at kim she wasnt scared he wasnt surprised.After that they headed back to kims house.Ron saw how many college exceptence letters there were on her bed and in her partly open closet. All ron could say at the sight of them was "wow" "its nothing" kim said in embrassment she knew ron hadnt gotten any."so you gonna accept any soon" "no" kim said rudely. She'd been trying to keep her mind off it all day,and ron, ron of all had people had to bring it up.Ron could tell she got mad the second she answered his question."kim i gotta go" He left her room.Within a matter of seconds kim heard the front door opening.


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