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Chapter 1 - To The Casino!

The Straw Hat Pirate Crew thinks that they finally got to the Grand Line, but they have'nt! It's just Las Vegas!!!

Chapter 1 - To The Casino!

Chapter 1 - To The Casino!
So our story kicks off with the Straw Hat Pirates Crew finally getting off their boats and walking down the strip in Las Vegas!

Luffy: Wow! What is this place?!?
Nami: It's so pretty!
Usopp: And bright!
Robin: Could it be the Grand Line?!?
Zolo: No, it couldn't! I would know...
Nami: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Let's go in there!(Points to the Casino)
Zolo: I don't think the treasure's is in there!!!
Nami: But it's so shiny!
Zolo: We're not going in there, though... Let's not forget what we're here for. One Piece...
Some Voice: "The treasure that will make their dreams come true!"
Zolo: What?!?
Nami: Luffy, can we please go in there?
Luffy: Well, sure!
Zolo: Fine!!! If you want to waste your tiime in this-(Looks up at sign)"Casino", you just go on ahead! Me, I'm looking for One Piece! (Leaves)
Luffy:...Could someone go with Zolo just incase he gets lost?
Robin: Me and Copper will go.(Leaves w/ Chopper)
Luffy: Sanji, Usopps, you guys stay with Nami. I'm going to explore!!!
Usopp: But-(By this time, Luffy has already left)
Sanji: Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!


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SusieFox on June 22, 2008, 9:44:47 AM

SusieFox on
SusieFoxLOLZZZZZZZZZ Make more when i stop laughing b4 i DIE *rofl*

FireredDizzu64 on June 22, 2008, 8:48:12 AM

FireredDizzu64 on
FireredDizzu64Lol, Zolo got mad. XD